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Have any manga you considered way better than the show?

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For me in most cases there really is no compassion between anime, and manga at least in terms of which is better.They are entirely different forms of media that requite very different distinction to truly enjoy both for what they are.

Though if I had to name a few manga series where the manga is the source material and is clearly superior. 

Yuru Yuri, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yugioh & Yugioh, Detective Conan, Naruto all manga seeries for it.

Honestly those are just a few examples. I also personally think that when it comes to the so called mainstream anime series say Naruto, One Piece etc the manga for those in particular neats out the anime every time.

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One Piece for sure. The pacing of the manga seems to work cause I can take my time on any given page where as the show seems to have a problem either speeding things wayyy up or slowing quick action bits to a crawl. No more did I feel this way more than the Marineford Arc. I get that they probably wanted this arc to have some huge significance but I feel like if they wanted that they should have shown it in their animations or pacing. As an animator myself, I feel like I have a bit of credence to talk about this but ***


when Ace dies and Luffy is just crying there and you see just that wide shot panel in the comic. It was almost seren,e like in the midst of all this war and chaos, nothing else mattered more than the fact that the one and only brother Luffy had (that we knew of at the time) died. I spent about 15 minutes on that one panel cause I was either crying or just needed to process it. In the anime you get a whole bunch of quick cuts to people reacting to Ace but I don't think that was the best way to do it. IMO it should have been an bit more of an intimate moment and not just showing that in one frame shots/cuts. Similar to how they do just reaction shots with like hair flowing or the characters just running through the emotions in other tv shows and anime. I say this cause they've already done this when the Straw Hats were separated in Sabaody Archipelago Arc

*** But yeah the  One Piece animehas a pacing problem.

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> One Piece, especially once you get out of East Blue/Alabasta, the pacing slows down. The anime for Wano has been pretty good, though.

> Seven Deadly Sins' manga kind of nosedived in quality, but the anime adaptation is really rushed and pretty sloppy in general (look at Season 3) 



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Easy. Boarding School Juliet.

The anime has about 12 episodes, so there's already a downside, IMO. Along with that, it seems (literally) too bright, and I mean physically. It also seemed a bit rushed.

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Right now I'm reading through the 35th anniversary set of Akira and I love how much more expansive the world is. Other characters, like Kei, have more fulfilling roles. The general landscape is intensely immersive. 💜

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