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    But what if its with food though
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    Before my friends and I started watching anime we were just people who would play sports everyday talk and so on we didn't do much in our lives really... Until one day my friends came back with a happy look one their faces different then most days they told me they watched something called "Anime" they began telling me how it was like how amazing and how amazing it was. Later that night I decided to watch anime for myself so I did I watched Totoro once I finished watching the movie it felt like i changed into a whole new person. The next day I told my friends I watched anime from their we found different new amines together such as Totoro Fairy tail Naruto Boruto Angel beats Attack on Titan Tokyo ghoul My hero Academia Promised Neverland One piece Dragon ball z Pokemon Your lie in April Kimi no na wa and many more I have to say anime has brought me closer with my friends and has taught me so much like to all ways follow your dreams the life of a human sorrow and much more. I'm really glad I started watching anime when I did now I know over 100 anime's. I'll continue to watch anime as there is so much more I still haven't watched yet! Anyway that's all bye
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    Welcome everyone! Come on in and cast your votes for the winner of this years "welcome banner" competition using the voting poll. The entrants each won 150 points today, but the two entrants with the most votes will be awarded 1,500 & 1,000 points respectively. They will also have their banners posted in rotation to welcome new members to the forum, and on our Twitter profile. So your votes here will reflect your interest in giving our new members a warm welcome, and we appreciate that. The voting polls are open! Cast away Voting for your own GFX is allowed. Thank you again for all of the participants, and thank you all for helping us choose our new welcome banners. Entry #1 Entry #2 Entry #3 Entry #4 Entry #5 Entry #6 Entry #7
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    When you get a day where you think to yourself that you always wanted to be somebody, but you realise now that you have to be a little more specific.
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    Oh, I know that's gonna curdle. That's why I suggested the straw! Best way to get really sick really slowly I would love adult potions class. Imagining Severus Snape teaching me how to brew a Carling is something I now can't get out of my head
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    Maybe you could switch out the baileys for whisky if you wanted to use a straw. Guinness curdles when baileys is dropped into it so you have to chug the whole thing in seconds (but that’s half the fun) You sure this isn’t adult potions class? XD
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    Thank you for all the love! I understand the modifying the post part (sorry sorry!) And yes, it's time for me to purusue what i love and it took me so much time to realise it but hey! here we are! and @Sakura yes..no eating people i can assure you that ^^;;
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    We used to actually make our own "Butterbeer" using Bailey's, butterscotch syrup/sprinkles and whiped cream on top. Tastes pretty good if you chill it all beforehand and add extra cream to it :3
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    Hi there welcome to AF hope you have a great time here with us at AF.
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    ^ looks like they took down the unedited version, but doesn’t matter. Because I just watched Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 19 & I honestly don’t see how anything is going to top that ED
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    Episode 19 last week’s episode seemed a bit lacking, but this week KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE FRIGGIN PARK!!! (totally felt like a finale and we’re only halfway through the second cour). If you have any appreciation for this series and have fallen behind CATCH UP NOW!!! And end credits sequence is worthy of a movie
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    Maybe I'm just getting old, but you're going to have to translate that for me.
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    Posting another pic of me this time no filter
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    Plot twist. She isn't the cute one she's the one with the black on the face.
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    It's been so long since I've taken a picture lol. I was going through my old photos and came across this one picture I took back in February. (I forgot how spoiler tags work lmao.) I look so deded lel.
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    I'm already married. To my job.
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    Is butterbeer a beer lol Potions,riding a broom etc things im looking forward too
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    Kumara=Sweet potato.. I see..Thats why you are a ghost potato. Your first potato husband killed you. Island
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    Geez @Xyro try to savor it a bit next time.. lol What classes are you most looking forward to? Working with magical creatures I presume?
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    I love it. Got into MCR fairly late (like, last year late ), and I love their lyrics and sound. I like how their lyrics have a 'hopeful' vibe to it, which not many 'emo' bands do. I also like other genres and artists that get called "emo", like metalcore, deathcore and the whole shebang. Having your taste be disputed is something I kind of went through as well, when I got into the whole extreme metal scene. Ye olde "this isn't music" and everything related to that. Eventually I just stopped caring about what others thought, and make jokes about it myself. Music is one of the most subjective things there is, and tastes are personal. Listen to anything you like, and don't let others bring you down for it. Also, if you don't know them yet, here are some bands you might enjoy, based off of the names you listed: - Senses Fail - Funeral For A Friend - Story Of Hope - Foreground Eclipse - At The Drive In
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    I do have Netflix. I've been able to get the party thing to work before but sometimes it just doesn't. And I do think you are required to have a Netflix account for it to work at all. But it does have a chat as well when it does work lol ~
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    @Sasuke but I am going to marry him so.... Yeah... Lol
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    Decided to give VRV a try since it’s just a couple dollars a month more than my standalone CR subscription aabd also gives me access to Hidive (and some “cartoon” channels). Of Sentai’s new anime series, enjoying The Demon Girl Next Door which is proving to he a funny (and at times cute) parody of Magical Girl anime.
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    I like these two very much. They're lovely.
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    Episode 18 shows a vast range of skill in the Demon Slayers ability, Tanjiro and the others have a long way to go. It almost makes them look like cute little puppies in comparison
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    Me talking to my friends who don't watch anime
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    • One Right Answer
    • 44 minutes
    • 7 Questions
    • 3 Players
    This quiz is about idols from cinderella, cinderella girl, shiny colors, etc. it is very short. 44 mins will be enough time for you
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    ^This was exactly what I was thinking while reading the thread title. (didn't watch the anime tho, what a bummer)

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