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What would you do if the user^above you had a crush on you?


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If @Bakaath had a crush own me, I be like "woah dude, hold up" Unless its a girl "I be like woah gurll, hold up" In short, id' be very surprised. Seeing as I wouldn't even know who they are.

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I would just know it was a human lie, and remember that the path to enlightenment is paved with many sprouts of brambles and thorns, but rich bodies of water and dew.


aka, there is only one true love. and it would need to be the perfect one.


so, that's a long drawn out way of saying no xD

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Honestly I wouldn't care too much, since I'm buisy with life and not interested in people at the moment.


Still, your love is all but appreciated. Please leave all gifts by the door on your way out please. Thank you

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