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  1. Sorry, not much into cons myself. (I used to be interested in SF cons, but then the science got buried in fantasy like superheros and stormtroopers.) I do like anime, but typically not the "mainstream" stuff like Pokemon, Naruto, Inuyasha, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc., which is what the cons I've seen seem to be mostly about. Maybe cons are just too commercial for my tastes? Anyway, I follow cons because they're a good focus for news and announcements, but I'm not really into attending.
  2. Do you get to write it too? Because then there's things like stroke order to consider as well.
  3. Realistically, it might already be happening. Disney is rumored to be thinking of taking the SW gaming franchise away from EA, and EA stockholders aren't liking what they see as a risky Battlefront II release after poor reviews and poor reception (read, "profits") from gamers to Battlefront I. But if people want to keep giving EA money that's not something I'm going to worry much about. Like I said, I don't buy EA games anymore.
  4. I don't buy EA games anymore. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.... If people stopped buying then they'd have to change their ways or go out of business.
  5. Combining two of my favorite time-wasters.. listening to the soundtrack to The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye while driving my rover at reckless speeds across the Münscape in Kerbal Space Program. If my rover had an AI I'd call it "Bogie" instead of the Bunny Hopper.
  6. I was prepared to not like that one, but it turned out to be decent. I did spend a lot of the time wanting to knock some sense into both Kyoya and Erika though. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
  7. That's been a lifelong battle for me. Not just classics either. I've always been a reader, and usually I have a pile of books waiting to suck up any free time. Not that I have any free time in the first place of course. One of my dreams is to eventually have the space, time, and money to have an actual, physical library in my house, stock it with books like this., then (re)read them all. So far winning the lottery seems to be the step towards that dream that I'm having the most trouble with.
  8. Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (aka hantsuki)
  9. Years and years (and years) ago science fiction was viewed the same way. If you were interested in "science fiction" then it was assumed that you were mainly after the large-breasted women of Venus. Even Star Trek TOS was considered scandalous. My god.. just having Uhura on the bridge was bad enough, but when she and Kirk kissed on-screen that one time I thought people were really going to lose it. (It didn't help that the morality-play aspect of the show actively tried to push the envelope.. and not incidentally push peoples' buttons in so doing.) It really wasn't until "serious" movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey made a splash that people started to tolerate SF, and it wasn't until Star Wars that it became anything approaching mainstream. Why? I don't know. Part of it is that most people like staying in their comfort zones. Part of it is that the first thing that people usually hear about something is the extreme examples, and often those are negative. From there they generalize that the whole subject must be tainted and start to erect barriers. Very few people get to know the medium well enough to discover the good parts as well as the bad. Often other politics like nationalism or religion reinforce the barriers to understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment. People should keep an open mind and learn everything they can about a topic before deciding to blacklist it, but that all too often doesn't happen.
  10. The problems come when other groups - such as advertisers - insert themselves between the fans and the creators and start distorting the story. In the worst case (a lot of network TV for example) the shows are pretty much created for the advertisers as a means of pushing their products. As a result a lot of situations and characters are off-limits because they would alienate the advertisers. Even if they might make for good stories or be popular with the fans, the prospect of advertisers not buying the show means they don't happen. You can also get things inserted or manipulated for artificial reasons. Think Jar-Jar or ewoks in SW just to appeal to a certain demographic and sell more tickets. There will always be sellouts. The thing I like about anime is that it is one of the few media where it is still possible for there to be a relatively small separation between the producers and the fans. Books are also like this. Small-scale cinema is getting back to it now that equipment and other costs of production are falling. The author of a book still (mostly) has control over what goes into the finished product. In fact, in the case of books a single person can even still make a living writing, producing, and distributing a story all by themselves. Sometimes that's not a good thing if the writer is crap. But it does mean that the overall vision can be delivered more or less intact to the reader, for better or worse. The bigger the production the more "executive producers", beancounters, and other non-creatives get a say. More meddling means more distortion, and the worse the outcome tends to be. This is true of all media. Anime is no exception. Like (sf writer) Theodore Sturgeon once said, "90% of everything is crap". The trick is to find the other 10%, and judge the industry/media/genre on that. On that basis I think anime is still doing just fine.
  11. True in my case as well. I'm definitely more comfortable these days just being me and doing the things I like than I used to be. I'm still somewhat reserved, only now it is not so much because of being shy but mostly because people are a pain to deal with and/or don't share my interests.
  12. "Shipping" (as in relationshipping.. not that that's a word) is the activity or desire to create relationships between characters, usually romantic, and usually where there is no such relationship in the original work. (Or works.. nothing says the matchups have to be from the same show.) 'Shipping has been going on forever (at least one wiki cites Kirk/Spock from Star Trek as being an example of an early "ship", or paired couple), but it seems especially common in anime, and especially in fanfiction, where the author(s) of the original work have even been known to incorporate fan-created 'ships into the mainstream/canon work. So, in the original post for example, "shipping diakko" would be imagining Diana and Akko from LWA as a couple. That's the "what", at least as I understand it. As for the "why".. you'll have to get someone else to help with that question.
  13. YT actually does a decent job of finding good stuff if you just let it run. I often let it do that in the background while I'm "working" () on my computer, then post social links when it comes up with something noteworthy. If you right-click on the video it'll even give you a "copy video URL" link to simplify transferring the url. (Spotify too, but they/their suppliers are still locked into the oldschool "sharing is bad for business" pattern of thought so it isn't as easy to share links.)
  14. Love this stuff. Been a fan since Animusic 1. For those unfamiliar with Animusic, every note in the audio is keyed to a visual in the animation. You'll want to watch this as well as listen to it... I think I still prefer the first album though...
  15. I don't think I'll ever understand the "shipping" phenomenon. Then again I didn't get pet rocks or pokemon go either. As long as you're having fun it's all good.
  16. Engaged to the Unidentified seems like it fits all your criteria. The guy is the supernatural "creature" and the girl is human. The whole supernatural thing is played down however. The guy barely even speaks for the whole series, never mind does anything interesting. Definitely not one of those action shows where the guy(s) transforms into superdude every show to save the heroine from this week's bad guy. (Though he did come through in a pinch to save her life, even that event is background that happened before the series even started.) Another thought if you're after the "reverse-harem with a supernatural aspect" thing then you might try Hiiro no Kakera. The heroine is human and though she has some inherited power that puts her nominally in charge she doesn't have a clue how to use it. For the entire series she's basically in exactly the same situation as Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita while the guys use their powers to protect her.
  17. Doing the 3-episode thing on Kuzu no Honkai to see if I want to add it to my "to-do" list. Seems like just a bunch of messed-up people though. Not looking for another psychotic love triangle (quadrilateral? pentagram?) here! Anyone know how it turns out? No spoilers please, just warn me if it is going to be another School Days so I can blacklist it.
  18. I don't see Inu X Boku Secret Service in your list & it seems like it might be a fit. Sorry, that's all I got. Not that familiar with the (sub?)genre.
  19. The first season of Clannad I thought was kind of boring tbh. It is a somewhat odd HS hatsukoi story. That's not really my thing and I actually dropped it about halfway through. I only came back to it later, after I'd heard everyone talk about After Story. So I started watching that. I almost dropped After Story too, but it started to get more interesting in the second half. I stuck with it and towards the end I found I'd gotten more invested in the characters and the story got pretty good. There's also an episode that briefly takes you back to the beginning, so I thought I'd start the first season over with After Story in mind. I wound up watching the whole thing, both seasons, start to finish all over again and came away with a much better impression of both seasons overall. Taken in combination with After Story, the first season is pretty good. It is silly and juvenile, but that's the way high school is. In that context it's fine. Without giving too much away, later Tomoya and Nagisa grow up and a lot of the silliness goes away. It is actually pretty intense in places. The ending was a bit too much "and then a miracle happens" for my realist sensibilities but it did bring together all the separate threads nicely, and like I said it did make me want to go watch the whole thing again. Often the second season seems "extra", or somewhat separate from the first. Sometimes it even seems like just a contrived and obvious attempt to cash in on the popularity of the first season. I didn't get any of that with After Story. It was definitely different in tone from the first season, but the transition was nearly seamless (After Story picks up exactly where Clannad leaves off) and the character progression from there is sensible and in character. There's a bit of suspense in the threading - what's with the girl and the robot and the funny, glowing lights anyway? - but it all gets taken care of. I think they did a really good job.
  20. For some reason I got the urge to queue up Planetes for a rewatch this evening.
  21. "Starman" cam...   :D


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