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Any non anime shows you’re watching?


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Only Murders In The Building

I wasn't sure about this, and I held off for a long time. I don't like graphic violence which I was worried it would be, but for the most part it wasn't. Also I LOVE Steve Martian and Martian Short, so I knew it had to be at least a little funny, and I do love mysteries, so I finally gave it a chance. Since season two just started coming out, I was planning on just watching season one, and then holding off on season two, but season one ended on a cliffhanger, so now I'm debating.


The Orville

Unlike OMITB, I have waited way too long for The Orville so I'm watching that one as it comes out. The first ep was really good but turned into more of a drama - which isn't necisarily bad, but part of the fun of The Orville was the humor. But the newer episodes seem to be a tad more funny at parts, so I'm happy for that.

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Started watching the original RWBY. Obviously not a fan of the clunky CGI, but hoping it will fill in some of what seemed like gaps in the Ice Queendom prologue.

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I've been watching "The Barchester Chronicles", a BBC costume drama set in the precincts of Barchester Cathedral and its surrounding area in the 19th Century and based on the books by Anthony Trollope.

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I  was The last 5 epsiodes of Buffy season 7

        140                                                                                                                  18                                                                                                                  Dirty Girls"          
141 19 "Empty Places"          
142 20 "Touched"          
143 21 "End of Days"          
144 22 "Chosen"          

on fuse


and Now I am Watching  Sam's QL

12:00 pm


S4 Ghost Ship - August 13, 1956
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I'm currently watching the current series of Abandoned Engineering.  It's a fascinating and informative programme that tells the stories of abandoned buildings, structures and objects from around the world.

It's sometimes sad to see places where great discoveries that changed the way we see our world were made, it's always shocking to see places where people were treated like slaves and worked until they died either from starvation, exhaustion or diseases caused by the areas they were forced to work.

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