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  1. ArchieKun

    What Manga Are You Reading Now?

    If you did not care for the anime you prob won't care for the manga either/ Though it is note worthy that the manga is a bit more stream lined in terms of the plot. While this is often always true in pretty much any manga to anime comparison. Though this is particularly true here. I do agree compared to a lot of anime Madoka Magica is noticeably absent in the filler department which is nice, but in the manga the characters in particular Madoka herself is far better portrayed. I won't go into the details of how, or why as thats spoilers. Though I would say its worth a read on the first few chapters to at least see the differences.
  2. I like keeping track of mine, and other things via spreadsheets, but sometimes I do admit that can be a bit overkill plus spreadsheets can be tricky for some people.
  3. ArchieKun

    Who is the craziest person you ever met?

    Sounds fun, or at the very least it makes for some fun stories to tell later.
  4. ArchieKun

    What Manga Are You Reading Now?

    I am just about done with Madoka Magica on chapter 10/12 sad that itt took me so long, Though I have been putting it off from time to time.
  5. I really like to hear how so many people are still using pen, and paper. It shows it just works. I never used Anime Planet, but I had visited their site several times in the past.
  6. ArchieKun

    Skip Beat

    I have read some of it. I actually have it in book form in my physical manga collection. Its a good story to be sure. Though I have only read through vol 5, or so.
  7. ArchieKun

    What do you think about getting older?

    Can almost never go wrong with the 90s. I too am proud to be a 90s kid myself.
  8. ArchieKun

    Considering anime tattoo...

    I think thats pretty awesome though my advice for you in terms of getting any ink is to do a fair amount of research on the parlor. I personally do not have any ink, nor do I plan tto get any, but I do fully support the idea, and can find well done tats to be awesome at times.
  9. ArchieKun

    Weather in your area?

    Blizzard just ended so pretty damn snowy out, but it has cleared up.
  10. ArchieKun

    Not-Very-Impressive Photoshop

    I concur that designing a site is tough even if you do know all the standards for putting it together. Its like starting out writing a story. The hardest part is getting started the next hardest part is keeping your drive to continue. Though if your proud of it thats what matters.
  11. ArchieKun

    Jump Force

    PS3 is a awesome console that had a lot off truly awesome Japanese games made for it. It had some good western ones too. Its to bad Sony is so reluctant to join the whole cross platform online scene because this game played through Switch, PS4, and XBOX One or even PS3 would be hella awesome.
  12. ArchieKun

    Need Feedback For A Story Idea

    No problem. I am most happy to help. I personally have never actually used Manga Studio hands on. Though I have qatched quite a few tutorials on it. In terms of the Adobe Suite I have used that for my whole life so I have no doubt it'll at least be a viable opinion.
  13. ArchieKun

    What do you think about getting older?

    Ah I see though you always make the most of it. I'm sure you'll lead as long of life as possible.
  14. ArchieKun

    What is your favorite drink?

    Adult drinks are alright though these days they hit quite a bit harder then they used to due to my weight loss. Though a good sunrise, or whiskey is good from time to time.
  15. ArchieKun

    Most Messed Up Anime You've Ever Watched?

    hmmm This is a tough one because I am honestly a fan of what a lot might refer to as dark/messed up stories, or at least within reason. I personally think nearly everything can be a plot device if you truly want it to be. In terms of the series that come to mind though it would be School Days, and High school DxD. I love love High school DxD, but School Days is something I can take or leave. It is far more messed up in terms of morality standards for most, but as I said thats not a point against it for me. One's writing in particular if one is writing fiction dose not reflect them as who they truly are 100% of the time. I say this being a writer of fan fiction, and original fiction myself.
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