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What would you do if the user^above you had a crush on you?


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That wouldn't happen, but if it did, I would spend hours worrying about it, get shitty sleep and think of how best to deal with the situation, I would ultimately hope it dies off on it's own, and do nothing. Because what can I do, realistically? It's one thing to have someone have a crush on you, it's another if they say they like you. No, that's a complicated situation I do not want to get involved in. So yeah, seeing as how it's the internet, I don't have to get involved and I would just let time take care of it for me. All things fade with time. If she did say something, I would politely decline, and remind her of the really important person in her life and list all the reasons I am a bad idea, who ultimately would lead nowhere, but perhaps a divorce.

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