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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=CIJosFrux4k;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  2. I'm not an "ACTUAL" peacock. sorry to let ya down, but this peacock doesn't have any feathers. Only eyes..... hundreds of eyes.
  3. 1: a blog would work IMO. 2: I called myself peacock for a reason. Of course I will spend the time roleplaying
  4. Xyro

    New staff

    Well, congrats to everyone ^w^ .... ........... .............. What? I don't have anything more to say. You can stop reading now.
  5. Welcome to AF ^w^ We hope you enjoy your stay
  6. rhubarb is my pet mini-glass pygmy dragon. i would offer you to stroke him, but you would cut your hands sorry, have a cookie instead ^w^ *hands another cookie*
  7. too much cute for me..... I'm going to sit over here in the corner and feed rhubarb. call me if you need me.
  8. I don't know about similar things, but i will always advise danganronpa or tokyo ghoul or one punch man......... or even amanchu! if your into slice of life anime's
  9. *tips hat* Welcome to AF. *gives cookie*
  10. i need some bubble wrap too! Please optic??? :3
  11. i'd say about 4, since it is marked as fragile and i would expect allot of that to be packaging
  12. Xyro


    oops, i meant a fighting game pad its like a controller with 6 buttons and an arcade style joystick
  13. Skull girls and don't starve together ^w^
  14. how can you feel bad when, baby, you've got you and me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=8Xu4T1wWB7I;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  15. Xyro


    I have decided to start a skull girls thread in order to get something started now, for those of you who don't know, Skullgirls is a fighting game that is available through steam. Although the controls are based to a,s,d,z,x,c for attacks and the arrow keys to move, you can also attach a fighting game pad in order to play too. latest?cb=20150502183112 Anyway, long story short, I have decided to make a thread to talk about the game, see different people's interests, questions, exedra. I'm also hoping if enough members are interested or have the game already, I could start up an Anime forums tournament and set times up. for now, ask questions, discuss and share. Showtime!
  16. sorry for the long wait your daily Dj is back baby! Got two new songs for you all! and they are both fire! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=fcFkxOWuCwo;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4 and just when you would think it can't get any better...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=pu3EVR4ivs0;list=PLpE251q9dquyYPrVa4GRv_-9Dp93QrGF4
  17. 1: hikari from amanchu! 2: that's so damn tough I can't pick between peacock, juuzou suzuya or chihiro fujisaki. 3: hmmmmm. I don't really have one
  18. Ik ryuji You have to remember that this is not the first time anyone's mentioned roleplaying since I have been here And I do still roleplay with myself allot that's how I get story ideas anyway
  19. I beg to differ ! Then again, I am a very "special" case
  20. No comment (since im pretty useless at this kind of stuff )
  21. *rubs hands together* Looks like we got ourselves some competition's coming our way! Can't wait ^w^
  22. This is just a list of examples of changes that we may want to consider. All of these are opinions and idea, so please don't take any of them as an offense towards any existing thing to AF atm. Competitions: As everyone was speaking of different competitions, we could set each one to be both community and staff based depending on the seriousness of the contest. We could do separate contests for different categories, which we can create when competitions actually start. Prizes are one of the most “difficult” things to apply to these kind of contests. Although we can't really give physical prizes (since you and me both know that none of us are just made of money ) we can always increase the competitiveness of the badge and level up system on the forum in order to get a much more active event criteria. (i will get onto badges and the level up system later) Ideas of contests: Drawing (can involve anything from anime genre all the way to games and movies, exedra), Writing, scripting, making a play, writing a song, devising your own game, best role play, performances, best meme, best post wins, cuteness contest….. Yeah, we can have a lot of contests. That's less of a concern to me then most, since we will always be able to gain contest ideas. I would say that allowing maybe 2-3 members of staff to work on these projects, since overcrowding it may get a bit too complicated and it kind of ruins the fun of a “contest” if you have 10 staff members working on it and only 12 members (meaning that staff are more likely to win ) I was also wondering if we should make a new subsection on the anime forums for the different competitions so it's easier to keep progress. I don't know about you all, but when ryuji did the old writing contests it got pretty confusing on where you had to go to check the results and see the old posts and whatnot As always with these kind of things, we will need to take upvotes on who would like to see these kind of contests go down and whatnot, so i may make a thread to tally up the amount of people who would vote for this kind of thing (remember, although most of us want this kind of thing, i was wondering if we should make it more public as well, since let's be fair, a contest has to have at least 10 or more contenders to feel really tense and more of a competition! Obviously we can still do it with less, but it's more likely you will win out of 5 people ) Community builds: As far as the community side of things go, we have made a pretty good name for ourselves. So, what i was thinking, is we could kind of show that off a bit Now, for a front page style show off, we could do a couple of things. One of these which i was thinking off would be an upvoted member of the month (or even random, just to make people feel special more than anything ^w^) and that member will have a little crown for the month . Another thing that could be added is stuff like AF’s best moments of the year, and highlight a couple of your personal things that you loved optic this could also be a good use of the chat, since we can make “ AF’s top 10 sentences of the year”. Let's be honest, this kind of thing would happily spur up memories in existing members whilst granting newer members an insight into our craziness This can also be extended with things such as showing off the most active community members and so on. Posting on the forums: One way to increase the amount of posts i feel would be to give some people more creative elements in the forums creation section. This could include allot more of a tool-system which they could use to monitor over and make individual threads with. Although this part is not as big of a concern, i also think it would be amazing if we could just upload images onto threads or the chat rather than using the URL. it takes WAY too much effort to go and look for a url when you could just copy and paste or upload an image. Individual sections: (IK, but hear me out ): When i said about my own corner, i got an even better idea. Since we already have the anime forum team, how about we make a subsection for individual members to post their stuff and manage their own part of AF in order to give out a creative freedom. Obviously, before everyone goes on about “ each individual member means so much space” thing, i was thinking we do a system where the individual has to ask optic to become a member of staff for this section (not sure what to call the staff members yet. Maybe the corner crew or something). Once you have proven you are worthy to work in this section, you get your own little bit that you can manage and create what you please in. this could provide a lot more creativity and feedback side of things to the forum for the off topic section, and allow small things to grow. E.G: Kirys signature art, metro’s photography… exedra. Now, i can also understand the obvious argument of : THis not being anything to do with the original point of AF being an “anime forum”. Well, i can kind of counter this with the argument of this allowing community members who are willing to dedicate the time into AF to try and give both a better draw and to feel apart of a community. It also allows us all working on this segment to have the ability to teach people things like the anime artstyle and whatnot as well as scripting or photography or blah blah blah. Also, i cant stress on the fact that members here have to be dedicated and kept to a minimum, since i can easily understand that with too many members it would just get overcrowded quickly. This would also mean allowing only the member responsible for their bit to be able to post threads there. So allowing us to kind of moderate our own bits will be crucial, but also means that those given this opportunity MUST be trustworthy and upvoted by both optic and the community. Well, that all i got for now sorry that it's not much.
  23. Yesssss! I already have games in mind we can do contests for
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