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Where are you from?


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9 hours ago, Decimo said:

Born and raised in California. Still here for college. Weather is finally cooling down a bit, which is nice.

I've been to CA a couple times, and loved it both times. I wanna go to some of the cons down there one day.

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On 1/22/2015 at 8:19 PM, Yuuki_Radosian said:

Hey All I just anted to get to know where we're all from so we can all learn a little about each other and the world.

I am from South Africa I live on the Eastern sea line in the City of Durban (we have the largest natural harbor in the southern hemisphere) I'm from an area Called the Bluff and I live literally within a 1 minute walk from the beach (a private beach the public ones are great but the private ones are better as no one can bug you because there's hardly ever anyone there).

People say that South Africa is a dangerous place , yes its true but like all country's it is dependent on the area your in . Overall South Africa is a great and beautiful Nation of many different people who , for the most part , live in harmony . I look forward to hearing a little about your Homelands and country's


This is less than a minute from my place



I live on the other side of the harbor over the hill with all the green on it.



Lol, my bestie lives in South Africa. We used to talk alot, but then he had family problems and eventually had to work about 2 or 3 jobs now :( I really miss him and the conversations we used to have.

Also I'm from Trinidad and Tobago..... well more Trinidad, but it's still one nation. 

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I am from the Midwestern US north mid west. I like it. Gets a bit cold in winter, but still better for me then most other places.

Edit: Thank you for pointing that out.  @Roxeg

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I was born next to the beach in Oceanside, CA, grew up in Amarillo, TX, went to high school in Golden, CO, first attempt at college in Tempe, AZ, and went back to the Denver, CO area. I love the scenery and complete insanity that is the weather here.

I would love to spend some time in the Philippines cause I have cousins who are half Filipino and who have family there. And of course Japan, I would love to tour some of the game development studios there. See some of the things depicted in anime and see the difference between Japanese Baseball and American Baseball.

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8 hours ago, Nono said:



sssskjdskjs sorry, my bad. I'm from a European country named Montenegro. Montenegro is known for its mountains, sea beaches, good food and Mediterranean Spirit. Montenegro is very small country so it doesn't take much to transfer from the north side to the south side of the country. 
A location from the photo is Saint Stefan, a small islet-hotel

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6 hours ago, KeilynLocke said:

What weight division and which organization? I don't recognize the name either, but I'm not a super avid fan of the sport.

He held the IBF title in the Lightweight division(135lb). But then he ran into Mikey Garcia in his first defense.


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I was born and raised up until the age of 5 in Puerto Rico. It was a lovely place and sadly thanks to the devestations of hurricanes and lack of finances, it has seen better days. I am mostly Spanish and a third generation Indian on my father's side of the family. Currently, I reside on the East Side of the US of A. 

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