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  1. I am feeling quite calm. I was out in nature for over 25 minutes during class, and my mind is at ease. If you didn't know, I truly enjoy mother nature's work. She is a beautiful work of art, and her hands do wonders... My mind was empty, yet I felt my body at its most calmest state it has ever been in! It was a lovely feeling, and I enjoy nature's gentle hands...
  2. The Fable 'Guild' Intro edited by me. It's an intro sample, a sample that can be used to create a beat. All I did was add some reverb, studio echo, feedback killer and edit the tone to make it -1. Fable_Guild_Intro_Sample_Edited.mp3
  3. I usually thought is a chilly and rained a lot in the UK! Never assumed that the UK had weird weather!
  4. Zenitsu x Nezuko (ZenNezu) (Demon Slayer) I love this ship so much, mostly because, it represents me and my lover - a lot, AND they are quite the cute pair...
  5. A hat in the shape of a bucket! ^^ Lol! Mine is off etsy, and has soul evans soul on the front of it! Its sick!
  6. Chainsaw man and Dorohedoro is on my watchlist ! I've heard of Blackhood Brothers and Iron Fortress, yet haven't gotten into them yet, definitely will check them out! Thanks!
  7. An awesome start to the Manga journey!!!
  8. Currently 4:28pm, and 75 degrees, with sunshine. Not even a week in a half ago it was below 40...sigh...Ohio weather will be the death of me
  9. Hello! I want to hear it from the anime vets on here, what are some anime that are in the category of Hellsing? After finishing Hellsing, I've been on the look-out for some anime that tickle my bones like Hellsing has done. Any Recommendations? Thanks!
  10. Been waiting for Imamu to release a new Husbento video! Huzzah! I have been blessed!!!

  11. Changed my gamertag My new gamertag is RottinC0rpse on Xbox!
  12. Currently my christmas list is this - Microphone (Blue Yeti) - New Headset for my Xbox - A bucket hat (already getting it for my bday, its a soul eater bucket hat >:)) - Xbox gift card, 50-100$
  13. I absolutely love hearing stories from people who grew up in the 'older' generations! It's quite nostalgic, even though I haven't lived during that era, but, I can almost dream as if I did! It's like a story that I can replay in my mind, and believe that I was there...
  14. What is YOUR favourite time era? I grew up in the 2000's, although, I have to say my favourite Era would have to be 80's-90's. Mostly because that's when fashion was at its peak! Don't get me wrong, I love the disco 70's, the hippie 60's, but, I love the almost casual feeling of the 80's-90's. PLUS, Nu Metal was being introduced in the mid-late 90's, along with the band Deftones, being the first open alt rock band in the early-mid 90's. I'll just say, metal was becoming more popular in the 80's-90's, mostly Black metal! TNBM as well! Thanks Mayhem, Burzum, and Morbid!
  15. Looking at some food traveller videos, i've noticed a lot of robotic machines making people's food, coffee, drinks..etc, pretty well - and It's quite amazing! Although, they do sometimes need assistance from humans - as the machines are liable to get an order wrong...so...in other cases, it's innovative, but we are decently far from a robot apocalypse
  16. I play a lot of shooters, MMORPGs, RPGs..even trading card games A good list I have is this - Shooters - COD - BattleField - CSGO - Apex Legends - Overwatch MMORPGs - FF XIV: A Realm Reborn - Guild Wars - World of Warcraft - Elder Scrolls Online RPGs - Elden Ring - Dark Souls - Bloodborne - Mass Effect - Skyrim - Fallout Some other Honorable Mentions - Fallout: New Vegas - Dark Souls 3 - Divinity: Original Sin II - (Lol) Roblox - Minecraft - HearthStone - League of Legends - Stardew Valley - Cyberpunk 2077 (This game is superb!)
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