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  1. That’s the real power of this series. It’s capability of bringing on emotional reactions that don’t feel just like pushing buttons or shock value. It’s not always pleasant, but makes you reflect on things.
  2. Started watching the Tanya the Evil movie this morning. Will continue on my lunch break, but probably won’t finish until this evening.

  3. Season 2 episode 9 And this is why I’m a Kyo fan. Much more at stake in his rivalry with Yuki than I realized. And the more we learn about Akito the more twisted she is. As emotional as this week’s episode was, gonna need to watch something lighthearted & comedic before trying to sleep tonight.
  4. Gleipnir episode 9

    some uncomfortable moments, but could’ve been worse. Next week is looking grim though.

  5. Woke up to temps in the 40s. Thought we were done with that 😑

    1. OtakuKid


      What’s wrong with that?

    2. Ohiotaku


      Perfect for sleeping, but when it’s time to wake up


  6. Season 2 episode 8 Chika turns her corrupting influence on Iino. Ishigami continues to say & do things to make girls hate him. And Kaguya would rather believe she is critically ill than admit her feelings Past 2 weeks had me laughing almost constantly.
  7. Saga of Tanya the Evil episode 8. In many ways felt like the culmination of the series primary theme: The capability of humans to rationalize “inhuman” behavior.

    1. Loli


      You've stayed that long?

      I commend you for it.


    2. Ohiotaku


      Should be able to finish it today before moving onto the movie. Honestly I don’t find Tanya’s behavior nearly as disturbing as Ainz in Overlord

      torturing people to death just to resurrect them & do it again and then use what’s left to create undead soldiers. There’s the possibility that they may just be characters in the game, but as much time as the series spends on developing them, still makes me cringe every time it happens

    3. Loli


      I loved the manga much more than I'd like to admit. Good times.


  8. VRV & Funimation continuously. Netflix or Amazon periodically (whenever they have enough series I want to watch). As far as free ad funded services I’ve used TubiTV & RetroCrush. Prefer watching on tv via Roku as opposed to phone or PC.
  9. Subtitled version of new Attack on Titan trailer


    1. OtakuKid


      Gee, seems awesome. I’ve never watched much of AoT, despite all the hype, because it’s just a little... fight heavy.

    2. efaardvark


      If it actually is the end then maybe I'll finally get around to watching it.   I tend to stay away from stuff that goes on and on and on and on.  But I like a good story.

  10. Adding 1 more: Dororo (not to be confused with Dorohedoro which I haven’t watched yet) :P
  11. Vinland Saga is EPIC but more historical. Not a lot of fantasy elements with the exception of Thorkell’s freakish strength. And 2nding Goblin Slayer
  12. Some fairly obscure series I enjoyed in various genres: Shonen: Buso Renkin Seinen: Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens Supernatural: Ghost Hound Mystery: Beautiful Bones Mecha: Str.A.In
  13. Fanstasy: Demon Slayer; Rising of the Shield Hero; ReZero; The Ancient Magus Bride SoL: Laidback (Yuru) Camp Fantasy/SoL: Konosuba; Bofuri; Princess Connect ReDive Horror(like): The Promised Neverland; Gleipnir there’s also the stuff listed in my profile. Hope you fond something that resparks your interest.
  14. Thought this was interesting https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-05-29/freddie-mercury-the-great-pretender-song-will-be-great-pretender-anime-theme-song/.160065
  15. Article about Attack on Titan’s final season including trailer https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-05-29/attack-on-titan-the-final-season-anime-promo-video-reveals-new-staff-at-mappa/.160061
  16. Hit pause on Inuyasha after finishing episode 21. Started watching Saga of Tanya the Evil. Got through episode 3 today.
  17. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here As far as recommendations: Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba); Vinland Saga; Ushio & Tora.
  18. While it’s not all that dark compared to a lot of other stuff, I  have to admit I’m a bit surprised by Inuyasha’s tone. Think it’s because my primary memories of Rumiko Takahashi is Ranma 1/2 & Urusei Yatsura. Easy to forget she also did Mermaid Forest/Scar.

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