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  1. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/04/16/lupin-iii-manga-author-monkey-punch-passes-away-at-age-of-81

    While I’ve had limited exposure to the franchise, he’s undeniably one of anime’s iconic figures. Sad news indeed.

  2. Me: makes hot tea and sets cookies on table next to it. 

    Also me: I can’t let me tea get cold before I drink it, but let me just tidy up the living room real quick...

    2 hours later: Comes back to living room and finds cold tea and cookies. Bon Appetite 🙄

  3. seems you were right about that darn article 13


    Now let's wait and see if and how they actually enforce it. If they take it literally, then I guess almost no more memes or youtube videos in the EU.

  4. oookaaaayy, just a rant post, 

    be warned, its a long post!, iz really really long couse, seriously, screw my group...

    atleast the other group, being GROUP 2 accepted me, and im not even part of their group, 

    meanwhile my group...even my partners..."dissapointment increases"

    welp, my grand duty got ruined thanks to some f*ck face, trying to make me look bad again, even though i went through the f*cking trouble of using my own money for our grand, to make it the "best" grand, and final duty, f*ck face still went and got me pissed


    basically, we got a weak junior in warding, and me, being helpful before just made her mad at me, so i chillaxed on helping anyone since then


    our last day today, i wanted to go morning pick (which means we extract people's blood who have went fasting, or not eaten/drank water in the past 8-12hours), and teach her some few tips and tricks


    she said "ok", and mind you, i told her this really early, like, sun is still up-early (and were night duty)


    time by 10 hours, i got stuck with CBG/HGT test, thats about 30+ patients, even though we had 3 machines, juniors felt lazy, thus i toke it, and didn't go along with her on the morning pick i wanted to go with

    no problems there so far, couse to be honest, im fine with that anyway, i mean, i wont be losing anything if she doesn't want to learn from her seniors

    the problem starts AFTER our duty, like, end of duty

    i told her, she needs to improve more, couse, well, seniors are gone now, theres only 14 of them left, and not many of them are good at extraction, but this f*ck face went and said, im being "rude", or "boasty" or whatever


    nigga, when our seniors said sh*t to me, no one f*cking said anything, i was as bad as her before too, heck, i was worse than her before, but i improved, i got better, im one of the best now too couse of my own determination to "git gud"


    it really hit me so hard when, even after all the shit i did, all the fucking shit i did for this group, buying them gifts, taking on their endorsements without second thought (endorsement, as in, they couldn't obtain blood from Px. due to "hard to extract"), buying everyone a keychain with their name and a "GROUP 3" keychain tag in it, and even trying to make our final day the bestest, by giving everyone that was about to leave, minus me, a gift, and even foods,

    i used 3000php (58$!) just to make it the best, the f*cking best

    and then i get hit with the


    well excuse me for not being fucking hurt by what the fuck you said, i fucking did everything, im even thinking of her well being, but then got said im being boasty and or rude


    what sucks more is, even though they know im getting depressed, my partners didn't so much as to try and cheer me up, other guys of group 3 went and tried, but well, when im depressed, i get really numb, and i dont think well

    i sit down and think, and once im alone i cry

    and since i got better at extraction, i even dont mind doing self-extractions on my self, whats worse is, when i did it to myself this morning, i didnt feel the needles pain, guess thats what being numb means...

    still really dissapointed my partners didn't cheer me up, oh well, im used to being alone anyway~..."sigh"


    but yea, rant over, tldr: fuck group 3 smh





  5. Coal Man Loves Canary 


    A man minded coal for a living 

    The more the job took the less it was giving 

    His fellow workers laid about 

    Poisoned by the air 

    His head filled with doubt


    He bought a canary to bring 

    So as long as he heard it song

    He knew his life would be spared

    The canary in the coal mine was always there 


    As the time passed the man grew to love the canary

    Her songs made the cause less scary

    He cherished the time as he want by 

    And feared the day the canary would die 



  6. tomorrows my grand duty (last day of duty on hospital)

    todays the grand duty of cool classmate


    im gonna miss the QT's in the hospital, but i must go, and find one's that will actually care for me >_>

    what im not gonna miss is being somewhat bullied by non-qt girls <.>

    my juniors are gonna have a hard time though, so im probably gonna still go there if they call on me, i can after all, collect any blood from any patient, i sure have grown since my first day in there ...


    i remember being scared of doing venipuncture

    now ?

    id do arterial just to collect blood on patients, jesus christ

    wish my juniors would also learn how to do arterial, it WILL be helpful to them, and would make them more reliable on extraction, after all, they will be the seniors, now that we (the current seniors) are leaving them be


    ahh, feels like just yesterday that i centrifuged a lavander tap in chemistry section, a beginners mistake >.<



    anyway, theres still one task left for me to do for tonight


    gonna surprise him, by going on his grand, and giving him a -condom- as a "grand duty gift"

    its a joke that will be funny for everyone xD


    ..incase you dont know what a condom is, its a plastic used to fill water with, to have water ballons xDDD

  7. Well, Beresheet went splat (crunch? <insert sound of lithobreaking spacecraft here>), but we still have the Falcon Heavy launch/landings to look forward to.

  8. Geez a lot of people I knew back in highschool are getting married or having kids already. I thought I'd at least turn 20 before everyone I knew got married. It seems like I'm the only one how hasn't changed. I'm stuck at about age 14 both mentally and physically I guess. Atleast winter is over. I went to the park last weekend. This week I'm going to try and go to a battle of the bands at my school. Hopefully no mishaps happen. 😅 Maybe this will help me think of something for a poem.


  9. Am I the only one who ever keeps a diary/journal nowadays. I feel like as if I don't write I'll lose my mind. Plus it helps keep my emotions in check...

  10. im still very inactive, incase anyone is wondering xD


    couse, compre-re-re-take happened, and boy have i been not studying, f*cking help me someone and end my suffering


    what makes it even worse is...i've yet to farm much on fgo's current event for chacha, couse im more focused IRL stuff...and thats not a fun idea

    i wanna max-rank my chacha, >.<


    song post of obligationations >:o

  11. Watched the 1st episode of Dropkick on My Devil. Best description I can think of is a mash-up of Bludegeoning Angel Dokuro-chan and Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Lots of 4th wall jokes and cartoon violence. Will probably continue to watch when I'm bored or until my free trial of Prime runs out.

  12. The glamorous world of "realtime" space flight operations: manually copying a bunch of (year) 2004 data from a bunch of DVDs back onto the system for the SPITZER project (aka SIRTF).



    (For those wondering.. yes, that's linux.. Gnome, CentOS 7, kernel 3.10, on generic Dell/x86_64.  Not exactly cutting edge, but it gets the job done.)

  13. My most recent addiction: Hedgehogs. Pls let me bless you all with my new discovery x3


  14. Good luck on your test today!

    Here’s lucky cat


  15. Good luck on your test today!

    Here’s lucky cat


  16. A week to go before the new anime season (though they're a couple earlier starters). Wish they'd hurry up and announce which series will be on which sites.

  17. Just had the greatest sleep ever, woke up feeling so lazy and noticed it was only 9:50. I felt like I slept forever... Anyway, g'morning AF. :D 

  18. Now it's officially spring


  19. School is sooo boring....


  20. Sekiro_01Embargo_6.11@_3PM_PT-hero-920x5

    (heads up, posted images of the games i mentioned)

    sekiro is god damn amazing, holy sh*t

    played it last night uptil 3am, and then when i woke up (uptill 11am), before i got tired again (due to lack of sleep)

    and now that i've woken up, i still wanna play it

    ...but i have to study ;(

    man, life priorities suck, i wanna be a kid again ~.~

    the grappling hook is so god damn aweasome tho'

    i highly recommend this, it has the vibes of dark souls (but its not dark souls), and the movement of tenchu 

    maybe a little of for honored too (the combat with samurais atleast, feel so satisfying to watch, IT FEELS LIKE IM PLAYING FATE/EXTRA AGAIN!



  21. Excalibur's version of LA's Medieval Times.. jousting, sword fighting, and horsemanship while eating a chicken with your hands.


  22. Late Night Visitor


  23. Thought I'd draw Levi and Kenny


  24. looking at @LonelyPoet's comic, made me wanna finish my own comic up

    ...but my exams are tomorrow, and then more exams after that (30th is last compre-exam, and end of month has a histopath-exam orient)


    nice drawing by the by jayden-chan~


    ...also im not slacking off on studying, im really not, im just, taking a break

    sure i slept and what not, but, well


    ...also ciulla is hard  to browse ~.~


    obligatory song post >:O


    ..i think i posted it before, but eff it, my brains full of urine and poops


  25. Las Vegas baby!

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