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Status Updates posted by Seshi

  1. I see you haven’t mustered any enthusiasm 🤣

    1. Vitis


      I tend to work small so making something so large is eh, plus I'm about as creative as a rock 99% of everything I do in photoshop or the like never sees the light of day and gets deleted without being saved it's also why I am but a humble image editor affixing backgrounds behind other people's characters. In that same vein signatures that come out photoshop for me preferably have no text from the lack of ability to make it fit with the image most of the time. About the only thing I do well is copy things off reference images and that doesn't really help me in the come up with something.

    2. Seshi


      I guess it would help to know exactly what you wanted as well. That’s the hardest part for me in creativity.

    3. Seshi


      It looks good

  2. Sweet warding mask. I wish tanjiro would get another one 

  3. Bout to watch Demon Slayer ep 19. Thnx for the reminder @Ohiotaku

    Also fixin to put up a voting poll for the GFX Art contest. Please vote when you see it!!!!!

  4. Watching Vinland Saga Ep.5... Yo, this is going to be amazing. I love this series 

    1. Ohiotaku


      Looking forward to checking it out (probably Sept or Oct)

    2. Seshi


      Yea.. I'm looking forward to buying it for Christmas 

  5. Dempsey roll! 😎I could watch that all day.

    1. Sam_harris_43


      Great isn't it 🥊

  6. Watching Demon Slayer Ep:18

    - That was interesting

    1. Ohiotaku


      Just finished watching it myself. Will put some thoughts up in the topic later.

  7. Ooh really nice Ralphtalia Avi

  8. Thanks for the recs

    1. LostEnoki


      No problem! Thanks for the much needed points 😊

  9. Goodnight A-F

    Catch y'all later

    1. Seshi


      Very well, thankies 

      Having some days out with a friend whose visit from out of town, so I won’t be on as much tomorrow either. 

    2. Ohiotaku


      Hope you have a good visit

      I could probably do with more IRL social interaction myself.

    3. Seshi


      Yea, I’m pretty secluded most of the time lol It helps to have other friends who actively plan stuff to do & are generous enough to include me 😜

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  10. Hey, I hope you’re doing well.

    1. PrestigeTweeker


      I was born in the Kyoto perfecture, i don´t live there anymore. I live on a different continent now (Europe).

  11. Seshi

    That "this or that" game is so fun! Thankies ^_^

    1. Glitter Spring

      Glitter Spring

      you are welcome i had fun playing.

    2. Nova


      Glad people like it then

  12. Nice siggy

    1. Sasuke


      Thank you 👌🏼

  13. 🎉 Happy Birthday, Sofi

    I hope you have a great day, and lots of yummy cake 🎂 

    1. Sakura


      My mom makes me this homemade german chocolate cream cheese walnut and pecan cake every year on my birthday and it's about the only time I eat cake - I'm more of a cupcake person - and it is a mouthgasm lol.

    2. Seshi


      I have a dear friend that made me something similar for my birthday a couple years ago, in her house they call it “crack cake” lol!

      I think it had candy caramel flakes in it or something crunchy 

      And I eat cake a lot....

    3. Sakura


      That sounds about right lolll it's an addicting cake there's never enough of it @_@

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  14. Hello Gordanmeilech, welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here. 


  15. Welcome back, Lady Hokage 

    1. Sakura


      Thank you very much!

  16. 😪🥴☕😏☕😋☕🤓

    Good morning ☀️ 

    1. Ohiotaku


      Not really a coffee drinker, but definitely appreciate the need for caffeine in the morning

  17. Finally! A beach day ☀️

  18. Welcome back

  19. Poke ——>

    1. Keiko


      <---- Poke


      Greetings Seshi.

  20. New Prizes added in the Fanfic contest!

  21. I’m extremely grateful to all of your generous donations of points! 

    With these, I plan to give back among our community.

    I no longer require any further donations. Please keep those points ☺️

    1. Musuko



      🤣 Well, that shows how much we like you, Seshi.

    2. Seshi


      😭 y’all DID that!

  22. Did you rewatch “simple and clean” til your disc broke?


    this may or may not be why I didn’t finish the game 

  23. Needs tithes and offerings of points *holds out a can* alms alms for contest hosting 🤣

    1. Ohiotaku


      How much do you need?

    2. ArchieKun


      How much do you require my friend.

  24. Busy week. Missed everyone. Tired 😴 

    Hopefully I’ll catch up with everyone Monday 😁

    1. Wedgy


      Welcome back!

  25. Ok who thinks I’m crazy for going to the beach on the week of the 4th? 🙉 

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    2. Ohiotaku


      Looking out the window at work it seems like your storm is here now. Hopefully tomorrow evening will be storm free since my sister and her hubby are planning a cook out

    3. LonelyPoet


      You should go to a pool party.


    4. Seshi


      Maybe an indoor pool party

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