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Which gaming-console(s) do you own?


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The fact that you said base titles are on mobile devices and those little shitty things for what is it now ? £400? No 2 years old isn't so new anymore not in this day and age welcome to the world of gaming enjoy your stay. Spend £120 per 2 weeks if you want to keep up with all realeases, gta v = commonly played sure

New? No.


Also lol using GTA V isnt a terrible example because you were the one who used it as a example in the first place saying you can play it on a iPad.

I used "GTA games" as an example not GTA V I'm talking about gta games like GTA 3 and older GTA games...

I think we should stop discussing this Dragon is right about it not being a gaming console so I removed it from my list. Can we get back to the original use for this topic?

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The issue with XBOX ONE is the sales the sales wouldn't be so low for no reason. The PS4 outsaled Xbox by by far. I considered getting a ps3 or Xbox and I was neutral on both. But the amount of good games on ps4 go ahead with whatever xbox is trying to do... I mean

Ps4 lineup:

The last of us

Final fantasy remake


Ps2 games with trophy support (ey that's something.)


Tomb raider I guess...

Backwards compatibility...

You could have just... gotten a Xbox 360



There was also this kid who chose a Xbox 360 over One when his dad told him to choose one lol! and say which one has more and better games so yeah...


Not a fangirl just stating normal discussion facts :P

Ps3 and Xbox 360 - both good

Then I stated my opinion on both the others.

And both the PS4 and Xbox one are good.


Those games for PS you mention aren't that great to me and that's what makes it subjective....I am not into those types(save the last of us). But not only do I get some pretty awesome Xbox one games...I now have backwards compatibility so that argument of "Get an Xbox 360" is pointless and a bit reductive in the grand scheme of things. Why get a 360 when I can get the modern console that has far more capabilities than a PS4 can offer me.


this whole outselling thing is hyperbolic and ridiculous. Sure the PS4 is more popular/outsells the Xbox one...doesn't imply the Xbox one is inferiror? Being less popular doesn't spell a bad product. It just means less popular.


I am sure when PlayStation announces backwards compatibility like Xbox did, the PS fanboys and fangirls will be praising it instead of trying to downplay the xbox for having the ability that PS lacks ;)

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One picture worth more than 1000 words.


I can't believe I missed this...


I got the white version.



I'm mostly a Sony person... love my PS Vita, PS4 and PS3.... lots of Japanese titles amongst them all. :)

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I can't believe I missed this...


I got the white version.



I'm mostly a Sony person... love my PS Vita, PS4 and PS3.... lots of Japanese titles amongst them all. :)

Add me, Optic-nii-san! (See what I did there xP) I have the PS4 and Vita.

I play a wide range of games but sadly most of my Japanese games are on my 3DS and WiiU. :P

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Currently I'm investing in buying a ps4, come february, but for now I have:


Xbox 360, Wii, WiiU, 3ds, DS and PC if you consider that a *console*


inb4 pc fanboys wreck my stuff for considering pc a console.

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I'm planning on getting a Japanese PS2 at some point, and I'm already planning on getting some games for it (as well as some PS1 titles);


-Puyo Puyo~n

-Puyo Puyo Box

-Puyo Puyo Tsu (I hear the PS2 version is the best)

-Ape Escape: Million Monkeys


If I'm insane enough, I may also get the PS2 version of Puyo Puyo Fever 2, if only so I have at least one console version of the Fever duology.


The Kingdom Hearts Final Mixes and the Final Fantasy X updated versions I won't nab due to the remasters using them as a basis and being availabe in America; I'm not the most serious collector, so what's the point?


Anything else I ought to consider?

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SEGA Mega Drive, SEGA Dreamcast (need to set that up at somepoint), PS2, xbox360 (x2), PS3 and Wii U!


At somepoint, I also need to get a Japanese PS2, so I can import, and I also need to buy an original xbox too! A Japanese Wii to play games on wouldn't hurt too :D, I prefer the Japanese version of Pokémon Battle Revolution, before PC stepped in (two links)!

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Oooh! I have these things. A few of them. Perhaps too many of them.


I've got...


  • NES
  • SNES
  • Gameboy
  • Genesis
  • Playstation
  • Nintendo 64*
  • Playstation 2
  • Gamecube
  • Dreamcast
  • XBOX*
  • XBOX360
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation Portable
  • NintendoDS Lite
  • Nintendo3DS XL
  • Wii*
  • WiiU



Things marked with an asterisk are at my parent's place currently, so they don't get bored. I've also got a beefy gaming PC, though I don't really think it counts for this... and, I'd like to buy a PSTV in the nearish future, as well as a Nintendo Switch.


I'm still waiting for Sony and Microsoft to sell me on their latest consoles. It hasn't happened yet - not by a long shot.

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- PC (technically an iMac with Boot Camp that allows me to install a Windows OS; not the same as a Virtual OS mind you)

- 3DS

- PS Vita

- Samsung Galaxy (if you count mobile gaming)


Yep. That's it. I used to own:

- XBox

- XBox 360


- Gameboy Pocket

- Gameboy Color

- Gameboy SP


- Android Tablet (cheap China brand)


Still waiting for the fateful day when I'll own a Playstation someday... sigh.

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Used to have a mighty fine collection until money pressures forced me to sell D: I had all the classic Nintendo consoles and hundreds of classic retro games. Tis sad. But hopefully I'll have a decent collection again one day.

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I listed what consoles I have before. But my list has since changed!

Because of my big move back across the country, and not being particularly attached to material items, I left behind all of my consoles with my ex. One day I'm thinking I'll get a PS4, but not for awhile yet.

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I only have a PS2 and Wii (first gen).


Kind of sad, but my PS2 controllers do not act right right now, and many games today are hard for me to play for various reasons.

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  • SEGA Mega Drive
  • Playstation
  • Playstation 2
  • Playstation 2 (Yes I have two)
  • Gamecube
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Nintendo DS Lite
  • Nintendo 3DS XL
  • XBOX 360
  • Wii
  • Wii (Yes I have two, they're both the limited edition Donkey Kong ones)
  • Laptop (Nothing impressive, plays very simple games and that's about it

I really hope to get a Switch by the end of the year. God damn they're cool.

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Let's see....I have...





Sega Genesis

Sega Dreamcast



PS2 (my original fat PS2 and 2 slim PS2's that some coworkers were tossing from their son's old bedrooms haha...)


Nintendo DS

Wii (never opened the box...)

Xbox 360


PS4 + VR gear


About a third of my game collection is from the PS2 era (or was back in 2013).  Back in 2013 (I'm not at home so I'm looking at an old file I had saved online listing my gaming inventory) I had 514 games.  I know it has grown since but even my "at home" copy hasn't been updated in the past year or two.

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