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What would you do if the user^above you had a crush on you?


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her avatar is cute^ I would probably think about it xD.

and I must say since Im the onii-chan type I wont die before my beloved xD.

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If the user above had a crush on me I would Tsundere the hell up and start being mean and kind in the oddest ways I could think of and then politely turn them down before introducing them to someone much cuter :P


Sorry Ryu-chan :P

Ummm with that kind of behavior I do believe you would want me to fall for you Yu-chan xP



As for FSL29's crush on me....I will now proceed to turn into





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b-but you're my onii-san, Ryu-san .////. I don't know if it's right....

We're not related by blood so it's fine.


I would be okay with you having a crush on me.

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If the user above me has a crush on me, I will gently tap his/her face with a small electric whip <3


I don't take part in online crushes.

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