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    I used to have a lot of social media growing up but I don't anymore and I rather not have any ever again. They're reasons why I'm not on them anymore and I'm quite happy without them to be real honest so if that makes me weird oh well. I don't understand anymore what's the big deal with posting what your doing every minute of every day or sharing selfies with people you don't know just for likes plus etc.. True this world is becoming more technological for practically anything. However the world is also becoming not really good so I think people need to be even more careful on what they say or post online. Just my opinion anyway~
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    Hmmmm... Maybe that I crack jokes pretty much anytime, anywhere. I do try to restrain myself at things like funerals to a degree at least but outside of that regardless of my mood I am always joking around.
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    Slightly off topic, but you might want to check out Dororo if you haven't already
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    Since it’s airing now and has a huge fan base I thought I’d drop this thread here. Please discuss all things Demon Slayer. Please remember to use the spoiler button to hide content that could be a spoiler for those not far along in the series. This Ep 1. AMV I found pretty well sums up the first episode:
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    Hello everyone, hope you are having a great 2019 and enjoying all of the new anime. We’ve been working on a new event for AF and you guessed it! An art contest, much like the one we had in October, though this time, a few extras. Original Characters (OCs) will be welcome, and the only real creative stipulation being that the submission must be “Spring” themed, so let the cherry blossoms rain - yay for Spring! We are hoping to hold this contest for you all on April 28th and will be posting an official submissions thread for the event, so look out for it soon and get those creative juices flowing in the meantime.
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    Is there something your significant other or your friends have told you that describe your subtle weirdness? What things did you find out about yourself that are just a little quirky? ————————————————————- I’ve been told I have no filter 😳 Also, in video games I run from the sound of shark music and refuse to go into the water 😅 There was a certain part of Jack & Dexter back in the day that I just had to give up.
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    I enjoy making things on PicsArt app. I’ll share the relevant ones here as I make them ☺️
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    Every April 15th since 1912 The world has celebrated Anime Day! Share the hashtag #AnimeDay on your favorite social media outlet to bring awareness to Anime and keep this wonderful tradition alive. With that being said - post a picture here of your favorite Anime and give us a short story of how you first got into this unique art form. Did someone introduce anime to you? Or did you stumble into this world all on your own... we want to know!
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    ...wierd thats pretty much it, and they also say im masochistic but man, i dont feel pain, and its for experimental reasons, so i gotta man up >.> though once aspect i have is, loyalty, if person im talking to is cool, then ill be loyal to him/her and help out as much as i can ...which is so say, hit me up girls ^_^, jk ...tenchu sea-side area, just dare to go in the water and far from the boats your gonna be crying allot, couse i sure did >->...
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    They're one of the banner ads that show up when I view this site. I gave their site a brief look. Looks like it's mainly attempts to imitate manga style comics & most of it's 18+, so not really my thing.
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    Megan Box is an old anime remastered to fit the modern age we love so much. Original named "Ashita no Joe" in the early 80"s, TMS Entertainment decided to give the anime some love for its 50th anniversary and they did not disappoint. It took all of one episode to get me hooked into this anime and I'm sad that it only has thirteen episodes, because this manga had everything you want in an anime. The story is amazing, illustration is masterful, and the music, my god the music pulls you in every time until you realize you can't wait for the next scene to come up. The series takes place in the near future where Japan is separated into two categories, the licensed and unlicensed. The license live in the city enjoying all the joy that comes from it, while the unlicensed live on the outskirts in the slums wondering where their next meal will come from. Junk Dog, is a fighter in the underground of the outskirts were it has the same rules as boxing except the boxers wear gear on their arms to make their punches more lethal. Junk Dog always wanted to aim for the top only there was nothing pushing him there, until he crashes his motorcycle into a business owners car. At which point her bodyguard and also top ranked Megalo boxer in Japan, Yuri, steps in. The owner quickly breaks up the conflict, but Junk Dog left so much of an impression on Yuri that he seeks Junk Dog out and teaches him what it really means to be a Megalo Boxer. Junk Dog loses horribly and understands he has a lot more to learn, especially if he wants to face Yuri in the Megalonia Tournament. To face Yuri, Junk Dog changes his name, gets a fake license, and enters the tournament at the lowest rank. Japan isn't ready for Joe. If you interested in this anime you will not be disappointed, TRUST!!!
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    Yeah I played the game a lottttt years ago when I first started. Yeah I do have jogress Digimon on the accounts and I used to do a lot of raids. I'm not sure I'll join a guild as I never really end up talking much in them anyways so it's kind of pointless for me lol. I usually end up just playing with like one or maybe two people I get to know.
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    and here I was rooting for Raphtalia and Spear hero 😂
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    Currently I'm watching Chocolate Underground and I'm honestly not too sure on it. 😩 Yesterday I watched 47 Todoufuken/47 Prefecture Dogs which is very cute and funny.
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    The preview for the 2nd cour showed a conversation between the two that should make you very happy (think it may actually happen in this week’s episode)
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    Currently playing Breath of Fire 2 on my 2DS XL. Probably one of my favorite RPGs along with Chrono Trigger.
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    I like being able to see bits of y’alls personality. You’re quite a unique bunch of people Edit: wait is that a quirk? 🙃
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    its funny couse, i used to play songs similar to those >.> now a days, its either gonna be, old old songs (like west life, or eminem tracks) or nightcore/jp songs >_> and time to time, OST's >.<
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    In the last couple of months or so, I've stayed current on One Piece and Black Clover, started and finished Recovery of an MMO Junkie, Hinomaru Sumo, Reincarnated as a Slime, Zombie Land Saga, Girlish Number, season One of Saki(a partial re-watch), Wataten, and Demi-chan wa Kataritai. I've started season 2 of Saki, Captain Tsubasa, Fruits Basket remake, season 2 of BanG Dream, Diamond no Ace II, and Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine. I've started re-watching Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, Eyeshield 21, Hyakko, Princess Nine, finished Monster Musume, and tried starting a rewatch of Yuru Yuri. I've got a lot of shows added to my cruchyroll queue, but haven't started working through them. I have Skip Beat added for a third go through, want to restart and finish Third: Girl with the blue eye and a few others. Being unemployed and in awful health has given me too much time.
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    I really had forgotten how much I adored the original series when I started watching the first episode earlier this week. I feel really torn about the difference in Yuki's seiyu, as I felt that the feminine voice matched the androgynous appearance. But I also find myself pleasantly surprised at the depth and range achieved by the new seiyu has portrayed so far. I felt more from the lines than I did in the original, and there was some much more to them than I got from re-watching the episodes of the old one. It's honestly baffling how torn I am over that. Overall, the remake is wonderful, and I know I'm in for the long haul. The animation studio is doing an amazing job and the art is super polished and as a fellow artist, I'm really enjoying the improved style.
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    am I the only one who immediately thought of one-for-all ?😂 There are too many things that some people could find quirky about me (depends on the people though). I could behave mainstream if I wanted to, but I really don't want to. The most obvious ones would be that I'm quite straightforward and that I don't really use "please, thank you, sorry, you're welcome etc" unless it is something important or I have to, which is kind of a cultural thing and not meant to be impolite.
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    this is my current wallpaper for my pc
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    I guess you've never played Subnautica then, or explored a water world in No Man's Sky? Hmmm.. I don't have any subtle quirks. Quirks yes, but not subtle ones. Actually, I'm pretty good at pretending I'm normal. Just don't get me started on certain topics unless you have a LOT of time on your hands.. space exploration and nuclear power at least. Maybe one or two others. I also enjoy talking about science in general, but I don't do it often because most people think Star Trek is "science". That or I wind up triggering a flat-earth or climate-denier nut.
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    I'll stick with my Ghost in the Shell + Planetes + 500 years combo from last time. I have to admit the ecchi/harem idea still has a certain attraction as well, but that's what holodecks are for. 😜
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    @Seshi I think the quality matches how it's drawn in the manga which to me makes sense. Claymore is kinda in a class of it's own cos it didnt have any comedic scenes unlike demon slayer. Side note I tried for days to find an anime like claymore and I got disappointed that there weren't any good ones
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    Just thought I would put up a video of the new ED since it’s so well done
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    It definitely has very high production quality, both the animation & the music. And the first episode was very impressive. After seeing some clips of his fellow apprentices, however, I'm a bit concerned it could become a bit too silly (particularly the blond haired one). Don't get me wrong, it doesn't need to be all bloodshed & tragedy, but I hope it doesn't become too cartoonish.
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    Agree with all of this. It almost made me tear up the way it came across how unused to being treated kindly Kio is, which is no mean feat considering we've barely scratched the surface of his circumstances. Of course Tohru is the kindest person her could hope to meet, so understandable that he has difficulty figuring out how to respond to her, but also very cute 🤗
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    Y’all remember the episode where Yuki makes leek soup?? You don’t even want to know how I failed trying to make leek soup 🤣
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    Thanks for your kindness @XII360 I’m terribly sorry for your Haiku non-ability 🤣🤣
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    I'm feeling really fantastic in fact this whole week has been really awesome for me. Right now I'm feeling A LOT of optimism, positivity, motivation and even more productivity not forgetting feeling VERY loved by my dear family and my love @SanguineTear ❤️ Life is truly magnificent right now and I am loving each and every moment of it, living each day to the fullest with a smile~
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    And anime fans are a huge market! Lol. I listen to everything from Marilyn Manson to Gospel songs(not even religious anymore tbh still like the way they sound sometimes), to J-pop related music to old, old 60's style music. It really depends on what my mood is and what I'm doing at the time. At work if I am having to chat with customers in one of our help rooms I am probably listening to music that is more along the lines of "DIE, DIE, DIE I WISH EVERYONE WOULD DIE I HATE MY LIFE RAAAAAAAAAA" ^^''' lmfao
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    I haven't done the arena stuff, I have done most other things though, I have a maxed out lvl 99 tamer, and a lvl 70 tamer but it's just been soooooo long since I did anything that I am on my account like, "What's that, what is this button, HOW DO I FIND THE INVENTORY" lmfao. I have a bunch of the 30 day aura's left on my account, but nothing perma so that would be nice to have if I pick up with playing this again, which I've been on it about an hour now and its been pretty fun again ^^ Yeah that is what I hateee about mobile games, there is so many little transactions. I was playing the Aura Kingdom mobile game actually, and I did so many mini transactions thinking, "oh just one more no big deal........" that I spent close to $200 on like 200 different transactions and my bank identified it as fraud and they locked my account so hard that they actually couldn't unlock it and had to move my funds to a NEW account because they couldn't fix the old one XD it was funny but wasn't at the same time >_> I think I may alternate between playing this GDMO and AK again because both have been fun today ^^
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    I used to be a scientist, but now I am a philosopher. Scientific research was way too time-consuming which was only one of the reasons I now do philosophy. I was lucky that my parents supported me and that I got state funding, and that universities are free here. Interesting to see that so many people here work in the medical (or related) field.
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    Update; I now am officially the webmaster for the company I work for~ Never thought I would end up doing this, then again I never thought I would investigate sexual harassment and assault either for a living either.
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    For a couple years until just recently, I was a PREA Manager for a correctional facility that functions as an addiction program for guys convicted of felony DUIs. Also had a separate program for other convicts who had other drug addictions. Now I work in IT in the same company, but at corporate headquarters.
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    Spear hero has already made his preference known (and apparently he’s a masochist considering what happens everytime he crosses paths with Filo)
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    oookaaaayy, just a rant post, be warned, its a long post!, iz really really long couse, seriously, screw my group... atleast the other group, being GROUP 2 accepted me, and im not even part of their group, meanwhile my group...even my partners..."dissapointment increases" welp, my grand duty got ruined thanks to some f*ck face, trying to make me look bad again, even though i went through the f*cking trouble of using my own money for our grand, to make it the "best" grand, and final duty, f*ck face still went and got me pissed basically, we got a weak junior in warding, and me, being helpful before just made her mad at me, so i chillaxed on helping anyone since then our last day today, i wanted to go morning pick (which means we extract people's blood who have went fasting, or not eaten/drank water in the past 8-12hours), and teach her some few tips and tricks she said "ok", and mind you, i told her this really early, like, sun is still up-early (and were night duty) time by 10 hours, i got stuck with CBG/HGT test, thats about 30+ patients, even though we had 3 machines, juniors felt lazy, thus i toke it, and didn't go along with her on the morning pick i wanted to go with no problems there so far, couse to be honest, im fine with that anyway, i mean, i wont be losing anything if she doesn't want to learn from her seniors the problem starts AFTER our duty, like, end of duty i told her, she needs to improve more, couse, well, seniors are gone now, theres only 14 of them left, and not many of them are good at extraction, but this f*ck face went and said, im being "rude", or "boasty" or whatever nigga, when our seniors said sh*t to me, no one f*cking said anything, i was as bad as her before too, heck, i was worse than her before, but i improved, i got better, im one of the best now too couse of my own determination to "git gud" it really hit me so hard when, even after all the shit i did, all the fucking shit i did for this group, buying them gifts, taking on their endorsements without second thought (endorsement, as in, they couldn't obtain blood from Px. due to "hard to extract"), buying everyone a keychain with their name and a "GROUP 3" keychain tag in it, and even trying to make our final day the bestest, by giving everyone that was about to leave, minus me, a gift, and even foods, i used 3000php (58$!) just to make it the best, the f*cking best and then i get hit with the "STOP BULLYING MY PARTNER, SHES DOING HER BEST, YOUR HURTING HER FEELINGS" well excuse me for not being fucking hurt by what the fuck you said, i fucking did everything, im even thinking of her well being, but then got said im being boasty and or rude what sucks more is, even though they know im getting depressed, my partners didn't so much as to try and cheer me up, other guys of group 3 went and tried, but well, when im depressed, i get really numb, and i dont think well i sit down and think, and once im alone i cry and since i got better at extraction, i even dont mind doing self-extractions on my self, whats worse is, when i did it to myself this morning, i didnt feel the needles pain, guess thats what being numb means... still really dissapointed my partners didn't cheer me up, oh well, im used to being alone anyway~..."sigh" but yea, rant over, tldr: fuck group 3 smh CHEERY MOODO ONNOOO OBLIGATORY SONG POST~! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v7B_J1NQbQ
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