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  1. My SIL has been on a kick to collect and source all the dyes in minecraft so she can decorate her base with colored items like concrete, carpet, and terracotta. We recently - finally! - completed that quest a couple weeks ago. Anyway, she played a bit with colored concrete but the texture of concrete is apparently "too boring" for large-scale construction use so last week I helped her & her husband put together a "mud room", a two-deep pool for turning dirt into mud and a nearby drying rack using dripstone for converting the mud to clay. I also showed her how to set up a lava farm to help fuel the clay -> terracotta firing process. (And bricks.) She's since been happily filling her base with all the colors of terracotta and glazed terracotta. She also wanted a wool farm but they're not good with the redstone bits for an automatic shearing setup so this week I helped them with that project as well. Of course she had to have one sheep for every color. She says, "it's a sheepery, rhymes with brewery". Aside: Sunflowers were a pain to find! They can only be found in the extremely rare sunflower plains biome. They produce yellow dye. which can also be obtained from dandelions. However, obtaining dandelions involves bonemealing dirt in certain biomes and hoping you get one mixed in with the grass and other flowers. Double-tall flowers like sunflowers - once obtained - can be replanted in any convenient nearby location and can be bonemealed to produce a copy of the original flower directly. They're also more efficient in bonemeal use, reliably producing 2 flowers for every bit of bonemeal applied. Bonemealing double-tall flowers is therefore the much more desirable method if you're into the dyeing thing. Assuming you can find them! The other two-tall flowers - roses, peonys, and lilacs - are pretty common in forest biomes but the biome where sunflowers grow is apparently quite rare.
  2. Tearmoon Empire passes the 3-ep test. (In spite of feeling a lot like an isekai.) I'll come back to this one later.
  3. I heard that the performance leaves something to be desired. Did you notice anything?
  4. Made an allay-assisted melon / pumpkin farm. (Also ate some s.)
  5. Yesterday was one of my twice-yearly trips to the middle of nowhere in the California desert.🌵 


    1. Animedragon


      it looks like a very interesting middle of nowhere in the California desert.

  6. Went night hunting with a flock of allays.
  7. What did the ghost buy at the bar? Boos.
  8. Gack! (I think that’s the correct technical term.)
  9. Found a "snout" armor trim in a Piglin bastion. That gives me 6 of the 16 different armor trim templates.
  10. A couple more T-shirts, both for the Mars Sample Return mission. Couldn't decide on the color so I got both!
  11. Mob vote: Armadillo, penguin, or crab?
  12. Finally got tired of waiting for my brother and his kids to free the End so I did it myself. Only problem is the outer islands that are accessible through the first gate do not appear to include a city or a ship. Going to have to resurrect the dragon and try again with the next gate.
  13. My brother complained that my town is too far away through the Overworld. So I built him a shortcut through the Nether. Don't look down! And watch out for ghasts. (Kappa shader)
  14. Doing the 3-ep thing on Sousou no Frieren. This one is definitely going on the post-season to be watched list.
  15. Apparently Terry Glaze is also a fan of Psyche.
  16. “There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.” - Octavia Butler
  17. Catching up on the leaked MSFT docs.. among other crazy bits was the fact that MSFT wants to take over the gaming industry. Ok, that's not news. But they apparently are seriously considering things like buying Nintendo and Steam. As if Activision & Blizzard wasn't bad enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUPxytMLWzI
  18. Activated and jumped through the End portal I'd discovered a few days ago. The spawn platform in the End was .. mostly safe. Or at least that's how it seemed at first, covered on 3 sides and the top and open to the void on just one side. I'd put all my gear in an ender chest to avoid zenloss so I put the chest down and was pulling stuff out and formulating a plan when the dragon discovered the one side of the platform that was open and fired off a breath attack. The breath blew up the just-placed chest and left me sitting in a puddle of dragon breath that completely covered the platform, underground, without weapons, without armor.. I hadn't even got my pick out yet. One of those, "well that escalated quickly" kind of situations. I should have at least come through the portal with a handful of bottles. There wasn't much room on the platform but I did manage to avoid the initial blast. If I'd had some bottles to suck up the dragon's breath then I might have been able to clear the blocks of the dragon's breath that I was standing in and at least survived the first attack. I'd still have been underground in the End without weapons or armor tho. Fortunately I hadn't managed to pull out anything valuable when the dragon attacked. I thought I was pretty safe and was kind of taking my time formulating a plan of action when <splat>.
  19. Found another stronghold and End portal in my brother's minecraft realm. One of these days I'm going to have to tackle the dragon but that's something of a major event and I just like goofing off and building stuff. Usually the only reason I even go after the dragon is so I can get elytra and shulker boxes to help with building. While tracking down the stronghold I also found a fissure that disappeared underground, only this one was full of water. (I do like the new terrain gen algos.) If I'd had more time it might have been fun to build a boat and see where it goes. Maybe some other time.
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