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    • Nukemsloth -
      Sword Art Online: Alicization

      I am a huge SAO fan myself, I am SUPER excited for Alicization, but I AM NOT excited for SAO Alternative. AT ALL. That means no Kirito. But I’m just saying I love SAO.  
    • KagamiArt -
      Sword Art Online: Alicization

      Cant wait to watch looks so good!!! I wasn't too much a fan of the other shows but this doesnt look too bad and has a good vibe to it, I look forward to it.
    • Cirkadian -
      Joker Game

      Jokes on You Joker Game, an anime that takes place in 1936 just as World War II is about to break out across the great nations. It is not an action filled anime about the soldiers on the front lines but about the mind games and what happens behind the scenes of war. A game of politics between spies, military personnel, and your average citizen makes for an amazing psychological thriller that leaves you hungry for another episode. The anime has an episodic set up. In each episode you follow a different character in sequence and the events that surround their life. Personally I am looking forward to what this anime may become. The animation is wonderful, the music fits nicely, and the art is brilliant with the feel of realism and the style of each character appearing when the moment finally presents itself is spot on. The main characters are not funny, they are not good or bad, and they are not over charismatic. They are calm, collected spies. So if you like politics, criminal series and need a break from all the harem and super power animes that are thrown around everywhere, I suggest you give 'Joker Game' a watch. So in conclusion, I give 'Joker Game' a 7 out of 10 overall. <br> This is my first review I've ever written so don't judge to harshly. : ) The Good  <br> Every twist that's around the next corner.
    • EnviousEnvy -
      Spirited Away

      One of my many favorite Studio Ghibli anime films. I remember getting it on VHS from my mom when I was a child and then just a few years ago I bought it on DVD. I still watch it to this day!
    • EnviousEnvy -

      I'm a big fan of rock music, especially indie rock music. There's  something about the whole stale cheap cigarettes, empty bottles of booze, playing cards when taking a break and just voicing your future for the band even though it is just a dream and may not happen. This series has that as well as the fighting and snippets of their life outside of the band. I really like series such as this one.
    • Beocat -
      Snow White with the Red Hair

      This is personally one of my favorite anime.  It features an apothecarist (or pharmacist back in those days....with red hair.....like me!) who just so happens to come under the unwanted attentions of a prince.  Now, I love Shirayuki's personality.  She is kind and compassionate but also strong willed and determined.  Her moral compass reads true and she is not afraid to be blunt and straight-forward.  It is hard not to love her.  The story is rather Reverse Harem-esque in that she collects three or more guys that are interested in her though the romance is clearly centered on one in particular.    Now, where this anime completely messes up (and the reason I docked a star from it) is at the plot execution level.  So at first the prince of her home country is attempting to abduct her so he can have his way with her and ravish her whenever is convenient for him.  This is the reason the gears of this anime first were set in motion. I understand it and consider it to be acceptable as a plot mechanism (otherwise she had little reason to leave her shop).  Now, once that was resolved...all the other abductions (successful or attempted) thereafter...that is what takes her from being a strong independent female character and makes her entirely dependent on the main romance character.  It strips away her strength and independence, her straight-forward persistence that typically turns situations around for her...and makes her a damsel in a castle, unable to save herself (although she may try) without the help of a man.  I believe that the romance of this anime would have been able to blossom well without these abductions.  Simply put, this is the ugly underbelly of the show. With two seasons (and 24 episodes into this show) it is time to drop the abductions.  She's a court herbalist and he's a prince for crying out loud.  Move the plot forward with some political traps of the court (Shirayuki is well equipped to handle that I imagine and wouldn't back down), maybe even a plague hits the golden city (I can imagine Zen's reluctance to let her attend to plague victims at the risk of her life and even how this could seriously strain their relationship, in a good way).  There are so many other ways to move the plot forward than...princess peach has been abducted by bowser...the princess is in another castle...    So while it is a great anime...it still has some flaws.  I don't read the manga so I have no idea how the next season might turn out, but I'm hopeful that maybe things will improve. 
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      I normally don't post work related things, ever but I'm honestly getting rung out from this job. I love it, don't get me wrong however the deal was was that I get every other weekend off but now after 6 months of being there I haven't had a weekend off in over a month. I've just about had it and I'm so tempted to start putting in applications at various other places. 😒

      I don't have time with my husband anymore after this started because he works nights and has been putting in some major overtime. So during the day when I'm at work he's at home sleeping but then he's gone before I get home. We can't even get anything done because I'm at work every weekend... I've already said the reason I left my one job years ago was because of this very same reason and the manager understood. Now I'm having the issue here. Like I said, I love my job but it's like whatever I say now goes out the window and I just can't do it. I'm 25, my husband is going on 28 next month. We want to start a family but how can we when I'm constantly gone??

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       There are great animes out their like  91 days and twin tails  and others but their underated.

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