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For Music mix, Nightcore, and Nightstep lovers and makers. This is the place to go!

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  2. Favorite Nightcore Songs?

    WINDER was the first nightcore song I heard, it's one of my favorite openings but only this version. When I first found out about the titular theme song of Date A Live, which also marks the time I found out about the series itself, I could only find the nightcore version and when I heard the song for real it seemed like a slowed down version to me, while I don't hate that version I do enjoy the nightcore version. I also like Last Moment from Bleach.
  3. Favorite Nightcore Songs?

  4. Do you have a particular channel whose nightcore you love to listen to? If so, who is it? I actually have like plenty of nightcore channels, but my top three are NightcoreReality, Zen Kun and Mirima.
  5. Favorite Nightcore Songs?

    Like this. Just post the URL. Boom!
  6. What Made You Love Nightcore?

    Pandora, I typed in night, and It was one of the results, loved it ever since!
  7. Favorite Nightcore Songs?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCpu3DfqKKg HOW THE HECK DO I POST AN ACTUAL VIDEO!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
  8. What Made You Love Nightcore?

    I just love the faster tempo and higher pitch. I have a lot of other reasons for loving nightcore, but I just can't bring myself to express those reasons in words. So...
  9. There are many reasons that may make you adore Nightcore, like: Good Wallpaper. Awesome Effects. Good Song. All of the above So what is your reason(s)?
  10. Favorite Nightcore Songs?

    Now I'm in love with Complicated (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs David Guetta ft. Kiiara). I loved this one too before!
  11. Favorite Nightcore Songs?

    This is my favorite nightcore.
  12. Favorite Nightcore Songs?

    This is my favorite nightcore, because of the nostalgia associated with it. I love this song, one of the first nightcore i listened.
  13. Favorite Nightcore Songs?

    Listened to all of 'em before! I love 'em!!
  14. Favorite Nightcore Songs?

    Ok..... SPAM! Sucker_for_Pain_(Nightcore).mp3 Nightcore-witchcraft.mp3 Nightcore-Shatter_Me-Linsdey_Stirling.mp3 Nightcore-Loser Like Me.mp3 Nightcore-Let It Burn.mp3 Nightcore-Gravity-Hollywood Undead.mp3 Nightcore-Firebird-Galantis.mp3 Nightcore-Call If You Need Me-Galantis.mp3 Nightcore-_Dark_Places_(Hollywood_Undead).mp3 Nightcore - Welcome To The Club.mp3 Nightcore - We Are Giants.mp3 Nightcore - Wasteland.mp3 Nightcore - Warriors.mp3 Nightcore_-_Untouchable.mp3 Nightcore - Undead.mp3 Nightcore - Titanium.mp3 Nightcore - She's An Angel.mp3 Nightcore - Shatter Me.mp3 Nightcore_-_Pretty_Rave_Girl.mp3 Nightcore - Pretty Little Psycho.mp3 Nightcore - Nothing Stopping Me.mp3 Nightcore_-_Neon.mp3 Nightcore - My Demons.mp3 Nightcore_-_Mother_Murder.mp3 Nightcore - Monster.mp3 Nightcore - Medicine- Hollywood Undead.mp3 Nightcore_-_Listen_To_Your_Heart.mp3 Nightcore - I Will Not Die! (online-audio-converter.com).mp3 Nightcore - God Is A Girl.mp3 Nightcore - Fireflies.mp3 Nightcore - Faded.mp3 Nightcore - DotA.mp3 Nightcore - Cocaine.mp3 Nightcore - Centuries.mp3 Nightcore - Be With You.mp3 Nightcore_-_Battlefield.mp3 Nightcore - Bad Boy.mp3 Nightcore - Animal I Have Become [Lyrics].mp3 Nightcore_-_Angel_With_A_Shotgun.mp3 Nightcore - Angel of Darkness.mp3 ♫【Nightcore】-_Remember_The_Name_(online-audio-converter.com).mp3
  15. What are your favorite nightcore songs? Mine just keep on changing. Right now, I'm in love with Sorry Not Sorry.
  16. Nightcore - Nothing Stopping Me.mp3