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Good morning! A couple things about me, hit it---

Channy / Nika (Weird fact: I share the same name as the heroin in the novels I'm writing, NO, she is not a self-insert, lol).

I am:

173cm tall. 5'8", 122 pounds.

25 y/o ---I'm old, but experienced! Come find me if you want to talk about stuff.

I work full time. I like anime and manga, but I have not watched any anime in at least a year. Don't really know what to watch, so toss some suggestions at me please! I like tear-jerkers, romances, Slice of Life, and anything related to Appleseed and Berserk. School Rumble is an old but good one, too. I have been thinking of watching My Hero Academy but haven't taken the time yet.


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Welcome to the forums 😁

As far as recommendations out of 2019 series, Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) is probably the hottest thing right now. The Promised Neverland & Rising of the Shield Hero are notable as well. Since you like Berserk, maybe Vinland Saga & Dororo. For slice of life My Roommate is s Cat is funny, but also has some feels. While Wasteful Days of High School Girls is just silliness. For romance/tearjerker maybe try the Fruits Basket remake.

Hope you stick around.

btw, 25 ain’t old (especially around here :P ) And I just finished the 1st half of Fate Zero and am enjoying it alot. Especially the pairs of Saber/Irisveil & Rider/Waver. On that note, the Lord El Melio series that’s just winding up centers on an adult Waver Velvet.

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Welcome! Hope you're able to pick up some new titles to watch :3

If you like tear jerkers: Grave of Fireflies. I bawled my eyes out for most of this film.

An action anime I really liked (and is pretty popular,) was Gurren Laggan. I'm pretty basic XD

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Hello and welcome to our community, Channy.

Sounds like you’ve got a few good recommendations tossed your way already, I hope you find something to watch soon 😊 or start again with the fall season, which has some promising series coming soon. 


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Hello there and welcome to AF hope you have a great time here with us. Anime is a awespme source of media, and there is plenty to discover here. If you want to chat feel free to message me. :) See you around. 

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