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Time to post up some old time favorites.


Amazing Disney medley.



Amazing John Williams medley.



Cool as ice "Ice Ice Baby" movie mash-up.



I have many ERB favorites, but I particularly enjoyed this one, mostly because of my love for movies.



I totally love the beat that this rap has. It's so catchy and energetic.



In terms of the ERB with the best music, I particularly love this one between the two gods of music.



And last but not least, I love the rhythm of this rap battle too.


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There are epic rap battles, then there are epic death battles. I normally find Screw Attack's Death Battles to be entertaining but nothing more. However, their latest work is simply one of the most exhilarating battles yet, partly because of the great lines Tony was given, partly because it's great to root for a hero.


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Speaking of Madoka funnies...



It's hard to pick which one I like more.


The first one is more well-made, and the time to animated all of that must've taken much longer than the video effects in the second one, not to mention all the inclusions of various magical girls featured in the Madoka anime AND the spin-off manga AND even other magical girl anime like A Certain Magical Index! lol That's pretty amazing.


The second, however, is pretty hilarious too. I died at the part where Kyubey was repetitively hitting the soul gem. Also, I love both opening songs, so that help a lot.

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I love Music so I listen to a lot of Nightcores and AMV's. I also listen to this Girl band who started off in Youtube called Cimorelli. I gotta say, they're pretty good.

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Time to revive a dead thread for more YouTube funnies!


"Epic fail" doesn't even sum this up.


More epic rap battles of history:



I think the following ERB was among my favorites due to how catchy the rhythm is:



A brutal deconstruction of the reality show, "The Bachelor":



Last but not least, I want to share Movie Bob's defense of one of my favorite movies, Independence Day. It's really long, so I'm sure a lot of you won't have the time to watch through the entire thing, but it's definitely worth checking out if you love movies, and would like to find out just what's so good about Independence Day that's worth defending:


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