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What's annoying you?

Illusion of Terra

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21 hours ago, Serge heartless said:

I'm pretty sure true AI won't happen in our life time, which I'm not worried about, cause ill be gone by then. 

Hahah, fair enough, you're probably right. I don't think I even want to be around for true AI.

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30 minutes ago, Serge heartless said:

From what I've heard when you get writers block, its best to read, or watch a movie. 

Or a tv series like anime too helps me a lot. 

I think for me though its a bit of writers block but it is also lack of desire to write right now.

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What's annoying me is people who think the way to fix things is just to bitch about them constantly until someone else gets so sick of listening to it that they fix it for them.  Come on people!  Google and a bit of initiative.  That's all it takes to make the world a better place.  As a bonus whatever you're bitching about will probably even get fixed faster.

( /rant  :D  )


On a different topic (no, the above wasn't directed at Seshi ;))...

On 6/25/2019 at 11:04 AM, Seshi said:

Shouldn’t we all have iron man suits by now

I just saw some interesting info on that topic last week.  These people seem to have a good start on that...


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2 minutes ago, Harrylam129 said:

Having no one to spend time with.  There.  That's the worst thing that can happen and I will do nothing because I can do nothing about it.

I hope you find a tribe soon 🌸

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2 hours ago, IIVIsouljam said:

For the longest time I let someone convince me that the advice they were giving me was going to benefit me in some way. In reality, this person kept me in a negative place. With the feelings of being too dense or not good enough. When all he had over me was a couple of more years worth of experience. I looked up to him at the time because I thought he had some wisdom that I just couldn't grasp. Thinking back, there were a few people I communicated with that completely treated lack of experience as a lack of sense or mental ability. Maybe it's an ego thing or maybe they authentically don't see what they were doing. It can make situations difficult and confusing. Especially when their instructions start to become a full-on beatdown of pure degradation in the guise of guidance. While raising any objection is further labeled as a personal weakness or intolerance.

It also gets kind of annoying when older people instigate things or become a bit of an antagonizer towards you. Then try to justify any response by giving you a lesson on being the bigger person (AKA- telling you to shut up, move along with the abuse and never question any type of missing professionalism). Yikes!

Lastly, my own shyness annoys me. It's not often and I'm not entirely sure why I have anxiety-filled episodes but when I do it effects a lot of things. Mainly my own body—stress and general exhaustion. 😱

Age indicates very little, that's for certain. Members of my family have been giving me advice since I was little thinking it would be beneficial. Sometimes it was, often it wasn't, but advice is cool, because you're not obligated to take it. Some people in my family have a tendency to intervene in my proboems on their own however, purely out of love, but usually making things much worse because they don't fully understand the issue. 

Explaining my existential crisis and subsequent depression to my mother for example, proved to be a bad idea the second she started listing potential solutions, all of which showed that she'd completely missed the point. I had to tell her bluntly that that's what she'd done and that she should leave it to me. Thankfully she did 😅

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Quite a difficult topic (both psychologically and ethically), especially if people are very close to each other.

If you care for someone and you see what you interpret to be suffering or making a mistake, it can be quite difficult to not give what you think is apt advice or intervene. Parents are a prime example of course. On the other hand, if the one receiving the advice interprets that things are getting worse rather than improving and attribute it to the bad advice or the person who gave it, it can feel like trusting that person was a mistake. Quite difficult. Personally it seems to me that it might be helpful for both to step back from the whole situation together and try and see what happened from a more neutral perspective. If both share a common goal and want to work together, I think a lot can be solved.

What I think is a bit simpler though is that I would not say that just because someone is older, their take on something is worth more than someone who is younger. I would say that if you yourself are less experienced in the matter than someone else, it might not be a bad idea to give what the other has to say some serious thought. That being said, it does not mean that you are wrong even if what you say diverges from what the more experienced person said. But people who are way more experienced often do seem to be relatively closed to new ideas. That is something I constantly experience in my work when what I say goes against someone who has been working on the topic for 30 years.

We should open a psychoanalysis thread or something 😂 

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What is annoying me is not being allowed to park in the “west lot” parking lot at work.  This lot is about a block from my office, which is on the west side of the campus.  Instead I’m now being required to park in the “east lot”, which is 2km away on the other side of the lab.

I timed it this morning and it now takes me longer to walk from the parking lot to my office than to drive from my house to the parking lot.  (I only live about 8 miles away as the crow flies.)

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