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  2. Here is a list of the anime posted so far. Demon Slayer - has dub but is really good Niseko Fate Prototype - 10min short? makes me feel out of the loop Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam Love Lab Aim for the Top Gunbuster! Blue Comet SPT Layzner Panzer World Galient Queen Emeraldas - has a dub Armored Trooper VOTOMS Approved List: Love Lab - 13 episides Panzer World Galient - 25 episides Niseko - 20 episides Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam - 46 episides Aim for the Top Gunbuster! - 6 episodes Blue Comet SPT Layzner - 38 episodes Armored Trooper VOTOMS - 52 episodes If you have more please post them by march 31st 2022. I will be watch all I can. There will a meeting via discord in April to choose the 1st one we do and volunteer your skill for voice acting/editing/writing and more. We have chosen to do love lab first. Voice actors post here with desired role by the 18th of April 2022.
  3. Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam. Its 46 episodes long but on the positive side... I mean how much worse can it be. To be honest if we achieved this level I'd be pretty happy with it.
  4. I'd always like to see a Fate Prototype fan dub, there one on internet achieve but the quality shot to hell and it breaks the plotting of scenes of the OVA. So that be cool. One benefit is it's only twelfth minutes long, so it not an horrendous herculean effort for a group of people to commit two. However there are quite a few characters, so that might be a problem.
  5. Aim for the Top Gunbuster! Short 6 episode long OVA series and a sort of forerunner to the Neon Genesis Evangelion Series Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ series lacks a released English dub 47 episode long anime Blue Comet SPT Layzner 41 episode long anime Panzer World Galient 25 episode long anime Queen Emeraldas OVA Series (Two episodes where dubbed but two weren't) Armored Trooper VOTOMS 52 episode long anime
  6. how about a nisekoi dub cuz theres no offical dub right now
  7. Ty owl. The interest for that particular project never got up any momentum. As of now our members arent actively deciding to work on a dub. This clubs on haitus really, until enough members decide to become active again here.
  8. I could help I like demon Slayer but it does have a professional dud but I really don't care that much(but I am pretty much useless so my help might be minimal sorry)
  9. Hello friends, thanks for taking the time to join the club. I think we could start with something small, maybe commit to an episode of an anime, or write a parody for one. What are your interests? Which anime would you genuinely like to dub? What type of character would you voice? This may help us pick an anime collectively. I cast my vote for a Demon Slayer dub, I'd like to dub inosuke, I think. I could also do a parody and portray any voice there it doesn't matter. I don't prefer to watch over the top anime characters, but for fan dub I think it would be fun to do so. So what you all think? What should our first project be?
  10. I'm in college right now so finding time to do this might be hard. The good news is that my weekend job is ending soon and winter break is coming up soon! So we should be able to start soon! Let me know what anime u want to do and what voices u would like to do as well. I have a sound booth at my school so i will be recording there. but don't worry able quality to much i can fix most of it in post. If you have a head set with a mic you should be good!
  11. I be interested if I knew more about the project as well.
  12. @Chad3332 Tell me more about the project, please.
  13. If yes which one? Love Lab or Final Approach are my picks!

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