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    Just noticed that I joined this forum a year ago. Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Glad I found this place
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    sigh Google really dose want to own the world. I mean I like google services a lot, but they really should not be getting into gaming this way.
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    Looking for new member to continue our RP The Harmony of our Hearts We have some interesting members thus far, but are still lacking a few characters to help drive the plot forward. Come and join us if you’re interested in a high school romance tragedy interactive story. You may create your own character or take the leading roll of “love triangle interest” that has yet to be filled. This particular profile for this character has already been filled out, so you’d have to be willing to assume that roll. Otherwise, create any character to your liking to interact with us in our ongoing story. You must have at least 100 post count to participate. Thank you
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    I started a blog, I'll be talking about anime and nonsense if you're interested followed. My horrifying face revealed!
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    Hey all, going to be dipping for a little bit, since I have a butt-load of work, uni coming up and head cold from hell. Will still be around, just not going to be very active. Sorry ;-;
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    Been trying to experiment more with simple little stories made up on the fly. They aren't particularly good, but giving myself a random set of factors to work with has at least been good warm up for day-to-day writing. Still, if anyone ever is interesting in checking them out, they are in my blog on here Link to those like myself who prefer the easy transgression
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    *Sips tea* I need a butter cookie
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    I just went to a cool sushi place called Samurai 2. I've been on the road but I've been writing a little. Soon I'll be in the military and I don't know when I'll get to write. You guys should pick up some of the slack.
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    OMG, the hype for KSP2. Have to admit I'm catching the fever too. Hearing all the right things from Star.Theory. I just hope they can deliver (somewhat) on time & w/out screwing it up.
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    Me talking to my friends who don't watch anime
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    Goodnight A-F Catch y'all later
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    Dont worry guys Punks not dead I mean im not dead yet <_> Just really focusing on board exams more, couse itll change my life drastically if i pass If i fail...well shet, my life wont change, i need to pass to make my life move on >_> So ya, without spoiling shiz, have a picture of what im studying <_> (Yes, i study while in bed, bite me >_>)
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    Cooked a full dinner with crunchyroll collections OP/ED mix playing in the background on my laptop. Should do that more often.
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    The contest will end tomorrow- If anyone else wants to enter their sonnet in this contest I’m hosting, I’d be interested in seeing your submissions. We’ve got some talented writers here on AF, that’s for sure
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    Finally got to watch DBS Broly on blu ray, and something seemed to be strange. From what I am seeing, there are two video tracks on the blu ray. One is 1 hour, 39 minutes, and 43 second long. The other is 1 hour, 41 minutes, and 25 seconds long, which matches the iTunes listing. Both appear to be the movie itself, watchable in either Japanese or English, and I all I noticed on the shorter one was that the credits mainly consisted of the Japanese cast. Not too sure what the longer one has different. Update: Looks like the longer track only included a list of the English cast and the BD/DVD credits who put them together. Pretty disappointing.
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    Enjoy a picture of my Wifu. You're welcome.
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    Princess Mononoke was pretty great!
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    I just watched my first Studio Ghibli film. Howl's Moving Castle! It was magnificent!
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    Hi all and hope your all doing well from ghostly potato
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    Did not smell smoke this morning. That's always good. AND we still had power! Even better. The clothes dryer was not feeling well however. Started the laundry and discovered it was taking forever to dry the clothes. Gave it a once-over but this is a (very) old dryer that has been repaired many times already so it could be pretty much anything. The dial to set the heat and one of the mode selector buttons don't stay attached. The lint trap bracket is cracked. The bearing for the drum that tumbles the clothes rattles and probably needs replacing. So does the blower. Etc. Etc.. So a not-so-quick trip to the nearby Lowes (hardware/housewares/appliance chain store) and I've got a new dryer set to be delivered and installed in a couple weeks. New washer too, since it has a number of issues as well. Got it at the same time as the dryer and it too has been repaired at least as many times. Expensive (isn't everything these days) but a new washer/dryer every couple decades isn't so bad. At least this way I hopefully won't have to deal with any laundry-related issues for another decade or so. Meanwhile I also upgraded Ubuntu to 19.10 "Eoan Ermine" last night in a fit of madness. I was a little worried since 19.10 had depreciated 32-bit software support and updated the kernel from 4.18 under cosmic to 5.3.0 under eoan. Bash went from 4.4 to 5.0. Gcc went from 8.2 to 9.2. Bumps on the 3d and AMDGPU gfx driver(s) too. Lots of moving parts, several critical for the things I do. Net result: Looks like my local server running the RLCraft modpack is down for good.. probably a java thing. (1.8 -> 11.0.. yeah.) KSP is still fine however (checked that much before upgrading), as is my minecraft client/launcher (once I updated to the most recent version that is). Spotify, Discord, and everything else I've checked also seems ok. So far, so good. Can't tell if I'm winning or losing this week.
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    Sorry for the lack of... Well, anything really been super buisy what with uni work and other stuff. Anywho, I'm going to likely be doing some more pixel art soon to post, but today I'll probably be buisy with birthday stuffs, so ya can expect to see (maybe) more from me again some time soon! (I hope. I miss posting ;-;)
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    holy guacamole, just saw the first dubbed episode of Nichijou. I didn't even know there was a dub. Gotta say, it is insanely different from the Japanese version! I knew dubs could change a lot but it really shows with Nichijou
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    A bit random, but anyone interested in the ethics of abortion? I've to write a 'short' example argumentation around what is called the 'violinist analogy/argument'. Since it's for an undergraduate course, there isn't much you'd need to know about ethics, and I thought it might be interesting for others here to see how something like this works. Not quite sure of how to do this though, although maybe something like discord or the likes might work. But as philosophy is quite dry and abortion is quite an icky topic I wouldn't be surprised if everyone stayed clear of this
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    Waves long time no see, Greeneyes
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    *throws bread* MUCO! How have you been, buddy?
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    This afternoon was weird af… let's not do that again any time soon, lol.
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    Exaimistis; School of Warriors #Webnovel https://www.webnovel.com/book/10902567306202505/Exaimistís%3A-School-of-Warriors it's another book that I want to share, it's not that much but I'm making progress atm... A little information about it: The story centers around people called Vassals, who are possessed by the spirits of gods from different mythologies all over the world and are given powers in accordance to the that god's abilities, Exaimistis was a school of vassals and was prominent as one of the academies in nurturing vassals. This story is a battle between different mythologies...
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    Thanks for the follow ... wait, does that mean I’m being haunted now?
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    Welcome back, Lady Hokage
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    I just finished watching Superman the animated series and the ending was surprisingly sad and bitter sweet. It had to do with the fact that you can try your hardest to do good and to get people to trust you but one mistake can destroy it all, even the people you thought were your friends will turn there back on you. Definitely wasn't expecting that to be the ending to a most upbeat show.
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    Hey @hollow11, thanks for the follow and welcome to AF. Have you seen the third season of Bungou Stray Dogs yet?
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    Saw a street performer today. Check it out
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    Crunchyroll put up a special episode of School (Gakuen) Babysitters (a surprisingly cute & sweet series from last year) yesterday. The main story focusing on mid-terms was adorable, but it was the short Snow White reimagining at the end that really made me smile since I totally ship Ryuji & tsundere girl
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    Exhausted today, going to settle down with the rest of Vampire Knight later
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    Have my facemask on and gonna watch the latest episode of Fruits Baskets. My me time when my fiance goes to bed.
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    I want this bookmark! I even have some paper at home. I might try making one this weekend.
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    Just watched Avengers Endgame... Greatest Marvel movie of all time, nuff said. I'm not gonna spoil because you guys have GOT to see it!
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    Congrats on your 90% win there Ohiotaku. I hope you enjoyed your visit to middle earth
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    Beep Boop, it's been quite awhile since I was last here.
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    So back in October a tree fell on my old car, a 2007-vintage Prius hybrid, necessitating the purchase of a new car. I liked the old one a lot, but I always wished it'd had the option of charging the battery to function more like an electric vehicle. I'm not sold on EV's due to the so-called range anxiety, and EVs are still pretty expensive anyway, so I didn't want a full EV just yet. (I'm not actually worried about the range so much as the recharging times. I'm always thinking of those people on the east cost when hurricane Sandy hit and everyone was told to evacuate at least 500 miles inland to avoid flooding and high winds. People with gas cars could manage it, but even the best EVs can only go a few hundred miles before needing several hours to fully recharge. Doh!) So anyway my new car is a also a hybrid, but this one is pluggable, with an electric range range that is plenty to cover the commute before the gas engine kicks in and it starts behaving more like my old car. If I plug it in overnight at least every other day I pretty much never need gas, and I've been pretty good about plugging it in. I'm approaching the 1,000-mile mark on the odometer and just recently dropped below the halfway point on the tank of gas I got from the dealership when I bought the car. Yep.. driving daily since October and I haven't had to visit a gas station even once!

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