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Help finding a specific type of anime?


hi everyone! i've never used a forum to post questions before but i need recommendations and i thought this would be a good place to go. i'm always having a hard time finding an anime i can really enjoy bc the only genre im really deeply interested in is fantasy and supenatural types (anime with monsters, demons, or vampires is probably my favorite haha) and while its not too terribly hard to find fantasy/supernatural anime i dont always like the super serious stuff :// so im wondering if there is any good fantasy animes that are more slice of life style?? like something fun and different with supernatural elements but in a less serious atmosphere. i find i'll enjoy certain anime until they start to get super serious, i just want something fun! please send me any recs you can think of!

p.s. im open to recs of any type of fantasy/supernatural anime you might think i should watch but im mainly looking for something less serious

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Engaged to the Unidentified.


It is a romance and lite supernatural. Close to slice of life.




From the same folks that brought you Inuyasha, it is light, comedic and fairly episodic.  Not a slice of life, but quite enjoyable.


Flying Witch

Probably the closest to your request.


Petite Princess Yucie

Not a slice of life, but it has a great cast of various supernatural types. Comedic, mostly character development on an episodic level, and doesn't get serious until the end (so less seriousness to wear you out). 


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Haven't seen this myself, and twig will slap me for recommending it in their place, but Demi-chan wa Kataritai is supposedly very good.

Another decent one is Ano Natsu de Matteru, though it's a biiiit of a stretch. A good romcom involving an alien. Just... try it it sounds weird but is good XD Be sure to stick around for the after credits scene of the last episode.

Princess Tutu is a good mix of both light comedy and serious tones. If I had to say it'd be a lot more of a lighter tone than a serious tone, so it should work out. (Apologies twig, don't hurt me.)

Binbougami ga! is a super great comedy that involes a lot of deities and gods and whatnot. Watch the dub, it makes it twice as funny. The plot is dumb but it doesn't matter since they pretty well know it. What makes this show particularly special though is that whole it is ABSOLUTELY predominantly a hilarious comedy, it also manages to hit you in the feelz a bit now and then, and it's a really nice mix.

Hells. Is it serious? Is it a comedy? Shounen action? Who knows, but it takes place in Hell and covers like 300 episodes worth of content in roughly 2 hours and it has Helvis. Does it have serious moments? Yeah. Does it have silly moments? Yeah. It has bloody everything but it blazes past so quickly there's barely any time to process it all and it's just fun. A lot of fun. I can't even say this movie is good but I love it to death anyways.

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Fantasy is a genre that seems to have really persisted well over the years with anime. I'll provide a mixture of newer, and older series for you to check out.

Vampire Knight : This one is a bit older, but not that much. Its got a dark yet funny story that keeps you hooked.

Blood+/Blood+ C This is another vampire anime a bit older mind you, but has a good develp[ted story. Blood+, and C are two separate series though C is the squeal.

BloodLad : This is a good mix of dark humor with a touch of slice of life. Its good for a laugh, but don't set your expectations on high with this one.

Sankarea : This is a amazing series a bit twisted honestly, but cute at times. Touches on slice of life here, and there though its mostly a dark engaging story.

Yu Yu Hakusho : This is one of the oldies, but oh is it a goodie. It is a supernatural story with heavy emphasis on demons of Japanese folklore. It dose start out slow, but ramps up quickly. I won't be spoiling anything though.

I hope this was helpful :)


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7 hours ago, awesomedude20 said:

Haven't seen this myself, and twig will slap me for recommending it in their place, but Demi-chan wa Kataritai is supposedly very good.


7 hours ago, awesomedude20 said:

Princess Tutu is a good mix of both light comedy and serious tones. If I had to say it'd be a lot more of a lighter tone than a serious tone, so it should work out. (Apologies twig, don't hurt me.)

*Slaps again*

Watch both of those. They're great. Tutu in particular is our favourite anime.

Outside of those, check out Isekai Shokudou, which is about a guy who owns a restaurant that links to a typical fantasy world with elves, fairies, and dwarves once a week, so he cooks for them. Each episode features two dishes, and it's just a lot of peaceful fun. If you like it, we'd also recommend checking out Bartender and Kuuchuu Buranko, which are roughly the same concept, but with cocktails and psychological disorders respectively.

Also have a look at Hakumei to Mikochi, a horribly underwatched show from this winter about two tiny acorn-sized people living in a tree. It's a really warm and homely series, and unlike a lot of slice of lifes, they actually have jobs and do stuff with side characters, rather than just being the same fourish characters sitting around drinking tea.

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Gegege no Kitaro  - focuses on yokai. The stories usually have a “lesson” behind them & there are some horrr elements, but there is a lot of comedy as well  and most characters are cartoonish in appearance.

Princess Resurection is a supernatural harem series that pays homage to a lot of horror movie tropes.

Rosario Vampire is an ecchi harem series with various monsters.

And Karin (aka Chibi Vampire) is a cute romcom with a family of vampires.

Finally, I’d like to add my approval to Interviews with Monster Girls & Flying Witch

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