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Where are you from?


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I am from New South Wales, Australia. Although I was born up north, in Darwin, Northern Territory.

My mother is from Bankgok, Thailand and my father while born and raised here.

Possesses Norwegian, Welsh, Irish, English and Scottish ancestry.

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Hi all!! I wish I could go visit all those places you mention :0

I'm a LATINA!!!

I'm from Venezuela, a small country in South America (:

But I live in New Jersey, USA.

Love America ! ^^ <3

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I live in west coast of US in one of places that are considered gambling meccas of the world, and no, the Vegas strip is not in Vegas it is in a place called Paradise, Nevada (not too sure what the equivalent of townships are out there in the world).


All I can say is that the country is nice, though we have way too many movies that have more eye candy than story and we also have problems with greed and apathy.

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I live in Yorkshire, England and I'm from Yorkshire, England :D


It's a pretty great place to live, if you forget about Britain's well known weather 'issues'


A mile north is a bustling city, 5 miles south west and suddenly you're in the middle of nowhere. You can see that in the picture also :)


And how does anyone find their way back? Well then... that's why we have the mast ^_^




Everywhere I could ever have a reason to be, I can always see the mast. It's so tall it's perfect for finding your way back if your GPS dies, since you can always figure out which side of the mast you should be on.


Anyway, that's where I'm lurking ;)

Nice place, nice people.

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I’m from Canada, but more accurately i’m from a small community in the bush aka a reservation. I’ve lived there many times, I honestly prefer to be living in the cities though. Much more lively and just more opportunities too.

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