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Most Recent Movie Watched?

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watched rise of the planet of the apes again because I recently got reminded of it because of the corona virus. really enjoyed it

just watched Covenant and it creeped the crap out of me 😂 I thought Prometheus was better though

I actually really like Prometheus! It has a different feel, but it's still good. Not too sure when we'll get around to watching Covenant, but I can't wait

The last movie I've watched is Brooklyn since it's part of my leaving cert English course, I tried watching it a few years back and didn't enjoy it at all but this year I feel like I just have a different perspective of it and loved it. 

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Ender's Game. I think the books are more enjoyable from what I've heard, coz the movies seem to be made for a younger audience.


Ender's shown as this calculative mastermind who strategizes his way to victory, until you break down his strategies and see how basic they all are. If you've played military games for even a small length of time, or know stuff about guns, you'll see how Ender's strategies are more out of common sense than sheer intellect. There wasnt any mind blowing strategy behind it, but then again, I've seen the likes of Erwin Smith and Light Yagami in action, so my standards might just be set very high.


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