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    Hello again, my fellow anime fans and welcome to this years Spring AF art contest - A Reverse Isekai Challenge! This fun contest is all about bringing your favorite anime characters into your world, instead of you going into theirs. With this in mind, all you have to do is pick a character that you wouldn't normally see in our modern clothes or perhaps a school uniform, and draw them in one instead of their usual outfit. Lets see what we can come up with! If you'd like to participate, do so by replying to this thread with your entry no later than April 15th. This will be a community voted event. The community will vote 1 winning entry to be featured for the remainder of Spring in the art block. 2020 Spring Art Contest Participation badges will be awarded for each participant and can be showcased with the rest of your awards and trophies on your profile. Feel free to discuss this contest and your decision making process in this thread as well. Lets all have fun~
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    I’m more partial to hoodies
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    Burnt my arm today while teaching someone how to cook taro. Shelf beside me was hot and I rest my arm for a second =-= Triangle burn.
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    Fixing some of the questions , please wait to take this quiz ,
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    So, I've been thinking about a few topics as of late and one of the things that has really grabbed at me is just how old Anime really is. Most people don't realize it and believe that it's something that popped up in the 90s but in reality, it is far older. Animation itself goes back to the early 1900's (over a century ago) and Anime itself as we tend to consider it goes back to at least the 1960s. With that in mind, maybe it's time we pay a little homage and send some nostalgia back to "old school" gems (or even the burnt charcoals as some might be) that really started this genre. So my question is, what is the oldest anime you've ever watched? And was it a good anime? Would you ever watch it again? Even if you haven't watched any particularly older anime, you probably have watched anime inspired by one of the Greats (Gundam, Voltron, Speed Racer, Lupin, anything Matsumoto, Cyborg 009). Hey, even the original Sailor Moon series is from '92, making it practically 30 years old (yikes!). It's actually kind of interesting. Most people who don't like anime (especially older individuals) probably watched an anime like Speed Racer or Voltron in their youth and enjoyed it, not knowing it was anime. Comparing anime then and now, what made you like it more? Graphics aside, are things (plot, characterization) really better these days? For me, I never did get around to collecting and watching all the many iterations of Gundam Wing. I almost wish they'd release a "superset" of them all, but it would probably be too expensive for me to even consider if they did. And while I did watch the newer version of Speed Racer, I sadly never got to see the original. For me, the Matsumoto works (Galaxy Express, Space Battleship Yamato, Harlock) are probably the oldest anime I ever got to see (Galaxy Express from '77) and...maybe I'm biased but I've always considered them to be great. In consideration harems were not the main focus of most anime back then. Then you had to stand on your story alone, so there was a lot less fluff and far more focused material. That alone is one of my number one reasons for fondly remembering older anime. I'm kind of partial to tragedies too so the fact that most all of his work is tragic in nature really draws me. Perhaps the tragedy too is that the stories were more serious back then and did not rely on constant comedy to keep people interested. The story itself was enough and comedy would have been a distraction. Anyways, those are my thoughts on older anime. What are your thoughts? Any notable oldies that fill you with nostalgia? Even if you are only going back 15-20 years, that's still old by "today's" disposable society's standards. Share it with us!
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    This is my first time in an online anime forum, but I have been watching anime for quite some time, I look forward to discussing anime with you and getting your recommendations on what to watch
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    It's weird with how quiet things are, but I'm getting caught up on a lot of things in the meantime through all this. I did venture out to the grocery store today though...haven't died yet.
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    I've watched the 1917 anime Namakura Gatana and it was definitely good for its time. I have heard that the characterizations were made the way they were to enable expression to be seen better due to the absence of audio in the film. So although the characters arent the most pleasing to see, it does have its own charm. One of the characters actually reminds me of Beowulf, a kind of grotesque looking ogre that I would see in that fantastic tale. Another anime I plan to watch among the oldest in recorded history is Kobutori which I think has an interesting premise.
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    Speed Racer (original airing 1967)~ It was on Cartoon Network when I was a kid. I can't really comment on my thoughts on it or how I feel about it compared to modern series, outside of modern anime looking far nicer. At the time, my thought process was along the lines of "woooow, the Mach 5 is the coolest car ever, I want one!" Which hasn't changed, I still want one... The difference is now I realize it would never be street legal or affordable~
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    I am too lazy to take pictures, These aren't official shirts either.
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    dude, has the corona crisis quarantine brought you here again?
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    Brought a lot of grocerys before they all ran out in the markets and so we dont have to go out to the stores for a long time
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    Cowboy Bebop 1998, I haven't seen many old shows.
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    It is super easy to digest hahaha actually it's a reverse harem anime
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    Does that count as anime? I mean it's animation, which the Japanese would call an anime Apart from that, probably the movie 'Belladonna of Sadness'; pretty trippy.
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    Mobile Suit Gundam Wing in the house!
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    I believe Akira (released in the 80's) might of been the oldest I can remember but I'm sure I have probably seen older than that but can't remember which one that was, lol.
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    I liked it, but I agree it didn't taste like an oreo. Tasted like someone took an ear of corn and tried to make it taste like some kind of cookie. Then again, I'm Iowan...we are 80% corn at birth.
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    Cookies and milk before bed is officially the best
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    The new version will be complete if nothing else which wasn’t true of the original anime. As far as “better”, the original honestly didn’t make much of an impression on me. We had pretty active discussions here and I don’t remember anyone who was a fan of the manga having any criticism, so I would say most people consider it an improvement. Feel free to join us here once you catch up https://animeforums.net/topic/6026-thoughts-on-the-latest-episode-of-fruits-basket/page/5/#comments I believe season 2 is scheduled to begin April 6.
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    Weather is nice and we in quarantine smh
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    Snacks Oreos,chips and Shortbread cookies Food Pizza,wings,poutine and bacon Drinks ginger ale,sprite,root beer and if you ask me pepsi or coke tastes the same.
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
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    Booted windows for the first time in months. Asks me whenever I open any application, whether I want to update it, had to repair drive C:\ for some reason on start up, slow as hell, and has now been updating win 10 for almost 1 1/2 hrs. Time is incorrect and I have to fix it from my *Linux* which I dualboot. (other solutions on the net didn't work) I never had the chance to do disable any of that.... Now I remember why I don't use windows, lol.
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    You had me at Shortbread cookies!
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    Just waiting till the stores run out of Mountain Dew and Doritos to see how filthy ya heathens can be...

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