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    Went for a drive today just to get out & clear my head. My city is beginning to look like a ghost town with businesses closing down left & right & very few people out & about. This is just becoming very surreal & extremely worrying. Hope everyone on this forum is doing well.
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    Hello ~ I'm Maple ( not my real name ) I just registered here and I hope to make friends with minnnaa uwu so let's get along please ? By the way I wanna ask if you guys know the anime Libra of Nil Admirari apparently it's so pretty to me uwu that I ended making a fanfiction on it uwu HAHAHA that's all hope to make friends with everyone heree ~
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    Thank you for reminding me that I still haven't finished Texhnolyze Here my shelf at uni + other non-anime shows I like :
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    This has probably been asked before, but what is your favorite anime. Say why and which version(anime manga light novel visual). mine’s little busters va
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    I was looking on the fourm for a topic like this but nobody has done this before so I thought to make a topic like this I know this may seem pointless but im baord so yeah here is my shirt collection so far Btw I do have a Miku figure but I don't have a picture of that right now Plus it doesn't have to be shirts like this it can be anything that you have Plus figures can be anything too
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    Fruits Basket 2nd Season is almost here! Premier date is April 6th. Looking forward to watching with you all again
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    The swings , When was the last time you cried ?
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    Hello, and welcome to AF! I hope you enjoy your time here~ ...because this is pretty much your best option for social interaction during the quarantine~
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    Definitely feeling weird with how things are going right now. Looking forward to some more normalcy here hopefully soon. Its also been such a busy week, I feel out of the loop. Out of the life loop haha. I hope everyone is doing alright and taking care of themselves. Take this time to re-eval life Here's a creepy cat dog thing to add to this strange day.
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    Another 12 hr day of work. BUT, can't complain, at least I'm working. AND my sinus infection is gone SO EXTRA HAPPY. Still, rules are becoming more strict where I am from. We are limiting the amount of people allowed into places now. Supposedly they are going to start to fine people who are to close to each other...not taking social distancing serious enough. I read an article and felt like I was going back in time to a world where people were considered inappropriate without a chaperone mainly because it said no hugging or hand shakes. I'm ok with the rules. I don't want my family to get ill. I hope everyone is doing alright.
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    Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell, Gunmm, Mardock Scramble, Psycho-Pass, Cashern Sins - some of my favorite cyberpunks. Legend of the Galactic Heroes or Kurau Phantom Memory - If we're talking pure Sci-Fi. Full Metal Panic, Neon-Genesis Evangelion, Soukyuu no Fafner, Aldnoah.Zero - if you're in mechas. Hope that helps
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    Ya I follow it I am going to kill one of those characters of someone doesn't man up and say there feelings I am all caught up btw

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