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For Music mix, Nightcore, and Nightstep lovers and makers. This is the place to go!
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  2. For my graduation dance we did Nightcore- Final song the dance turned out amazing.
  3. This is the first Nightcore song that I remember listening to back in the day and imo it's still their best song.
  4. ❋ ~ Sotsugyou Sayonara Anata memories ~ ❋ I really like it ... I guess at that time I heard it on 「AS ~ Nightcore」
  5. My favorites change so fast but currently my favorite is Porcelain Face and it has been for a 2 week haha
  6. Glad you like them And yeah, if its a touhou song, I've already heard it too many times to count xP
  7. Those are great! BTW have you tried Bad Apple? I have a feeling you'll like it.
  8. Going back through all my saved Nightcore was rather nostalgic (since touhou eurobeat is my main choice of music now) Found a few of my favorites though. Tad surprised that none of these have been posted yet.
  9. I have listened to a lot of nightcore but this one stands above the rest.
  10. This song is literally from my fave movie. @I.Zara2006 This one's from Allegiant (the movie), Divergent's third sequel.
  11. This song is making me cry... Edit: I heard this song right after it was released, in case you're wondering...
  12. This one provoked a feeling of nostalgia, as if I was falling in love with the song all over again.
  13. My favorite channels: CUTLoveRx NightcoreReality Zero. Miz-Kun Cherry 葵 NightcoreSage ヅ
  14. I LOVE this song! This is literally the Theme song of my life.
  15. This song is making me cry...it reminds me of one of the first boyfriend I had when I was around thirteen. He was older than me, being fifteen years old. Later, the school rumors told me that he had been cheating on me with "A", who was my underclassman (or girl in this case). It still hurts...
  16. For me one of the best kind of Nightcores
  17. Hello Everyone! I am SouthBall, Nightcore Nation's owner. My story with Nightcore started 4 years ago I found a video on YouTube "Recommended" list because I was watching AMVs. And the title of the video was Nightcore - Angle With A Shotgun and after I watch it I searched for Nightcore songs like the past one. I found many many videos with awesome effects and anime wallpapers. I started learning how to make videos and songs in Nightcore version and I loved it.
  18. Do any of you know about nightcore collabs? Nightcore collabs are two nightcore songs together in one video but in a switching vocals way. Like this: (BTW this has been my fave nightcore collab since the November of 2016)
  19. Hello there, and welcome to Nightcore Nation! I am AniMeFReaK, Nightcore Nation's leader, and I have noticed that I do not know most of the new members. This is a topic where new members can introduce themselves and let us know more about them, so that they can feel at home in Nightcore Nation. I'll start off. I am AniMeFReaK, Nightcore Nation's leader and the second oldest person to join Nightcore Nation. Over the past 2 years, I have heard millions of nightcores and have learned to develop a deep passion for them. The first time I heard of nightcore was when I was trying to find a female version of my favorite song. I searched for the female version and came across a switching vocals nightcore. The only reason I clicked on on it was because the thumbnail was of two anime girls. From then on I have listened to nightcores and learned to love them. That's my introduction. Now tell me about you! Go on, introduce yourself!
  20. Omg so many ill start with these my nightcore playlist has over 300 songs on it. ill add more if you want!
  21. WINDER was the first nightcore song I heard, it's one of my favorite openings but only this version. When I first found out about the titular theme song of Date A Live, which also marks the time I found out about the series itself, I could only find the nightcore version and when I heard the song for real it seemed like a slowed down version to me, while I don't hate that version I do enjoy the nightcore version. I also like Last Moment from Bleach.

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