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    Wow! Thank you guys so much!! Either way, I'll definitely check out both anime :DDD Guys, I'm sorry but both anime you gave me did not match the opening. Even though both anime seem to interesting (Mekakucity and Blend), I would really like to know what anime it is that is in the posted time script. Thank you very much in advance!!
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    Uhh Endride - Don't know much... Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Highly recommend) Knight's & Magic - Reincarnated robot lover into world of magic and giant robots Outbreak Company (sorta) took a job and transported to another world teaching the inhabitants about otaku culture Re:zero - transported to another world with crappy ability when he dies gets resurrected awhile before he died Saga of Tanya the Evil - Atheist gets scolded by god and re-incarnated with a bet that he wont ask for gods help in his new world. The Devil Is a Part Timer - Devil ran from his kingdom because holy knight chased him out and is stuck in a almost magic less world. The Silver Guardian - uhh this one is a stretch so like in sao he goes in a game so there.
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    currently watching season 1 of noragami
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    Sorry but this feels an awful lot like a "help me with my homework" kind of question lol.... I used to get questions like that a lot from my older sister lol.
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    Definitely PC for the full experience. Unlike consoles, you can enjoy max quality on a PC considering that your PC can handle it Lel.
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    Well if you're going console, PS4 Pro is probably the better choice just because there are more MMO's on there than on Switch and Xbox One, but otherwise yeah, if you can afford it, PC is the better option.
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    @Beocat It definitely has a reserved spot on my shelf. As for Sailor Moon, it is a fun watch, but I certainly wasn't as invested in it as CCS.
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    I'd recommend these; They're like reincarnations/new world or isekai n' stuff so iz pretty cool Isekai wa smartphone to tomo ni (mc's overpowered btw) Re: Zero (dis ful die) Drifters (dis nerd war) Overlord (3rd season's on July; also has game genre) Knight's & Magic (robots.. eugh, mc's smartass tho) KonoSuba(though this anime is a joke (haha get it? coz its plot is lik-.. a. jok--.. k ill stop)) btw if you like zero to hero/something animes there's DanMachi (dungeons, and adventures, and cute onee--san's) Shakugan no Shana (magic(they call it existence), demons, mc's weak at first but he'll ge-... no spoilers) Black Clover (Magic Knights,Shouting, Ongoing) Kore wa Zombie desu ka? (Demons, Mc's a zombie, vampires, all the evil nerds from hell) My Hero Academia (Heroes, MC's a nerd, but he strong) Ao no Exorcist (demons, religion, oppai) Tokyo Ghoul (yeah demons, um demons, mc was weak, "was") Hunter x Hunter (Aura (nen), adventure, looking for his father, mc aint smart) Bungou Stray Dogs (gangs and stuff, government, hidden powers) Hundred (opponent's like an alien of some sort, mc a nerd but he strong) Guilty Crown (sad, opponents are hoomans, weapons are called void which are taken from the person's heart) Strike the Blood (vampires, mc'll get strong) Tales of Zestiria X (adventure, shepperd, chosen one) Sousei no Onmyouji (hell, parallel world, yin yang) High School DxD (lmao) and if you like overpowered mc's,um etoo.. Mob Psycho 100 (mc only gets stronger when he's pissed or similar to that) Assasination Classroom (from the word itself) Beelzebub (mc's a thug, a strong one, gets a baby, he then went to hell) Code Geass (International wars, mc is smart af, robots) The Seven Deadly Sins (mc likes the smell of panties, plot still developing) Death Note (i dont get it) One Punch Man (didn't expect that didya? *sarcasm face*) for game genre The King's Avatar (his hand's fast af, retired gamer) Log Horizon (he was stuck in a game HAHA, well they want to get accustomed to the game) Sword Art Online (the developer of the game trapped the 10,000 gamers who were playing) No Game No Life (incest, totally incest, so the game god decided to abduct them, they now want to beat them in a game) well, decent i guess.... (dunno d genre hehe) Arslan Senki (WARSSSS!!!) Shokugeki no Souma Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei Comet-Lucifer ONE PIECEEEEE! that's all I have hopefully I helped someone watch somethin' ah by the way, have I already recommended Isekai wa Smartphone to tom--....
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    I have watched assassination classroom. One of the best I have watched.
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    My waifu's, hmm... In no particular order (I have such a hard time doing this). Norma Bates (Bates motel) Asuna Yuuki (Sword art online) Rem (Re:zero) Rena Ryuguu (Higurashi) Riza Hawkeye (FMAB) Hange (AOT) Temari (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden)
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    I suffer from pretty intense OCD when it comes to cleaning, lol!
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    Nice to see you again, and hello. The anime I will be looking at today is one by the name of Yuru Camp△. At the very beginning you see all of the girls together around a campfire enjoying marshmallows together talking about nothing in particular which not only feels more or less pointless but probably is. After the opening plays we are shown one of the girls driving along the highway with scenery like a painting, which could of been problematic since the painting-like background do not mesh very well with the rest of the world when in motion and two trees look awkward as they're pulled away from the audience's vision to create a effect of them passing the camera by. When you focus on the scenery people are bound to notice this, thankfully for most of the episode the camera remained still and it does look pretty stunning otherwise. The girl traveling is Rin Shima who is camping during the winter in order to take in the surrounding nature alone. At first I was going to praise this show for showing her setting up a tent instead of having her tell us the process of doing so by way of monologue, as this should be reserved for a more natural opportunity, this remains true however it does something even worse in that it explains some basic tips of how to start a campfire by way of narration. To be fair it is crucial to show what the anime is about in the very first episode so something like this should be expected. But considering they already had narration once then it's very unlikely that they won't drop this in substantial episodes, meaning that even if more natural ways to explain different aspects camping presets themselves, at least a few will still be left to narration. Rin comes across Nadeshiko Kagamihara several times sleeping on the steps of the public restroom, when she finally does wake up she comes to Rin for help and explains she has become lost after moving to a new city and has misplaced her cellphone and is unaware of her new phone number. This is a more smoothing moment as the two girls enjoy a cup of ramen together under the brilliant moonlight, allowing for the two to bond and befriend one another. Nadeshiko realizes that while she doesn't know her phone number, she remembers her sister's. While I could complain about the issue presented being easily resolved I don't really think they could of dragged it on very much longer, not in a way that would be interesting anyways. I said a lot of negative things about this anime, but I was simply looking at it from a objective standpoint as to point out the things it could of done and executed in a better manner, overall I think it was a enjoyable experience, I see the potential in it and will likely continue watching it until the end and would recommend this title to fans of the slice of life genre. That's it for this post, but if you haven't already then please check out my impressions of Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san. And tomorrow I will take a look at Ito Junji: Collection as well as Toji no Miko , until then I hope you have a wonderful day.
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    Nice to see you again, and hello. The anime this time around is Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san, which translate into Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles. Before I delve into it I would like to recommend that you watch the first episode yourself as this is a slapstick comedy, these types of anime unfortunately tend to repeat the same joke over and over again and can get old very quickly and considering I'll be focusing on the comedic elements I will spoil what few jokes this anime has to offer as a result. With that in mind I feel you should watch at least worth checking out a single episode before reading any further. So the series is written in about as basic of a manner as the name would imply, since the jokes come across as equally barebone it's a shame not much effort seems to have been put into the writing, not just in the scenarios but also the characters as a whole and I can likely summarize their personalities in a few short sentences. Koizumi-san loves to eat and is very passionate about the ramen she eats at ramen shops, but ignores everyone around her. Yuu Oosawa wants to hang out with Koizumi, and even though she is constantly turned down she looks at whatever positive thing one could when she is. Misa Nakamura doesn't like Koizumi, probably because she's afraid she'll take Yuu away from her. Jun Takahashi didn't really leave a impression on me. The main thing is that Koizumi-san loves her ramen and eats them incredibly fast and smiles, then is immediately back to her old self afterwards. The problem with this is that Yuu reacts in a predictable manner every time. If you preset the same joke every time and the characters reacts the same every time then the audience is going to see it coming for a mile away. There is actually a bit of a lesbian undertone to this anime with Yuu seemingly falling in love with Koizumi the first time she sees her to the point of calling her cute and continues to chase after her to the point of becoming a stalker, furthermore, Misa is jealous of Yuu calling Koizumi cute instead of her. As I mentioned before, Yuu is constantly rejected by Koizumi and the thing she says may be different each time but it is essentially the same joke as five minutes ago, there are a few unique ones here and there but I feel as if this series will overstay it's welcome long before it ends. One other thing is a melody that plays which I first thought was the intermission but it actually plays every time the scenario changes and I found it to be a bit jarring. In conclusion it's simply another series based off of one joke with little variety beyond it, I personally think that my time would be best spent elsewhere but I don't think slapstick comedy is necessarily a bad thing, it would work well if there was more to it then a single concept being repeated time and again as no matter how absurd it may be it's still just a single concept. That's it for this post, but if you haven't already then please check out my impressions of Yuru Camp△. And tomorrow I will take a look at Ito Junji: Collection as well as Toji no Miko, until then I hope you have a wonderful day.
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    Nice to meet you, and hello! Today I am giving my impressions of the first episode of A Place Further Than The Universe, otherwise known as Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, the basic premise of which is four highschool girls embarking on a journey to search for Shirase Kobuchizawa's, one of the girls', mother who went missing somewhere in antarctica. The main character is Mari Tamaki, an airheaded girl who oversleeps and stumbles upon a old notebook of her's that mentions all of her plans for once she entered highschool which includes keeping a diary, skipping a day of school, going on a trip without a plan and getting the most out of her youth. Much to her dismay she has accomplished none of these things and tells her friend that she usually talks herself out of trying new things, which isn't something someone would just straight up say but it does offer insight into her character. Megumi Takahashi is Mari's friend, she doesn't think of Shirase as weird for wanting to make good on the plans she made before she entered highschool and instead simply encourages to do those things, telling her there is nothing wrong with skipping school. I think she's a very good friend for these reasons. And then there's Shirase Kobuchizawa, the last character to be introduced in this episode. Mari notices her drop a envelope on the ground while Shirase rushes to check and train, after Mari loses her and she looks inside the envelope, she realizes it contains ¥1,000,000. The next day she sees her entering the bathroom at her school and after a probably unintended jumpscare, she returns the money to her and Shirase explains why she has that much. She has been working a part-time job in order to earn enough money to travel to antarctica to search for her mother, it's all she talks about and everyone at school makes fun of her for it, but that just fuels her drive. She asks Mari to come with her, she has people about it before and their friends talked them out of it or they got scared, so she wants to make sure that Mari is serious so she asks her to come with her to look at a boat she's been looking it on the weekend. Thus begins Mari's journey to both fulfill her own wishes and to become stronger as a person. So far it has been presented in a cute way, but also written in a beautiful manner. So expect to see a anime with plently of laughs but also some more warm, touching moments. The right balance between a light-hearted and serious tone. That's it for now, please join me next time when I take a look at Yuru Camp△, have a wonderful day. = )
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    Not sure but it could be Mekakucity Actors. I haven't watched that anime all the way through but the fragment in the video you posted seems to have a similar style and I think I recognize the characters. Really hard to tell from just that bit though.

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