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  1. i love animal crossing and have new leaf for 3ds, but have no plan on getting a switch or the game ever in the future on account of it costs a damn fortune and i cant afford the console or to upkeep it, because the controllers also cost a ridiculous amount and thats something you need to replace over time with use. its just not worth it anymore, all the animal crossing games are the same anyway. ive been waiting for a game to come out on switch to give me enough reason to save up for it, but w/ pokemon they've removed everything i ever loved about the games, all the gens are gone, you need to pay for a membership to even have online connections from what ive heard, and playing with other players is what made pokemon so iconic, and i wouldnt waste that much money on a switch just to be able to play one animal crossing game when i already have new leaf. like, im sure its cute, i just dont have the money to waste on it and have better things to do with it.
  2. @Nyxnine happy birthday!!!
  3. ughhh god i cant breathee. covid-chan fuck off. im trying to just chill but its hard

    1. RuthisianCodex


      I hope you get to feeling better very soon! 

  4. cowboy


    oh, ive seen this meme going around on tumblr! i kind of want to do this too. im not a serious artist though, so maybe ill do it jokey some day in ms paint. as for characters, ummm, what about yukine? i bet hed be really fun to draw in his corrupted form, when he has wings and stuff. lots of cool angles to work with
  5. i cant think of many off the top of my head, but i look younger than i am and i have a sharp but babyish face i guess? i think the cosplay id be best for out of my favorite characters are probably yukine, near, or ciel, the one being closest to what i look like irl probably being near. i dont have a "dream cosplay" per se, but id like to cosplay characters that i could pull off!
  6. im currently watching megalo box! im on the third episode rn, and the animation is awesome.
  7. i read that covid-19 seems to come back after you've thought youve gotten better and was like gee glad that wasnt me! but psychei think i might be sick again

    im really not feelin great my bros. really not doin peachy keen

    ughh its cool thouhg im cool its cool

    1. XII360


      haven't read the news on how it could resurface, but maybe it just goes asymptomatic? 

      well just practice social distancing and observe yourself for now? best thing i can say is just practice the new norm >.>

      which is handwashing, facemask, distancing from others, and coughin etiquette

    2. cowboy


      yeah its a good thing i haven't gone out since i started feeling a lot better, fortunately ive just, happened to have been staying at home. when i do go out its just in my backyard to garden.

      ive also been really good abt washing my hands, my hands are actually super dry i watch them so much. ive been going through abt as much lotion as i have hand soap.

      i did stop wearing my face mask around family because i wasnt coughing anymore so i hope that wont be a problem... so im kind of worried abt that, but i haven't really been near any of them either because of the 6-foot rule so maybe it wont hurt

  8. ive decided not to sleep

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    2. Ohayotaku


      I’ve decided to sleep MORE 😴

    3. Ohayotaku
    4. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      man @Ohiotaku, your posts really lighten my mood consistently 😂 

  9. welcome back! although im not sure i remember seeing you im newer than that, i think? maybe
  10. @Nyxnine @Illusion of Terra i hadn't really thought of that, im sure they'd be happy to do that. there is shipping though. if im ever feeling bored and have the extra, what is it, 12 bucks? for the med-sized flat-rate shipping box? i forget. i know the small ones 7 but im not sure they'd all fit. but i should just pack them all in there and mail them over to purdue. as long as i can get them back! that sounds like a lot of fun, even with all the snakes, scorpions, and cougars. @efaardvark you found that in a drainage ditch? woah, you mustve lived in a fossil hotspot. i usually have to go out and find limestone deposits to look for them, that's why i was completely surprised to find a random one in my own backyard, it's not really a place you'd expect to find something like this. it mustve been deep in the soil, brought to surface by years and years of cultivating the soil.
  11. @ruthisiancodex oh i do, but i figured that wouldn't have counted since not everyone has the space for one like budget meal, no problem! just toss in something from the garden! oh wait- thats just what i do when were out of canned stuff or the gardens out of season, beans, eggs, grains, and canned veggies
  12. i use grains, usually. i eat a lot of leftover pastas and rice, and mix other leftover things into them to turn it into a meal when i've got nothing else. my favorite is mixing leftover taco sauces or salsas into rice. i also like to make a porridge out of rice or oats, because i can put sugar and any leftover nice desert spices i got, like nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla. oh, eggs and beans are good to fill you up too, and have protein.
  13. when a person is thrust into the deepest darkness, they seek a ray of light. it doesn't matter how small or faint it may be. just the fact that it's there, gives hope. -Suiryu, from one punch man
  14. I'm kind of, fascinated with old stuff. REALLY old stuff. And while I've never found anything particularly outstanding to other people maybe, i always treasure what i do find. and today, i wasn't really expecting to find anything! i was just out in my backyard garden, picking through stones from the freshly cultivated soil, because i do find a lot of gemstones in my garden after hoeing it, and i think they're pretty. i kind of have a little of collection of them. but then i saw something that caught my eye, a bright red rock with something sticking out of it. and at first i thought it was just like, another type of rock mixed in with the red rock, but when i picked it up and looked closer, i knew what i was seeing was the back end of a fully-intact shell. and i was like, wow! i have to break this thing open. Sure I could've kept it the way it was, but i knew inside were probably layers of more shell fragments that were more interesting to look at to add to my collection. So I grabbed a hammer, and split the thing in half, and this is what i found. I'd never found anything containing a fossil fully intact before...just the ghostly remnants of an imprint of something no longer there. but look, there it is, that's a fully intact shell. how cool is that! you can see lots of other bits of imprints of shells that are no long there, too, all over the stone, which is what most of my rocks look like. But holy cow, this shell is still here. And it's not the only one. Theres a couple here and there, sticking out in different ends of the rock. I like to go out and hunt for stuff like this, because it's fun. But I never expected to find a fossil sitting in my own backyard. These are the other interesting fossils ive acquired the imprinted leaves I actually got at a festival in one of those old-fashioned towns, that kind of preserves the way it used to be when it was founded in the 1800s. The limestone to the right of it is a block of a bunch of shell fragment and coral imprints, theres a fossilized reed in there i found on my grandpas property as a little kid, and i found this one a couple years ago while camping out in the woods. anyways, i was SO super stoked about this, i just had to post something. Also I noticed my blog title was kind of similar to someone elses, so i tried changing it, but im not very creative LOL
  15. man i havent felt this calm in years

  16. @Wedgy do the statues...actually.. sing??? i watched the trailer but that just raised even more questions @efaardvark I'm going to tell my grand kids that this was Parasyte
  17. We’re under a tornado watch and I’m streaming sundered on twitch LOL

    1. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      Tornado Watches mean that you need to be driving around and looking for the 'nader.  Preferably with a video camera, and a vat of ranch dressing.

    2. Ohayotaku


      We had heavy thunderstorms last night, but no damage (that I’ve found yet anyway)

    3. cowboy


      @The History Kid ah, someone else who speaks midwest! a man of culture i see


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