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    Even after years of being on forums I am hopeless with introductions but here goes anyway! I'm Gem but have also been called Gemz so call me either! I love anime, some of my favourites being Fairy Tail, Himouto! Umaru-Chan and My Love Story! Favourite genres are comedy, romance and slice of life Thanks to brycec for pointing me in the direction of here.
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    This is easy. Two words my dude, Ecchi Harem. 😄
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    No prob I actually increased to 50 per day per member after reviewing a few things. That should provide a bit more head room for reacting to stuff.
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    @Illusion of Terra Oh I don't think anything is wrong with it either, but usually it seems frowned upon to like pretty and pink things as a guy~
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    I thought of something but it is quite somber, so be warned if you are not up to it. This is not something that I per se would have to confess but it is somewhere up there. In high school one of the girls in my class was to get married righter after graduation. I didn't know her future husband and had never met him, but I knew her and she even invited me to her wedding, which I could not attend. Before graduation we had something like a class trip somewhere. On that trip however, she made out with said friend which I personally find quite terrible. After the trip she even invited him to the wedding, which I never understood why exactly. Sufficed to say he didn't attend it, and neither did I, for a different reason though. I always wondered if I should have tried to get in touch with her future husband. As far as I know they got married soon after, but I don't know what happened afterwards. Don't know if this is a confession per se though. @SanguineTear what's wrong with Sylveon, it's great!
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    @SanguineTear That is really wonderful to hear 💓, I too know the feeling since I have been feeling extremely good lately and it's nice. ------ I am currently feeling SUPER ecstatic again like the start of this week I had. I love this feeling and I have high hopes it's going continue with me from now on. ❤️~
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    Wow dude, you've been watching all the way from DBZ to My Hero. You're a true anime vet. I used to tune into Sailor Moon cause that Cartoon had got some boom anime babes that made me think the wrong things. 😅
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    Had an extremely nice day, the nicest in a long time, and feeling great.
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    Good to know. I also am sometimes offline for extended periods, then swoop thru and post/react in batch mode. 50 should be plenty however. (For me anyway.. I never even hit 20 yet.)
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    Lately I’ve been watching the heck out of Sailor Moon! It’s a lot of fun:)
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    Thanks for the answer!
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    I think I would say SFV...or at least it was until I stopped playing.
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    It was on haitus yeah but it's back on thank God lol.
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    I just found KAIBA ❤️ , its really surreal and deep. and beautiful . WOW, thought I let you know, I watched it on Amazon 🌟
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    hmm well I tend to power through anime fairly fast. Though here is what I am currently watching at least that air currently airing. I prefer to watch entire seasons at once like 6 or more episodes per session so I usually wait till the seasons are finished. Detective Conan One Piece "not every single episode, but ya" Rise of the Shield Hero Dororo
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    Thank you, how are you sir? Hahaha I'm sorry. I thought that was what the cool kids abbreviated it as lol. Uhm, well it doesn't usually take a lot for me to be super invested tbh. Like Tsurune made me super emotional, as is Run With the Wind lol. Then there's MB100 which just hypes me up, I don't know what it is? The subtle humor? The shock factor? The music when Mob gets super amped up? All of the above! Yesssssss!!!!!! Agreeeeed!!!! Hahah I literally have to cover my mouth every time something shocking happens lol. Ohhhh yes, that was INSANE.
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    For me I got my heartbroken a lot in my youth and it was extremely hard for me to get passed for years after that. However I'm now at a place in my life where I'm more happy than ever before and as well love myself to the point that all what I've been through is in the past. So for me whatever kind of relationship it was back then they were NOT worth it to keep dwelling on it. Since there's really many more people out there for you who will feel the same about you also treat you better. It may be hard to find but there still out there, so don't give up hope. Who knows maybe they'll find you. Remember what you've learned from what happen to you and do your best to move on and focus on better things going on for you in your life now. It hurts now and will maybe for a while but it will pass. In the end they simply weren't meant to be with you, there loss really.
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    I think that is a very wise statement. Its pretty much true one can almost expect to have their heart broken at one point at least once in their life. Its pretty much a rule about being human. Plus its merely a step in finding the one person thats right for you, or at least learning more about yourself.
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    Currently on episode 9 of 13. New episodes on Mondays
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    Of course I do. How else would I enact my plan for world domination? 🤣
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