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  1. Capitalism, definitely. Real capitalism though, with lots of competition. Not this "crony" capitalism nonsense that basically regulates competition out of existence for those companies that can get their rules embedded in the regulations. That's just a special form of fascism, with companies running the government for their own purposes. Capitalism is people freely exchanging goods and services such that each trade results in both parties thinking they got the better deal. If people don't have real choices, including the option to buy competing products, or even to not buy anything, then it isn't real capitalism.
  2. It was one of my favorites when I was younger. What can I say? Kind of random though. If you like FLCL then you might like Wizards. Star Wars fans might (or might not) want to note the bit-part by Mark Hamil.
  3. I agree that After Story probably isn't harem, but you'll never convince me that Clannad (1st season) isn't. Type "harem" into any anime search engine and it'll be there, so I'm not the only one either. In fact, this is the first time I've seen anyone try to claim it isn't.
  4. Possibly? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076929/
  5. I don't blame you! http://www.anivision.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Denpa-Onna-to-Seishun-Otoko.jpg Just passin' thru. Came late to the thread... reminds me of that Tom Petty video for some reason. Carry on (though if it were me I'd avoid the cake )....
  6. Desert: a scoop of Ben & Jerry's strawberry shortcake ice cream smooshed between two (frozen) pancakes. ? ? ? Yum!
  7. Someone mention popcorn? I love me some popcorn and diet coke. I have a big, stand-alone popcorn maker and occasionally make huge batches. I take some to work and the neighbours and eat the rest. Then I'm sick of popcorn for a few months. And the cycle repeats.
  8. Real-world physics is still pretty dang awesome, powerful, and effective. And as any science fiction reader knows, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Cellphones are just magical devices to effect psychic abilities like clairvoyance.
  9. I've never encountered anything personally that can't be readily explained without appealing to the supernatural. I won't say that it is impossible for things like ghosts or ESP to exist, and it is certainly fun to think about, but I'm not a big believer in such things. Besides, even if they are real it probably doesn't matter. The simple fact that such phenomenon and abilities are next to impossible to detect and replicate means that they're hard to control at best, and have minimal, if any effect in the real world. That said, I'm a "never say never" kind of guy. I would be among the first to embrace "magic" or "ESP" if such things could be objectively measured, especially if it/they could be made into a useful tool. It certainly wouldn't be the first time in human history that such things have happened. There are whole fields of present-day science that are based on phenomenon once considered magical. Everyday use of commonplace items like cellphones or flashlights or antibiotics would have been enough to get you burned at the stake for witchcraft in certain - even fairly recent - periods of history. And there are definitely still gaps and inconsistencies in our "official" understanding of how the universe works. That being the case, it would be unreasonable not to keep an open mind.
  10. The original, native title is "ネト充のススメ", with a subtitle/translation of "Recommendation of the wonderful virtual life". These are what's in the trailers and the opening of the actual show episodes. If I just hear someone read the Japanese title it sounds like "neto-juu no susume" and I think something a little different like "advice of a recovering net-addict". Literally it is something awkward like "net-full recommendation", which is a horrible title for an anime. To break it down, "ネト" is kana used for foreign words, and pronounced "ne-to" or "net", as in "internet". "充 is pronounced "juu", and if you just heard that without seeing the written form then you might think another meaning "獣", or "beast". So as kind of a word-play thing it could be interpreted as "net-beast". That (plus the actual content of the anime of course) is probably how we get to "MMO junkie" in some English versions. We're not given the kanji for "ススメ", so it could be interpreted to mean different things. "Advice" or "recommendation" is the most likely interpretation, but there's also an interpretation of moving forward or progressing, so that's probably where "recovery" comes from. It is kind of complicated/layered (to this non-native listener) so the different English translations are probably attempts to capture different aspects of the interpretation(s). IMHO, YMMV, etc...
  11. Snacking on trail mix. Almonds, peanuts, cashews, hazel nuts, sunflower seeds, pepitas, Brazil nuts, and pecans, with "craisins" (dried cranberry bits), chocolate chips, and the little round bits are caramel drops... yum! (I think someone got there ahead of me though.. almost all the pecans and Brazil nuts and most of the pepitas seem to have been lifted.)
  12. Just went and got a nice wireless headset for use during those late-night gaming sessions.  Apparently rockets make too much noise when they explode for people trying to sleep nearby.  Who knew?  :D 

    This replaces my old wired one that was really more call-center quality on the sound, and physically falling apart besides.  (My policy is to buy a new headset every decade whether I need to or not.)

    Going to make the rounds on my discord list to test it this weekend.  (Which starts in 2 hours, 10 minutes.. not that I'm keeping track or anything. ;) )

  13. nope theres no anime for it,  That's too bad. Expanded to 6-12 episodes that one song could be a really good anime series. I'd definitely watch it.
  14. I've watched a few gameplay/streams of this on youtube and twitch. As a former Minecraft addict it looks pretty cool to me. There's even a version for my platform (linux). I've been holding off due to lack of time though. There's also a number of reports of moderate-to-severe graphics issues on the linux version. Definitely something I've been following, if from a distance for now.
  15. Yeah, though sometimes it is only a matter of setup. SAO is straight up fantasy, except they threw in the Nerve Gear as plot device. It's all good. The story is what counts.
  16. How about things like Zetsuen no Tempest (Blast of Tempest) or Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance). Maybe also Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East)? Not the movie though. Or maybe The Third: Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo (The Girl with the Blue Eye). Any of those seem interesting? Just throwing out ideas to see what resonates. Maybe for the "hard" sf.. I'm into stuff that might really be possible. GitS or Planetes more than Log Horizon or Overlord. Not that I didn't watch and enjoy all of those, just that I'm more interested in the former than the latter.
  17. Today I saved one Eding Kerbin, scientist, from the wreckage of his plane in low orbit around Minmus. No, I don't understand how someone can get stranded in orbit around an outer moon in an airplane cockpit either, but there you go. And so low! Any lower and I could swat the hilltops below as they go by!
  18. While not exactly earth-shaking news, this makes me happy nevertheless since this one has been kind of hard to find online.... http://www.crunchyroll.com/hyouka
  19. Flying foxes, aka bird puppies... Wolves and octopi are cool too.
  20. I'm not quite that bad. I mean, I could be, but I don't have that kind of time. I've actually started avoiding those sorts of games in favor of the more open, "sandbox" games because I've found that I get less caught up in the "do it right" thing. Minecraft for instance, or my current obsession Kerbal Space Program, or I'm also waiting for Space Engineers. Great FPS, low latency, awesome physics engine. Plot needs work though.
  21. Yes. Even really socially obnoxious characters like Naoki Irie in Itazura na Kiss are relatable on some level, at least if the authors have done their job right. That said, it would be hard to find an anime (or book, or movie) character that I'd want to use as a strict role model or emulate too closely. They are designed for the roles they play, and are usually not as well-rounded as a real person could/should be.
  22. That sort of thing has been happening occasionally since forever. (Or at least since Zero Wing and "all your base are belong to us" in the 90s. ) I don't get too annoyed unless the Engrish translation really starts interfering with the understanding of the dialogue. Sometimes it'll make me laugh and wreck the mood in a serious bit and that can be kind of annoying too. Fortunately I can understand spoken Japanese well enough that I usually only pay marginal attention to the subs anyway so I might not even notice.
  23. I do that sort of thing too. Especially if I had trouble the last time through I have to go back and do it over, just to "get it right". Otherwise I keep thinking about it and I can't move on to the next game. One of my personality quirks I guess.
  24. About 6-8 episodes in. Not my thing. I'm doing the same with Black Clover. I'm on ep12 and I just can't get motivated to watch the next one. It'll get pushed to the bottom of the queue and I'll never get back to it. I might have made the effort to go back and finish it if it had ended after a season or two. But committing to watch hundreds of episodes of an anime that I wasn't really into in the first place? Nope.. not gonna happen.
  25. This seems like it'd be a good anime, but I don't recognize it. Does such exist? Anyone seen it?
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