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Let’s Watch Anime Together


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Share an anime experience with another anime forum member!

Post here if you want to start watching anime together with someone here.

I’m starting Flying Witch, anyone want to watch it with me and discuss in a new thread?

If not, I’m looking to start another anime to watch a few episodes of per week, or potentially binge it all if it’s a short anime.

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@Illusion of Terra that’s where I got the idea, I’m enjoying our Shield hero discussion.

If we did watch Flying witch together I’d be open to an episode a day, or even one a week. Whatever y’all can do works for me.

@Dot.com I liked the first episode pretty decently, kind of slow & has a slice of life feel to it, which I wasn’t expecting given the name. But I like the mythical elements that give it character. So far so good

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On 3/29/2019 at 5:56 AM, Seshi said:

@Dot.com sweet, can’t wait. 

@Greeneyes Ep 2... I’ve been waiting to see who joins up.

We can start discussing after the weekend if that’s cool with y’all?

Im gonna aim for 5 eps a week. That’s pretty reasonable for me to do.


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I tend to be choosy when watching anime, so don’t mind me if I pass on those two. Just don’t seem like my cup of tea.

Im about to start Slam Dunk season 2. It’s so old so I don’t know if anyone else would want to watch it. And they’d have to watch 50 episodes of season 1 anyway to catch up.

So.. pretty much just watching my weekly releases along with GTO, and Slam Dunk.

Open to more anime, just wanted to ask everyone else what they will be starting soon

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