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Status Updates posted by brycec

  1. Made a program in Swift that could quickly generate OPML files through the command line, with an option to enter all feed addresses, like the tar command, or through an interactive mode.

    Still wish it was possible to do OPML export from Plex, but this will do, since feed data is grabbed automatically from the web addresses for the feeds.

  2. Just wasting time right now, playing checkers, with it being so close to lunch time, and, surprisingly, I achieved this kind of victory. Was more expecting to completely block my opponent from being able to move, rather than this, even if the AI is said to be terrible.


    1. Seshi


      I don’t play checkers but that blocking sounds pretty impressive 

    2. brycec


      Well, blocking is not really that impressive, unless you are playing somebody skilled, since the way to win at checkers is to take all your opponent's moves or prevent them from moving.

      Normally, like chess, you would expect to lose pieces, unless you are in a good position to block using all twelve pieces, but it is harder to take all the enemy pieces without losing one of your own.

  3. Decided to step down from my staff position of the forum I was on.

    It will be much better to not need to worry about stuff.

    1. Zen Wistaria

      Zen Wistaria

      In my opinion, I think you've made the right decision, you helped me when I stepped down from there and it was the best decision made for me too.

    2. brycec


      Thanks, @Banri. I think so too, since things got a little worse after you left the place (not immediately after, but you get the idea).

      Plus, I have a way to talk to those who I desire outside of it, so it is not real loss to me.

  4. Not looking forward to today’s trip.

    My only hope is that the organization I have grown to dislike does not ask me for help with their ceremony this weekend.

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    2. brycec


      Thanks. Sadly, it is not, at least confirming to social standards.

    3. What the Fuck.

      What the Fuck.

      I would argue to assert your dominance and do it anyway. It's the subtle things.

    4. brycec


      Sadly, outnumbered at the moment and will be among people that think they know better.

  5. Wish Plex allowed OPML exports of podcasts, so I could back them up, like RSS feeds can be.

    Oh well, I was able to get around things by writing a CLI generator in Swift that worked on Mac and Linux.

    1. efaardvark


      That would be kind of cool.  If you can get to them with RSS then you can script it easily enough, but having it built in to Plex so it could do that for you automatically would be one less thing to deal with, if nothing else.

    2. brycec


      Yeah, people were wanting OPML export, and if I could use Swift for a plugin on Plex, that would not be a problem for me to do, since Swift has the stuff needed to easily create XML files.

      Plus, there is a library that can read feeds in either RSS (including podcast support), Atom, or JSON, which really helps. Only bad thing about the library is that each feed type is its own class and there is no super class, to easily create an array with all feed types.

  6. Got A Silent Voice off of iTunes, as I felt like seeing it, and while I have not yet watched it, something did annoy me.

    While I do like that it has both the Japanese and English dubs (iTunes usually sells dubs and subs separately), the default track was Japanese with English subs. I really wish that the people who put it on iTunes reversed things, but it is at least an easy adjustment to make.

  7. Finished Harmonia. I wish it was better, as nothing really stood out all that much, but it was not a waste of time at least.

    1. Ryuji


      I can see why you'd say that....but at the same time I still love Harmonia. Not Key's greatest work but still really enjoyable for me.


  8. Got finished with the recent Detective Conan chapter, and while the case might not end well, there were at least things to laugh about, thanks to Yamamura getting called out.

  9. Finally got to watch DBS Broly on blu ray, and something seemed to be strange.

    From what I am seeing, there are two video tracks on the blu ray. One is 1 hour, 39 minutes, and 43 second long. The other is 1 hour, 41 minutes, and 25 seconds long, which matches the iTunes listing.

    Both appear to be the movie itself, watchable in either Japanese or English, and I all I noticed on the shorter one was that the credits mainly consisted of the Japanese cast. Not too sure what the longer one has different.

    Update: Looks like the longer track only included a list of the English cast and the BD/DVD credits who put them together. Pretty disappointing.

  10. Thanks for the follow.

  11. Thanks for the follow. Feel free to talk to me if you want, though I am not particularly open to outside the site at this point.

    1. Sakura


      You're welcome ;D and sure ~!

  12. Toured the USS Midway today, and had a really good time.

    Only regret I had was not taking a picture of some scenery that looked nice from the flight deck.

    1. LonelyPoet


      Is that an army base?

    2. brycec


      It is a decommissioned aircraft carrier that was active during World War 2 and in the 70’s.

  13. Found out Swift 5 was released recently, and it looks like less code is needed now, because the code used to retrieve the Documents directory on macOS and iOS now works in Ubuntu, thereby eliminating the need to use conditionals to get the path right.

  14. Finally got through my second playthrough of dq 11, even beating Calasmos.

    Sadly, I could not create the best sword in the game, but I was able to get the paths unlocked, should I choose to go about making the sword.

  15. Kind of sad that I just saw the last case of Detective Conan that will air while Google+ is alive.

    I really wish the more popular options were all as good as that place was.

  16. So mad at Crunchyroll right now.

    I experienced a stupid occurrence that never happened on the other shows I watch on there.

    1. Geano


      Its probably the fact that there is only 10 episodes in the playlist and may be looping. Either that, or a typo which in that case is hilarious.

    2. brycec


      Who knows. I will have to see when Crunchy publishes new episodes, but it is very disappointing.

  17. Kind of surprising today. I am currently subscribed to Apple Music and have been have troubles accessing music from it on Alexa, but when I went play something, thinking it would do the same thing it always had, music started playing.

    Could not get AAA and few others to play, but Yuki Kajiura, Ito Kanako, Goldfinger, Less than Jake, Kiss, The Suicide Machines, Michael Jackson, Twisted Sister, and T.M. Revolution were among those that did play just fine.

  18. Well, this is annoying, went to get data from my blog, and discovered that I was getting an HTTP 500 error on the server.

    Hopefully, I can get a look at the error logs and get a good diagnosis without needing to contact the host.

    1. Ryan Dave Jimenez

      Ryan Dave Jimenez

      I hope your blog will be fixed soon

    2. brycec


      I hope so too, though I did have to contact the host after all, due to the logs being empty.

  19. Not sure about you guys, but I have been having problems with Debian on VirtualBox 6.

    Used to be that I could boot up my dev server the instant I needed it, but recently, I have to keep resetting my VM until the desktop shows up, so I can backup things up to a USB.

    This is so frustrating.

    1. Time Traveller

      Time Traveller

      Fedora is much more stable with virtual machines in my experience

      at least you're using debian. sudo pacman -Syyu often broke my arch system




    2. brycec


      I see. The problem with Fedora is that it is part of the Redhat family, and the Redhat clones, like CentOS are a pain to set up servers on.

      Fedora should be better about having the latest packages, but SELinux might prove to be a horrendous nightmare there too.

  20. Finally got everything I needed to do.

    Things will start cropping up again in this year, but I should be able to stay on top of it.

  21. Not sure about you guys, but I hate it when the same family members think it is feasible for a person juggle a full time job (or even any of the other inefficient job models), put time into helping an organization whose culture comes off like a cult, and considers me lazy, thinks they can ask for something that would be better done themselves.

    There are things that can kill motivation and we do live in time specialization is somewhat needed to be efficient, but that does not change the fact that people need to do their part to get what is best for them.

  22. I hope everyone had a good new year.

    I still need to get things done that I was hoping that I would not need too, but oh well.

    1. Geano


      I know I sure have been having a great 2019 got almost all my cons registered and walking a lot despite the cold can't stop me.

    2. brycec


      That’s good. Too bad neither of us can scream out, “Is this the best you do?! This not even challenge!”

    3. Time Traveller

      Time Traveller


      I too am still struggling to get started with a lot of things I had in mind for this year.

  23. Well, this is annoying. While I was watching a show, my display cut out, and would not turn on, when forcing it to go off by unplugging it.

    Bright side is that I found a good television to replace the display, so I should be back in business soon.

  24. Got Dragon Ball Fighterz today, and I am glad it was easy enough to controller with the dual shock 4.

    Sadly, I wish controls set up was more similar to DBZ Budokai 3, instead of having the set up it does.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Geano


      Thats no good Hope they expand one of these days.

    3. brycec


      Hopefully so, but I have heard it is basically Sony giving the trouble. Either it is cross platform play between only PC and PS4, or none at all.

    4. Geano


      I see either way sounds a fair bit annoying.

  25. The dual shock 4 I got in November died, and could not charge it the cheap way.

    Luckily, I got a charging station, and the controller is charging now.

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