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    Then someone else logs in and is like, wtf??
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    Name: 9 (i like it:)) Image: 7.5 (actually she is kinda cute) Profile: 9 (i really like the cover, its cool)
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    I work unfortunately. I just want to sleep in Christmas eve.
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    Romcoms: Recovery of an MMO Junkie; Rascal does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai; Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun For the others try: That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime; GATE; .HACK//
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    Watching old Disney movies. Don't care that I'm an adult or what anyone says. I love watching them and I don't do it often.
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    Whew, that latest episode fucked up big time. It skipped like 4 novels worth of VERY IMPORTANT content, and expected it to be alright by summarizing each novel with 1 sentence each via flashback? Almost everything in the episode was related to something important happening before, like him getting his sword, there's a reason the blacksmith wound up offering it for free, it wasn't just a friendly whim. But now it is entirely just a friendly whim as far as the anime is concerned, and it becomes horrendously written. Kirito explains how "your thoughts on something affect it in this world" so if you believe your sword will hit something harder, it will, for example. They friggin relayed this by Kirito monologuing while laying in bed. Because they skipped a massive and interesting part where he slowly figures this out over time. Why does Kirito have a garden? It's not because he just likes flowers. He wanted to test the "thoughts affect objects" theory by planting flowers that normally shouldn't grow in that area, by simply believing in them growing. But what do we know with JUST the anime? Who the hell knows, Kirito just likes flowers now. The director is absolutely horrendous and I rather despise him. He has 50 episodes to work with and he skips 4 novels entirely. HE SKIPPED 2 BLOODY YEARS OF IN-WORLD TIME. WHO DOES THAT. And thus, SAO is back to being bottom of the barrel crap to me. It'll have to do a HELL of a lot to salvage this mess, but that won't happen, because that director is terrible, and he'll just rush more things and skip other important things because all the show needs to survive is Kirito and his harem and OP edgy sword stuff. Gehh. I'm going back to Hisone to Masotan.
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    You made flowers grow in my lungs and although they are beautiful, I can’t breathe.
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    Playing some pokemon fire red ...
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    You only kissed my lips in hopes, I would remove the stains, she left on yours.
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    I cringe when I go to Thanksgiving and see the Christmas tree out . It just really bugs me !
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    Dear @Glitter Spring, I'm looking forward to a day off from work. My parents will be out of the country, visiting their parents, so I'll be alone. I'm sure one of my brothers will be cooking up a feast though. I might just go crash one of those partys. Sincerely, Nono.
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    I actually really, really loved Laura Bailey as Tohru and wouldn't be disappointed if she voiced her again!
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    Trust me I know your feeling. Having worked a lot in the not to distant past. I am sure the right job is out there though. You'll know when you find it.
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    I wasn't expecting anything great after the first episode, but actually thought it was a decent prospect for the season. I didn't mind that it wasn't historically accurate & was even prepared for it to get kinda ecchi after the time skip. But I was totally unprepared for how cringey it got in the second episode & their depiction of Jeanne was completely unlikeable. I gave it one more episode to try to redeem itself somewhat, but nope still hated it. When I say I dropped it, I don't mean onto the backlog pile, I mean dropped into the bottomless abyss never to return.
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    Today I sent Jeb on a Munar flyby. Landings are a bit tough early on so I didn't try that. Without a tracking station upgrade just getting to the Mun is tough, and the early landing gear parts are .. dangerous. They're ok for low-mass robot probes, but they tend to break when I try to put them on larger stuff like manned (kerbaled?) capsules. At least with my landing(?) skills. When Jeb got back he even gained a level! Only level 1, but I'll take what I can get. TBH I'm just happy when the rocket makes it to orbit and doesn't explode on liftoff or have some embarrassing malfunction like the 'chutes deploying when the second stage ignites. Not that that's ever happened to me you understand. I just, er, ... saw it on a youtube video once. Yes! I saw it on youtube. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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    I had Grand theft Auto for the gameboy Advance ,and I would purposely kill people as often as I could. It felt good crushing tiny people will a tiny car .
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    I love when I kill someone from the opposing team against us in multiplayer in Halo or COD or Overwatch in the unluckiest way possible that I shouldn't have gotten away with such a kill for my stupidity. And then teabag them out of spite to be honest that's truthfully cold blooded I know but too damn funny honestly.
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    Driving from work the night before 5 hours to my parents home. Will crash there in my old room for the night, get up and help mom cook for Thanksgiving, then sleep there and get up at 2am to drive back to work, work the day then drive home 6.5 hours and crash on the couch with my husband. Will be fuuuuun. The food promises to be worth it. The fun with my parents does too lol.
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    Would be great if it were epic, but it is just a meal with the family, and five children under 8.
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    They are magical cookies that change to any flavor you like. Don’t tell anyone though. It’s an ancient recipe.
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    Life is full of diversity and rich cultures. Inking and piercing have always been richly involved in many cultures and individuals. Although people are entitled to their opinions, it is a matter of how one goes about expressing said opinions. When it comes to tattoos and piercings here in America, the most common association is unprofessional and somewhat have this intimidation factor. But, don't judge a book by its cover. People make their own choices, especially when it comes to their body. But it does not change who they are as a person. They just have an interest that may not be to your taste/liking. As we say to each their own. For myself, I do find tattoos to be beautiful. I've seen a lot of wonderful ink art on bodies. Now...we shall not focus on people who are just silly and don't think about their tattoos. The ink tells us a little story about themselves. It's like they wear their heart on their sleeves. Now. I have one tattoo and it's on my upper left shoulder blade. I'm not into tattoos. So when I decided to get a tattoo I did make sure I put it somewhere where it was easy to hide if need be due to different settings. I do plan on getting another tattoo in the future with my younger sister, just a symbol of our bond because again it's a little story I would like to share and have always. It's for me and I'm comfortable with it. But I won't put it somewhere bold, because again, I am not huge on tattoos on myself. Forgot about piercings. Piercings are fun but depend on what it is and where. I am a bit more passionate about tattoos than piercings. But I have enjoyed having my ears pierced and I don't mean just the basic piercing. I've had my cartilage pierced, bar, second hole. You can wear such pretty earrings with them. Now I only have my second holes. I have had my lip pierced and nips as well. But I have taken both of those out after a while it just gets old. Lol. I believe piercings are okay with moderation.
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    I think maturity is what you make it. Your behavior and the way you carry yourself is up to you. If you're worried about how your coworkers see you, maybe stop going around telling them to pull your finger.
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    Yes! That was another early one. Also Gatchaman. Those also had the advantage of having a much wider distribution. For a long time the only place that had much anime was west coast US.. mainly California. I remember when my family moved to Alabama (from Los Angeles, CA) nobody had ever heard of "anime". Had to make do with Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, etc.
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    Hey, Optic. Do you remember me?! I thank you for spearheading this anime site. I am eternally grateful! Take care.

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