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  1. Space anime. Macross or Gundam?
  2. A large mug of hot chocolate. Just the thing for a chilly morning.
  3. Bright and sunny again, but still quite chilly. I'm beginning to seriously consider turning the central heating on, at least for a couple of hours first thing in the morning.
  4. Dog. (Dogs have owners, cats have servants) Summer or winter?
  5. Ah, but they use the power of love as a weapon to defeat the bad guys by driving the evil out of them.
  6. It depends on the Magical Girl, they don't always do it.
  7. Those 101 estimates are probably going to be as accurate as you'll ever find. Until a studio actually makes an official statement that a sequel to a series is going to be made no one really knows if it will be made or not.
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