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  1. @Seshi your like Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury smart,calm and caring
  2. Wicked rest/relax if you need it
  3. I suggest listing items you need from wig ,material,contact lens /makeup ,plus can you craft the accesory you need for the cosplay like weapon etc? Also if your a first timer in cosplay i advice you to start from a simple easy char to cosplay cause some are hard and complex to do
  4. Nova Haunted people list lol jk more like dear friends of mine

    @Seshi, @Sakura, @The History Kid, @Xyro, @Endynyp, @Sasuke 

    More to come soon 👻

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    2. Sakura
    3. Endynyp


      It's so nice to have friends to haunt you. It's much better than those poltergeists. ;)

    4. Nova
  5. I Nova the ghostly potato of af welcome you here,for cosplaying is their a certain char you wanted to try ? Hope you will love this community like i did.
  6. Japanese sword arts Shark or alligator?
  7. "Sofia why don't we make sandwich cookie kind" Kagura told her friend as she started to prepare the ingredients they need.
  8. Im a friendly potato ghost like casper
  9. Simpsons My little pony or smurf?
  10. Passing by to say hi and also i love/like konosuba as well

  11. I welcome you to af let me intro myself im Nova the ghostly potato of this site and a pleasure to meet you
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