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  1. Today I finished my re-watch of ef-A Tale of Melodies. This is a follow-on, or second series, of ef-A Tale of Memories and and focuses on the lives of some of the supporting cast of Memories, the main cast make sort of cameo appearances also. In a way this is a much more complex series because the storyline moves between the past and present events. Like Memories it has a beautiful soundtrack and the visual style is very artistic and even surreal in places and while some may not like this type of approach I found that as a way of telling the story it works very well. Melodies addresses some much more serious, and disturbing, issues than Memories, which gains the DVD release a higher age rating. While the series does end on a positive note it is not without a couple of sad scenes. The closing credits of episode 10 are so simple and yet so distressingly sad. Overall, ef-A Tale of Memories and ef-A Tale of Melodies are an excellent series and will leave you with much to think about after the final credits roll.
  2. I encountered the "Ad-blockers are not allowed on YouTube" pop-up yesterday evening and found that if I just closed the pop-up window, by using the normal red X 'close window' method, the pop-up closed and the video played as normal without ads. YouTube/Google will probably fix that 'bug' soon.
  3. I don't know, I never watched any of it. I saw a couple of short clips on YouTube and that was enough to convince me that I didn't want to see any of it.
  4. Having looked through Cruncyroll's Fall offering I found it a bit underwhelming, too much isekai and harem type series for my liking. However, MF Ghost looks like it could be interesting if the trailers are anything to go by. The trailer for Our Dating Story looked interesting, so that might be worth a look. Initially I thought Shy was worth a watch, but having seen the trailer I'm not so sure, but I'll probably give it a chance. Either way I'll follow my usual practice of waiting until they finish airing because I prefer to binge watch rather than watch an episode a week.
  5. Today I finished re-watching, again, one of my favourite series; ef-A Tale of Memories, this is an excellent Slice of Life series, or perhaps more correctly a Slice of Lives series as it follows the lives of three couples, their stories are both separate and interconnected at the same time. While in some places the scenes are a bit dialogue heavy the dialogue is well written and has both a subtle humour and more serious side to it. What really makes this series stand out is its beautiful soundtrack and stunningly creative artwork and dramatic backgrounds, the range of colour palettes used is quite different to most series. I find it a very enjoyable series to watch, but at the same time there is a lot to think about at the end.
  6. Welcome aboard. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home.
  7. I think that version should have the Erase Card used on it!
  8. Bright, sunny and 14C if you keep out of the cold wind!
  9. Welcome aboard. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home.
  10. I've now finished re-watching After School Dice Club. This is a gentle little Slice of Life series about a group of first year high school girls. The story follows a lonely, shy introvert whose life is totally changed by a rather dramatic meeting with an enthusiastic extrovert and as a result our shy introvert discovers friendship and a love of board games. While that might sound like this is a boring series it actually isn't. The storyline moves between the everyday lives of the girls and the board games sessions, both of which are well presented. The artwork and animation is of a good quality and the story moves along at a good pace and neither drags or rushes. At heart this is a fairly simple, wholesome story about discovering the fun to be had sharing a common interest with friends and companions and as such I found it an enjoyable series to watch.
  11. Welcome aboard. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home.
  12. Dull, overcast and cold. It's currently 6C and the forecast is for a a maximum of only 11C by mid-day.
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