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What's the weather like where you are?

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6 minutes ago, kamomesan said:

Same here. I had this happen to me the last two years I've been in NorCal, and I was hoping it wouldn't be as bad down in SoCal as well. Guess this is going to be something us California people are going to have to keep dealing with moving forward :(

There are options.  I'm currently* looking at upgrading and expanding a smallish (4kW w/10kWh storage) solar PV system that we installed about 20 years ago.    Amortized over 30 years like the power companies do the system cost us around $0.17 per kWh but it has already paid for itself at the insane rates SCE charges.  When we built our system the technology was just starting to be usable for normal residential service if you didn't mind doing all the engineering yourself and could convince the power companies to let you do the net-metering thing with a grid-interactive system.  Now prices have come way, way down and equipment is much more capable, with things like microinverters, Tesla PowerWalls, etc.  Much more mainstream too.  There's companies who will provide installation and service for PV systems the way other companies do for HVAC systems.  For the same $0.17/kWh I could build a system at least 3x as capable today as the one we built back then too.  At SCE's $0.42/kWh top-tier rate I don't need SCE anymore.  SCE is pricing themselves out of the market.

*no pun intended.

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I hate the weather here... last couple days its either cloudy or its Boiling then the day after its alright but then in the evening its raining and it might even go Bam! Bam! Boem! Boem! and the next

Temperature swings here can be totally absurd but in a general sense, depending upon the season, it's either raining/storming or snowing (and we have had snow in late May this year.) The one thing I c

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Mid to upper 50s the next couple days. Pretty nice change of pace, even if it does stay kinda cloudy :) 

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Rather cool, rain, hail, and a fairly good thunder and lightning show at the moment. I was trying to sleep but with all the racket I decided a midnight snack and watching the show out my window was the more interesting option.


This is not daylight....


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