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For anime fans who are new to the community! Meant to be a place to help one another understand different genre of anime and or anime communities.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. What's in you guys opinion the best anime for newcomers to the club?
  3. hi everyone I'm new to this anime forum i enjoy watching anime but as there is none of my friend and family is interested in anime ,manga or novel i used talk to sis endlessly but she don't understand it So i tried this forum and i actually don't what to do so pls advise and guide me
  4. Kaguya Sama - Love is war It caught me off guard
  5. I started out watching Sailor Moon as a kid.
  6. It's a toss up between Hellsing & Attack on Titan for me
  7. My 1st place as favorite anime is a tie between My Hero Academia & The Promised Neverland.
  8. I don't even remember the first anime I saw. It was all just "TV" back then, and "cartoons". There weren't even any tapes to buy/rent back then, so no "anime" display section at the stores to help make a distinction. I remember the westernized stuff like "Tranzor Z", (Matzinger Z), "Star Blazers" (Space Battleship Yamato), and "Speed Racer" (Mahha GoGoGo), but also mixed in were not-anime cartoons all the way back to Felix the Cat and Casper the Friendly Ghost, and then later stuff like He-Man, Thundercats, etc. The whole saturday morning cartoon thing. As a kid I just watched it all. Only later did I start making the distinction between "cartoons" and "anime". Some of the westernized stuff was barely what I'd call anime these days anyway.
  9. Same! It was a good first anime. We were lucky Winning!
  10. i know exactly what you mean my first anime was kikis delivery service my grandpa got it at the video store because they ran out of toy story
  11. first anime I remember seeing was on toonami as a kid dragon ball
  12. I first watched anime when I was a youngin, maybe 5yo? Back when we went to the video store to rent movies, and could record movies on a vhs. just ignore that if you don’t know what I mean. I think my first anime was Dragon Ball. Then when I got older I was obsessed with DBZ, around age 8-10, along with Sailor moon. I remember sketching Goku through tracing paper a lot, and cosplaying sailor moon with neighborhood friends. Pokémon & Digimon were also really important. I watched anime with my brother. Growing up, he was always the one finding new interesting media. I was outside most of the time, so if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t have watched anime, even in high school he found lots of great shows that weren’t mainstream I really learned a lot from him.
  13. When I was young my all of my friends watched anime so I wanted too so then I watched Totoro the next day my friends asked me if I was an Otaku but at that time I didn't know what that was
  14. i like all kind of anime but Naruto and fairy tail are top in my list. my favorite genre is isekai at the moment. anime e.g. Grimgar of fantasy and ash i
  15. As someone who never keeps up with seasonal releases, I can relate to not relating to most other viewers . But it doesn't really matter as long as you find stuff that's enjoyable, right?
  16. Well, guys, let me tell you, I think there is no such thing as Anime Noob... You watch anime not for study or doing any kind job, you watch it just for fun, well except you are an animator then it's different story Since you just watch it for fun, then, as long as you watch what you think is good and nice also fun than you are not a nob
  17. Hmm, I realy cann't say my family allow me to watch anime, but, when they see me failing in my study, or forget my chores at home, they will scold me and say that manga and anime bring nothing except failure
  18. Oh God, I cann't pick, there is to many, but I will at least mention few of my Fav: One Piece, Noregami, Yona, Brides Story, CMB, Yotsuba and many many many other
  19. I actually prefer the one- or two-season animes. The ones that go on and on (and on and on) tend to get repetitive and boring and I lose interest. Give me a real story with a beginning, middle, and a great ending.
  20. @pinkpistacious You love gaming anime check out Rising of the Shield Hero! It’s airing now!! My fav anime? Samurai X: Trust & betrayal
  21. Hi there. I'm completely new to Anime, but I am addicted! I have so many favorites that I can't name one. I like supernatural stuff though. My first anime was Sword Art Online. Loved it because I'm heavy into gaming. I also loved Code Breakers, but it seems all the ones I love only have one season! So sad
  22. I've been pretty mucb unable to watch anything for the past year and already I feel so behind.... I feel your pain.
  23. So I feel like there’s so many anime I’ve never seen, will never see and therefore can’t relate to most “regular” anime watchers Plus there’s been about a 10 year gap of time when anime kept coming out every season and I missed it. Which will still continue to happen... So yea, I’m an eternal Anime noob.
  24. its not that were inactive, its just that, well, life's been kinda busy ykno', i mean we have an event going on right now ^_^, assuming you can draw (or cant) you can join in there and have fun #totallydidnotgetpayedtopromotetheeventatall #iwantmycasharchiekun but yea, jokes aside, welcome to AF-forums fredericksedrick
  25. Welcome to the forums Sedrick. Any favorite anime?

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