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Hi All!


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Hey, happy to be here!  I have been watching anime since age two so saying I am a lifelong fan is an understatement. My earliest anime memory was back with Mobile Fighter G Gundam and soon Dragon Ball Z followed behind it.

My prime with anime was the big three with Naruto becoming an all-time favorite, but my fellow anime fans in person that I knew growing up all moved on from anime which led me here.

It is easy to find mainstream fans, but where are the Kiba, not Inuzuka, fans? Where is someone to talk to about the insanity that was Hellsing Ultimate? The hidden gem of Senran Kagura? Or the untapped potential of Xenosaga? I took pride in watching anime nobody heard of when I was younger but now that the people I knew for the mainstream topics are out of touch, I had to journey to a place to discuss these topics and more.

It is not all classics and obscure anime though. I am eagerly awaiting the next batch of English Dub Boruto episodes this month. While at the same time, I am waiting for Cour 3 of English Sub Bleach TYBW sometime next year. So whether it is me pondering if more Triage X episodes will be made, or shaking my head at the delay of Dragon Ball animating the Moro arc, I look forward to sharing those thoughts and hearing new ones with all of you!

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Hi there! Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your time here ^^ If you ever have any questions/wanna chat feel free to send me a message! Take care :) 

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