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    Thank you for the well wishes everyone. Briala made her appearance at 04:35 this morning after a 13 hour labour. I stalled at a 4 dilation for about two hours after the epidural kicked in, but after a round of pitocin I dilated from a 4-5 after one hour, then straight from 5-10 the next! Doctor was called about 03:30, when he arrived I started pushing at 04:00 and she was out in 35 minutes. For such a long labour (admittedly much of which was spent being in pain at home,) things moved very quickly in the last hour and when I held her in my arms it was like the world around me didn't matter. Doctor stitched up a tear for me and she latched with very little trouble. This whole last day and a half has been one big adventure I will never forget.
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    Hello everyone! Please keep your eyes peeled for the loveliest event of the year!~ AF will be hosting a Valentines event soon.
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    Well well, look what popped up in my backyard
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    Just noticed that I joined this forum a year ago. Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Glad I found this place
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    First of all, I just wanna thank the people I followed here for posting status updates cause it weren't for you I wouldn't have any notifications here! Might be active for the next two weeks here. Waah, Definitely old but hey, The Potato /Pudding Ambassador is Back!
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    Yay team! NASA Develops COVID-19 Prototype Ventilator in 37 Days
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    Pretty photo I wanted to share.
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    ...this was my first time using a drawing tablet instead of mouse... ....It was meant to be a feild of flowers....
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    I should do more biking now since the weather is rather refreshing with the cold wind blowing in my face.
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    Latest art contest is up in the Event Forum
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    I’m extremely grateful to all of your generous donations of points! With these, I plan to give back among our community. I no longer require any further donations. Please keep those points
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    sigh Google really dose want to own the world. I mean I like google services a lot, but they really should not be getting into gaming this way.
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    I’m sure sporadic on here, I hope you all are doing well. What anime have you been watching recently if any?
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    White male suicide rates have sky-rocketed in recent years, no doubt because of the bias and hatred perpetrated against them by the liberal media. Men can be gross, but so can women, men can be sexual predators, but so can women, men can be violent, but so can women; why can't we all just stand up for real, "Equality"? Misogyny, toxic masculinity and more terms used by the media today to belittle (Almost specifically and primarily), "Straight white men" are not terms that can be forced onto one ethnic group of people. We all need to realize this and move on from man-bashing and the encouragement of white guilt (Which can be seen prominently in Germany), please, it saddens me to see the effects it is having on otherwise perfectly happy young men. No one is guilty of the sins of their fathers or mothers, you are only guilty of your own sins; stop feeling bad because you are told to by the media, I love you, love yourselves. ~♥ And please, nobody take this as me trampling on women's rights or whatever by talking mainly about men here, I am focusing on men right now because they are the ones under constant fire, sometimes for the best (Hollywood Elite purging, e.g. Harvey Weinstein) and other times for the worse. Lets all just love one another and not continue to, even inadvertently, perpetrate mass depression and ostracization of any group of people for any reason ever. Not saying something is just as bad as going along with the agenda. XOXOXO~ "The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him" -Ezekiel 18:20 KJV Judge people on an individual basis and leave out generalizations when it comes to subjects like these. Not all men, not all women, everyone is different. ♥ Have a beautiful day ♥
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    Happy Mother’s Day to @Seshi , @Wedgy & any other members who are moms. None of us would be here without our moms
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    Here's some of the stuff I drew in boot camp
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    Today is my birthday, I'm 19! Feel like an old man, lol.
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    I'm back from basic training!!!!! I can't believe it but I made it through boot camp to AIT. I don't have all my freedom back but at least I had my computer. I don't know if any of you remember me after 10 weeks but I'm the girl who was writing the story. I'd like to continue that if I can but I should probably focus more on passing the next part of my training. Everyday when I felt like I wasn't going to make it I kept thinking of cool things like comics and anime. Anyway again everybody. I'm a real solder now.
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    Celebrating 9 years today with my better half. How time flies.
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    Never thought I would get to see a red-tailed hawk so close~
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    So I know I haven’t been super active lately. Gomen. Thanks to everyone else who has been! - Gacha games are addicting... *waifu is laifu* - anime watching has been slow GN AF see ya soon
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    Looking for new member to continue our RP The Harmony of our Hearts We have some interesting members thus far, but are still lacking a few characters to help drive the plot forward. Come and join us if you’re interested in a high school romance tragedy interactive story. You may create your own character or take the leading roll of “love triangle interest” that has yet to be filled. This particular profile for this character has already been filled out, so you’d have to be willing to assume that roll. Otherwise, create any character to your liking to interact with us in our ongoing story. You must have at least 100 post count to participate. Thank you
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    Looks like I need to post more stuff in the History Club...since I am the only active member? Well, if someone must carry that weight... may as well be me, right...?
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    I have a new bread favorite called monggo loaf bread and it taste so good.it has sweet mung bean as its filling inside
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    Its Finally done! I dont have a lot of stuff yet but now I can actually progress without having problems where to put it. (god damn it, the room is to small to be able to get the full shelf on photo ) Also Some new additions to my collection
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    Preparing for something big tomorrow!
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    After watching Bunny Girl Senpai for 4 episodes - I have had the urge desire to try shoko sticks with energy drink as reference to the third episode. Honestly the anime cover was what kept me away from watching it until now but this was in the recommendation page of Just Because so I had to give it a chance. Just to find out that it has nothing to do with bunny girls. A little disappointment...okno.
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    Been labouring for about 8 hours, just got my epidural. This is really happening!!
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    Therapy went well today I think. It was hard to talk about a good chunk of it but the therapist was patient with me and I was comfortable talking with her, she was even able to relate to a lot of what I've been through and helped me to make sense out of where I am now. She gave me a sort of 'homework assignment' that's supposed to help me feel more in control of where my mind goes and I think I will give it a try. Overall I'm glad I went, it felt good to talk about everything for once.
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    Sorry I haven't been around much, had some stuff to deal with. But I'm back now
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    I started a blog, I'll be talking about anime and nonsense if you're interested followed. My horrifying face revealed!
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    Fake news is everywhere! Wake up sheeple!
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    Lately I've been reading about the great artist Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello. I'm an enlightened individual.
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    Finally getting my laptop charger tomorrow! It will be my first time seeing AF on anything besides my cell phone Really excited to see what it looks like
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    IM DONE MY THUMB HURTS its 1:30am, and i refused to sleep till i fixed this drawing >.> which i did, yay for not taking forever couse posture changes was god damn (@#[email protected]#(%[email protected]#[email protected]%&[email protected][email protected]#! first attemp: final attempt, and cannon pose because i worked hard and previous one...felt off
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    Me and my parents just watched Spirited Away together #lifegoals
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    this is why i shouldnt draw tired IS SHE FLEXING ?! WTF daily post of the song of nippon~
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    Just watched the 1st episode of Elfen Lied & yeah...this show is not messing around. If nudity & intense bloody violence are not your thing, then you'd be well advised to skip this one because yikes.
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    just an fyi, will be inactive for a couple of days. as usual don't go setting the forum on fire
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    Brewing some Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea & it smells lovely in here!
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    Went for a drive today just to get out & clear my head. My city is beginning to look like a ghost town with businesses closing down left & right & very few people out & about. This is just becoming very surreal & extremely worrying. Hope everyone on this forum is doing well.
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    Finally gave up AT&T and called Spectrum. They're definitely the second choice in terms of uplink and downlink speed and ping times. OTOH, they actually managed to get their shit working, unlike that other utility. And OTGH pretty much anything beats AT&T's old 8mbit DSL.
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    Now I got my internet/WiFi back I can watch anime again though been doing it for awhile slowly getting back here too
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    Catching up on Anime I missed this weekend. That means Demon Slayer is up first
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    I was prepared to drop Astra Lost in Space, but then it goes and does a beach episode ... ok, one more week
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    On maths and English course today. Got a presentation to do for english so I have chosen to do it about Stephen King one of my favourite authors
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    Barely any sleep, but been having a really good day for a change. Feeling a lot happier than over the weekend

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