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For those who adore magical girls and the genre they reside in.
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  2. Sailormoon finished the original,crystal version ,live action japanese ver,ccs but not yet for the clear card arc,wedding peach,kaitou saint tail,magic knight rayearth.
  3. Magic Knight Rayearth (both seasons) Card Captor Sakura (original series) Kobato Pretear Petite Princess Yucie Magic Users Club Flip Flappers My Hime/Otome Little Witch Academia (tv series & OVAs) Magical Project S Sasami Magical Girl Club Corrector Yui (what episodes were released in US) Sailor Moon (original series) Figure 17 (maybe qualifies ?) Magical Girl Ore (probably not
  4. I don't remember which anime got me addicted to this Genre, but I have watched several. Sailor Moon: I started Stars, but have never been able to finish it. I kinda hate how the plot works and Seiya and crew rub me the wrong way. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: I got through A's, but fell off early in Strikers. I really wanna go back to it and watch all of it, cause I loved the stories and the characters. Mai-HiMe and Mai Otome: I agree that HiME is a borderline MG anime, but Otome fit most of the criteria perfectly. I hated the relationship dynamic with Nina's father in the middle of the whole arc of Pedophilia and,ugg no please. Arika's attraction to him pretty much killed the show for me. Kill La Kill: I'm baffled at how this series is qualified as an MG anime, but it seems to be just that. All I can say about this is: WHY DID I WATCH ALL OF IT?!?!?!?!? Most ecchi thing I've ever seen that was so freaking close to the line of Hentai that I am scratching my head why it cleared any kind of censor board in the states. LilPri: Cute lil girls that magically grow up to become Idols. Kinda odd but can't deny the cuteness. Glitter Force: I watched a large portion of this and all I can say about Netflix is: Why would you rename a PreCure series? I think I may have watched other MG series, but I can't recall any other titles. I honestly tried watching Madoka Magica, but couldn't get past the Two Dimentionality of the characters. I watched the first Six episodes, and it fell flat for me.
  5. Adding Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection to the list, and eagerly awaiting its sequel Detonation.
  6. Arjuna (or Earth Maiden Arjuna) ~ This is an older anime...very interesting...with a Captain Planet vibe (but in a Japanese style). I think it would be a borderline Magical Girl anime. I would classify it as one, but others might not. I'm linking it here since I imagine it to be a fairly less known anime. I tracked down a copy of the complete series at an anime convention. It's a love or hate series for sure. [mal type=anime id=812] Cardcaptor Sakura (original series and movies) ~ I discovered this in my youth and still love it today. I finally broke down and watched the first 12 episodes of Clear Card (such memories it brought flooding back up, I had planned on binging it when it was fully released) so I'm partway through that one. Fate Kaleid Prisma Illya ~ A different twist on the Fate series. I really enjoy it. It is very sweet and kind of interesting....and very funny at times too. I have yet to watch the 2wei (though I have it) and so on, but that is more a lack of time issue than lack of interest. Magic Knight Rayearth ~ I managed to get halfway through this one before time got away from me again. It's pretty good...I plan on eventually returning to it. My-HIME ~ I ALMOST got to the end of this one. I do personally consider it a magical girl series (as they technically have summoning powers) but my copy has a bad disk towards the end and it froze in a very bad spot that just rubbed me all wrong. Never went back to finish it... I think of this one as being borderline magical girl.... My Z-HIME My OTOME ~ This I watched the entire way through, movies included. It is an okay series and it too is borderline Magical Girl...probably less Magical Girl than My-HIME. Where I'd say My-HIME is magical girl...I am not sure I could make a good argument for this one, even though they are related. Pretear ~ This one is unique in that it is a reverse harem...that also is kind of Magical Girl as well. I watched most of this before I was distracted. Plan to go back and finish it eventually. [mal type=anime id=100] Puella Magi Madoka Magica ~ Watched the original series on hulu or Netflix...don't remember. Working on collecting the movies currently. Selector infected WIXOSS and Selector spread WIXOSS ~ I believe this one to be a magical girl series, though some might debate me on that. I greatly enjoyed it, and it is extremely different from other Magical Girl series. [mal type=anime id=22273] Sailor Moon ~ I have watched all of the original series except for the Sailor Stars series...watched Crystal up until Dark Lady showed up. I have some distinct problems with the series that is more difficult to forgive the older I get (for example, Mamoru's guardians refusing to be revived as more than pieces of rocks...supposedly this is because the name of the series is Sailor Moon and them being in existence would put more importance on the Sailor Senshi. I don't know if that's true, but living as a advising rock is stupid and cruel to the Senshi. Make amends in person for crying out loud.). I try my best not to be harsh on the series as it is a good introductory series for people so I take it in small doses these days.
  7. Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Yuuki Yuna is a Hero, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Magical Girl Raising Project. Of course Infeel Nanoha is the best (eagerly waiting for the third movie to see very soon) STILL haven’t seen Cardcaptor Sakura..
  8. I wanted to make this topic in this group since I've gotten back into the whole " Magical Girl " genera in anime or manga. I grew up watching / reading more other animes or even mangas things at the time but later stopped for a bit to try other types of genera's out there for a while. Then I discovered some that I never knew was consider a " Magical Girl " anime or manga. So far I just noticed anime ones like Tweeny Witches and Kill La Kill. ( Which I watched the series and ❤ but .. yet to finish them.. ύ.ὺ ) I thought they were just like any other type of genera, but I guess I was mistaken and did not take a closer look at it. m/(>.<)\m Have anyone here heard of those series I mention? Or know of any others out there you never knew was consider one of this genera?
  9. @C_C_S I don't know the details but I think the franchise has started being licensed in europe, where it hasn't been licensed outside of japan before. Funny thing, I meant to watch the first Jewelpet anime but got confused and started Lady Jewelpet by accident.
  10. I haven’t heard of that one before! Will have to look up soms more about it!
  11. I’ll only ever be interested in watching this series if it’s English subbed! English dubbed and sorry, but I definitely won’t be interested, lol!
  12. Today I completed Lady Jewelpet, something I've been watching for over a year and a half now. I'll write a review for it next week since I'm writing review for both seasons of Owari no Seraph this week.
  13. Yeah, I know what that's like. It got pretty out of hand and now there's a ton on my backlog, so I'm trying to force myself not to start anything new until I finished most of those at least.
  14. Not real reason in particular, I just haven’t really had the chance to find the time to do so due to being forever distractedly by watching a load of other series instead, lol!
  15. @C_C_S This is actually my first time watching a Precure anime. but I would love to watch the original Futari wa Pretty Cure trilogy someday. Any particular reason for not starting the franchise?
  16. The Precure series is one magical girl series in particular that I still have as of yet to finally get around to watching, and I know that it has quite a number of lengthy series, lol!
  17. Cardcaptor Sakura Sailor Moon (all series) Shugo Chara! Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (all series) Vivid Strike! Flip Flappers Twin Angels Break Puella Magi Madoka Magica Magical Girl Raising Project Wish Upon The Plieades
  18. @Mars Terra I see alright and yeah I know there are a few movies of the series that are out, on Netflix mostly right now. Hmm I see well she's kawaii and pretty looking. :3 Heh, well my signature is a quote I made up myself and also right now trying to figure out what kind of graphic or picture I want for my signature.
  19. @SleepyLeoulf I see, there are but Rebellion is the only original--though I haven't heard very good things about it. And thanks, a fun fact is the girl in my signature (Ringo Ando) is that early concept art reveals she was originally intended to be a magical girl and that is most likely the basis of Puyo 7's transformation mode. You have a good signature too, the words are very true. ^^
  20. @Mars Terra I think so I know there are some movies out from the series as well, also kawaii signature.
  21. @SleepyLeoulf I think there are actually titles where I almost made it to the end of or I skipped a episode and I still count it as completing them since I know what happens. But you've finished Madoka★Magica already, correct?
  22. @Mars Terra Not sure if this counts but here are some I got close to finishing. ✿ Puella Magi Madoka Magica ( 1 season ) FINISHED ✿ Cardcaptor Sakura ( 1 season ) ✿ Salior Moon ( 1 season ) ✿ Tweeny Witches ( 1 season ) - Re- watching it now to try and finish it. Also I watched all these a long time ago so I would have to re- watch them all to finish them and will be soon, since there on my watch list.
  23. Discuss individual episodes of this anime here. You must mark the content of each post with a spoiler tag, and episode label; this is because different people watch different releases, and might not be at the same point that you are. To use a spoiler tag, type [*SPOILER] [*/SPOILER] and enter the text you want to write inside, be sure to erase the *s as well. Episode 1:
  24. For myself... Anime ☆ Cardcaptor Sakura ☆ Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie ☆ Date・A・Live ☆ Date・A・Live II ☆ Date・A・Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement ☆ Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ☆ Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Manga ☆ Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

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