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    General - applies to ALL areas of Anime Forums NO ADVERTISING your website / forum / YouTube / Discord / channel / etc. in any of the content areas. Only advertise in your profile and signature. If you have joined AF just to advertise you will immediately be flagged as a spammer and banned. Be courteous to ALL members, it's OK to disagree about differences in opinion but you must not resort to personal attacks. No linking to unlicensed downloads and streaming sites. No SPAM - no memes or pointless posts except via private Messaging and in the Forum Games section. Profanity is allowed, but should be used with restraint within topic discussions. No racism, no politics, no discussion of general illicit activities. Do not harass other members via Direct Messaging and Profile Posts. No R18 content in any of areas EXCEPT in private, unlisted Clubs. Do not impersonate staff. Forums Please try to post at least 1-2 sentences in your posts. Others are more likely to respond and discuss the topic further if your post is of decent length. Chat posts and casual posts should be moved to the Messaging feature or in the Random section in the Forums. Blogs Blogs and posts should be related to anime, Japanese culture, your personal hobbies or your personal life. Blogs are public. Please do not divulge personal information. Clubs There is a set limit of 2 clubs you can create and manage. Open/Public Club content may be featured on the front page from time to time, be mindful of this. Gallery If you are uploading fan art / images that someone else has made you MUST provide a link to the source and name the creator. The creator reserves the right to request it be taken down if permission wasn't granted. If you are feeling threatened, being attacked or find content that is inappropriate at Anime Forums: Report it. There is a report link below each content item. A staff member will respond to your report ASAP. Do not respond directly to the content or member as it may compound the problem. Account Deletion Policy Anime Forums is a public community. If you have had major discussions in forum topics, removing your posts can significantly affect the flow of the discussion as you may have been quoted. If you've been a member for sometime, and have made significant contributions to the community - your account will not be deleted. It will be anonymized. We will endeavor to remove any personal information during the process. After an account is deleted or anonymized by staff, we won't be able to restore it. Please think carefully before making this request. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask a member of AF staff.
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    Hello everyone, Anime Forums now has a Virtual Shop system! You can earn credits by posting in various Anime discussion sections and adding Vocaloid videos in our Media section. More details below! Earning Credits Subject to change based on feedback! Daily login bonus 10 points Creating a new topic in the Anime sections (General Anime / Title / Episode Discussion ) 200 points * Minimum 50 characters or you won't get points! * Replying to an existing topic in the Anime sections (General Anime / Title / Episode Discussion ) 100 points * Minimum 50 characters or you won't get points! * Adding a Vocaloid video to the Media section 120 points Credit Balance Your credit balance is shown in your post bit when viewing forum threads and posts: It is also on the left sidebar in your wallet when viewing the Shop: Spending your Credits There are currently two shops, the Anime Forums Official Shop and my own shop called "Optic's Shop" Feel free to take a browse by clicking the Shop link on the navbar: The difference between the two is that items in my shop are services I offer, whilst items in the official shop are for things like adding a glow to your username. Interested in opening your own shop? You should be able to do so clicking Shop Management and then Add New Shop. Do send me a message if you want to do this as there are quite a few things to check. You will also want to consider what services you want to offer (such as a graphics shop) and also prepare some images to go with each item in your shop, as well as how much they should cost. We are open to feedback and hope you have fun using this system - hopefully this will also encourage more participation in our Anime sections. Any issues do let me know.
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    So after reading @Illusion of Terra's post "Anime Forums Watching Anime Movies" It made me think it might be fun to have an Anime Forums streaming night. I often use a website called "Rabb.it" which allows someone to stream a show or movie and their friends to join and watch together. It also provides a chat box next to the movie so you can chat with your friends while watching the movie. I thought if enough people were interested it might be fun to do this one night and I'd be happy to host a movie night, or stream a show, if enough people were interested in joining and watching something together. Could probably stream for several hours with several different things to allow for people to join in at a convenient time. If you'd be interested let me know here and we can hopefully get together a movie night with enough popcorn to go around for our forums to have a little online get together ^^!
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    It hurts when someone leaves you then not saying why. But I discovered I guess that person didn't care after all and you need to let go and move on. Since there are many others out there who do care and will stay by your side, I hope to find those people.
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    Thank you to all who participated! @Cy~ @RyePotatoes @Nectar @Nutty @Sekkarou @GreenEyes @Wet Would also like to show appreciation to @Optic by extending all the love letters that were written for you: [spoiler=To:Optic From:Cy~] Dear Senpai, The other night, I had a dream of us, just the two of us. In this dream, we sat on a beach at the end of the world. It was not long after the sun had set, and there was, above us, just a slice of moon, a delicate light. A hint of sea breeze tinted the air. The stars slowly flickered above us. It was a beautiful night, and we were spending it together - just looking out at the sea, watching the waves play in the sand. I remember your hand in mine… It was so warm, so pleasant… When I awoke, this morning, I felt so sure that the dream had been real. I was certain that we had fallen asleep in each other’s embrace. When my eyes opened, I just knew that you would be there with me, still holding me. I looked to my left and my right, but I was alone, so alone and lonely. My heart broke in that moment. Now, I am writing this letter, in the hope that you can mend it again. This may seem quite sudden to you, I suppose. You and I have scarcely exchanged but a few words since we each entered the other’s world. Now, you receive this letter from me, someone that you, perhaps, have never really noticed. I can understand if you feel strange when reading this, but while you have perhaps never noticed me, I have noticed you, I have watched you, and I have admired you intensely… But, more than all of this… I have loved you, Senpai. I have loved you intensely, from the moment I first saw you. This seems sudden, I’m sure, because I have loved you without telling you. I… I couldn’t tell you, because I suffer from a shyness that holds me unmoving, like a set of heavy iron chains. Even to write this letter to tell you of my love, it takes all of my strength. If I could only show you, all of the times that I lingered around you, hoping you would see me. All of the times that I supported you and yours from the shadows, hoping you would notice me. All of the times that I approached you, filled with words to say and choked pitifully on them as you walk away from me. With all of this, my love has built up like a crushing, strangling weight on my soul. The crushing weight on my soul, it compels me to write to you. Senpai, I love you with my heart, my soul, my body. I want to be with you, to feel your warm arms around me, to be with you in your loving embrace, to please you, to love you with all that I have as no one else could. Even as I write, I feel my heart yearning in my chest… Our love, this love, it was meant to be - we were fated before time to meet and to love. Please… I would like nothing more than for us to be together… I can promise you, with all that I have, that I am the one for you. Love me, Senpai… Your love is all that I ask. - Cy~ [spoiler=To:Optic From:RyePotatoes] Dear Senpai, I've been meaning to send this letter for a while now but I can't bring myself to send this to you via postmail cause I'm afraid that if I do you might end up marrying the postman and that would mean additional work to do in terms of combusting, poisoning, murder and of sorts. If you're wondering why you only have this letter on your mail box it is because I've already burned the other love letters and accidentally included your electricity bill for the month Anyways, here is my poem for You: Dear Optic Senpai, This poem starts with roses are red Red like the blood she will soon shed Inside her head she must embed My mad love for you or she's dead Are you either scared or misled? I'll change to a tsun tsun instead I'm a hotheaded potato With face red as a tomato Everytime my eyes detects you I send you love in my deathblows My denial in every punch combo *points at my psycho self* You don't want that Yuno Psycho (No-no-not th-th-thaat you want me either or anything---- I'll kick you!) *girl with knee-high socks with neko ears with abnormally flat chest enters* Excuse me aunties, let me through I'm a lolita through and through These deres are so overdue Senpai, it is me you're into, This neko loli's just for you Optic Senpai Daisuki da yo Three of my personality One can make you a casualty, (Tsundere) Other causes brutality (Yandere) And one brings hospitality (Loli) In my love you shouldn't worry I'll be yours for eternity. Forever watching not because I like you or anything *imitates a neko loli and purrs* nyaaaaa, RyePotatoes [spoiler=To:Optic From:Nectar] Hey Optic. Now I know you’ll be extremely busy but please read this. The whole thing. It’d mean a lot. I’m gonna be really blunt and just say this… but I’m in love with you. I’m completely and hopelessly obsessed with you. I find myself at your profile tens, maybe hundreds of times every day, gazing at every post you’ve ever made in awe... for you. It’s silly really, but your words, and your work for this community, they have really changed a lot about my life. Learning about everything from how you use superglue to whether pineapple works on a pizza… it all just seems so profound in my eyes, and I find that I’m transfixed by your words, always. But most of all, what I love about you the most is the elegant, beautiful and arguably sexy forum that you have single-handedly raised. Suckled by your devoted, seemingly magical bosom of management and infinite understanding, you have produced a website so grand that it turns trolls to dust and jettisons their defeated ashes far from your wake from a metaphorical leaf-blower. Born from between your ever-loving legs has come this: the Anime Forums, a community not limited by its name but by the contents of its member’s breakfasts, the last thing that they bought, and occasionally… their shoes. You have done all of this, from your IKEA desk in the company of half a dozen Hyperdimension Neptunia merchandises, lit by your wonky adjustable lamp that watches over you and the suspiciously over-refilled tissue box. You, Senpai. For that much, for all of the tireless hours of playing with default settings, for spending your hard earned cash on your own tissue refills, for actually appreciating pineapple on a pizza, I love you. And I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you love you too. Because damn. You a sexy admin if I ever saw one. [spoiler=To:Optic From:Nutty] [spoiler=To:Optic From:Sekkarou] To my beloved Senpai, I can still remember the first time you noticed me. Back when nobody noticed a newcomer like me, you came. I think it was the nicest and sweetest thing ever. We had similar interests and I enjoyed talking to you about it. That game we were talking about, I replayed it again, because it reminded me that you enjoyed the game also. I’m so glad I got to meet you, Senpai. You are always so nice to me, even willing to go extra lengths for me. I found that extremely sweet. That kindness might not be exclusive to me, but I’m still happy that you put in extra effort for me, something other people rarely do. I know that you’re going through so much right now with life and the forums both, but no matter what happens, I just want you to know how much you and your effort means to me. Keep being the awesome and lovable Senpai that you are, please. I wuv you, Senpai~ Love lots, -Sekkarou [spoiler=To:Optic From:GreenEyes]Dear Optic Senpai, since I have joined the forums I have seen the work you put into them and the community that they have brought together! I have joined this community you have worked so hard to make for us all! You have helped many members with problems that they had and did your best to fix them, and you succeeded many times over for anyone who needed it! Not only did you help people fix problems you improved features and worked hard to make the forums one of the best out there! I will always be apart of this community you have made! You have started contests, made us laugh, give a place to come together, worked hard and so much more we probably don't even know about! You greet new users with open arms to join AF and be apart of our community! My favorite part of you and what you have done is how you haven't given up, you work, laugh, smile and sometimes cry but will never give up! You give many things to our community to improve it and bring more people together, to make a place for people to ask questions discuss and debate on anime! Thank you for your hard work Optic Senpai! You are the best! -Greeneyes Please Notice me Senpai! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! [spoiler=To:Optic From:Wet]Optic Senpai... Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb In the shape of an "L" on her forehead Well, the years start coming and they don't stop coming Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do, so much to see So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go You'll never shine if you don't glow ... ...SENPAI YOU'RE THE GREATEST. I had my eye on you for a while and I am a traveler that comes and goes on these forums. However the two things that always stays is my love for Senpai and belief that Kirry is really Beyonce. And no, I didn't prepare a damn speech for this love letter, I'm actually typing right now off my feeling and emotions. I'M PUTTING EVERY SINGLE EFFORT INTO MAKING SENPAI NOTICE ME RIGHT NOW, AT THIS MOMENT. WHAT'S DIFFERENT FROM ME AND THESE OTHERS IS THAT I'M NOT FAKE LIKE THOSE POSERS... You may not know me and that's okay, but you're the greatest Senpai. Now, what's even more important than winning these credits Senpai, is something completely different. I'd be honored i-if you could be moist with me and join the first ever Anime Forums guild called the Moist Guild. THIS IS MY TRUE REQUEST. MONEY DOES NOT DEFINE LOVE, WHAT WILL TRULY MAKE ME HAPPY IF YOU JOIN THIS GUILD SENPAI.
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    HOSTED BY @Kirry and lovely ladies @zoop and @Kohloo YES, I'M DRAGGING YOU INTO MY FUN Want a chance to win 10,000 credits?! Write your love letter to Senpai @Optic ~ This game is simple. Here is what you need to know before playing: Also known as our Founder and Senpai, @Optic runs and operates this forum. Love AF? Love Senpai? Want Senpai to notice you? Send him your love letter! Rules: * Nothing inappropriate, this is all suppose to be a fun game. I should not have to elaborate on what this means, but if you have any questions, send me @Kirry a PM to discuss further. * Any length is appropriate, any style of writing is fine. * PLEASE SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO @Kirry VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE [Title the PM: NOTICE ME SENPAI!] Contest begins today, 5/27/17 and ends 6/3/17 @8AM EST. FIRST PLACE: 10,000 CREDITS SECOND PLACE: 5,000 CREDITS THIRD PLACE: 1,000 CREDITS ENTRY PRIZE: 200 CREDITS JUDGING WILL BE DONE BY @Kirry @zoop @Kohloo BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY @Optic WILL WEIGH IN~ GOOD LUCK! Feel free to discuss below~
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    Just some of my art stuff. Formally known as IIVIsouljam's Art.
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    Yo, I'm awesomedude20, as you can clearly read next to this post. I'm your anime curator! Technically! Waiting on the Anime tab to get some work done. AAAANYWAYS, being the anime curator, naturally, I know anime stuff. Feel free to ask for recs, I kinda live for that sorta thing, though entirely expect to get Senki Zesshou Symphogear, like you shouldn't even be surprised. But yeah, hope to meet folks around the forum and whatnot!
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    Hello there everyone! I am Beocat, currently the only cat on AF's Staff, but never fear. If there is any rodent-slaying or afternoon napping that needs be done, I will be there! I am very fond of Space Operas and Reverse Harems, so if you are ever looking for a recommendation there, I'm your cat for the job. As a moderator, I will do my best to resolve any issues brought to my attention and answer any questions within my abilities. If I don't have an answer for you, I will find one. I enjoy helping people so don't be bashful! I'm a bit behind on the current anime...but I'll eventually catch up. ~Beo
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    How is it going, AF? I'm the (currently) newest staffer on the team. Around these parts I'm the "Provisionary" Aide De Camp for the Community Manager (until we think of something else to call it). That basically means I help with just about anything that is asked of me as my time allows. Could be a moderator, could be a coder, could be sounding board, could also be that guy at the end of the bar that gives the stink eye to all the creepers that waltz in. I do that last part well. In the day-to-day, I'm a student two-fold: a military history student in a post-graduate program by night, a pilot-in-training on other nights, and a U.S. Army Historian by day (every day). I also periodically divide up some free time among several local organizations, including animal welfare groups, and historical societies. As for anime: I'm probably the weakest one on the staff for that. I've slowly been adding anime back into my routine, most recently Saga of Tanya the Evil and Fate Grand Order. Previously that included DNAngel, Chrono Crusade, Black Cat, Pani Poni Dash, and Azumanga Daioh. As I've said before in other threads, I'll say it here - I work best as a listener and sounding board for forum members. Never hesitate to holler my way. I've got your six, over and out.
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    Hey there, we're the_twig. You may notice that we speak almost entirely in the plural, that's because this account is shared between two people. We are brother and sister, Aki and Imo. Our favourite anime is Princess Tutu, which is about a duck who is turned into a human by a dead author, and has to do ballet to restore the heart of a prince. It's a lot less girly than that sounds. If you ever need any anime recommendations, then feel free to ask.
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    Thank you for the well wishes everyone. Briala made her appearance at 04:35 this morning after a 13 hour labour. I stalled at a 4 dilation for about two hours after the epidural kicked in, but after a round of pitocin I dilated from a 4-5 after one hour, then straight from 5-10 the next! Doctor was called about 03:30, when he arrived I started pushing at 04:00 and she was out in 35 minutes. For such a long labour (admittedly much of which was spent being in pain at home,) things moved very quickly in the last hour and when I held her in my arms it was like the world around me didn't matter. Doctor stitched up a tear for me and she latched with very little trouble. This whole last day and a half has been one big adventure I will never forget.
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    So I decided to make some icons for everyone that you can feel free to upload and use on the forum. If anyone has any suggestions for characters I could make in the next batch, suggestions would be very welcome since I'm not really sure what all everyone would like to see. Another problem I have is that I have noticed on Chrome icons show up on the forum as 170x170 whereas on Firefox, they show up as 110x110. So if you use a browser with a different size setting these may look a bit off since they are 170x170 but if you have that problem let me know and I can resize it so it does not lose its quality :3 ! If you use, crediting me in your sig as the maker would be appreciated, but not 100% necessary. Just please don't claim as your own :3 Yu-Gi-Oh FMA and Fairy Tail Misc.
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    I posted one of this same series a while ago, but I don't remember if it was this specific one. The nice thing about working for the Army: Explosions, guns, BIGGER GUNS, and very rare guns...(and explosions).
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    Hi everyone, Finally got around to adding new sets of anime character type images. You can select the one you want by editing your profile. Many thanks to @Wedgy @Izzy and @xWickedNekox for contributing these. Set 1 by @Wedgy Set 2 by @Izzy Set 3 by @xWickedNekox Thanks again to those that contributed full sets. We may be looking at other personality types in future.
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    Hi everyone, We are continuing to have ongoing SPAM and new registrations from those trying to advertise. We have had manual approval put in place for new members but I am currently not able to sift through the queue in a timely manner because I am currently undergoing some challenging life circumstances. In the small amount of free time I have in ensuring the upkeep of AF, I am spending the remainder on moderating new registrations/posts instead of being able to participate in the anime discussions. In future I do intend to recruit moderation staff but I need to write guidelines and processes to accommodate this platform which I still have not been able to do yet at this time. In the meantime I am suspending new member registrations until my life circumstances improve. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
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    Not sure if this is the right spot, but here's stuff I have made, I make signatures and other designs Hope you like, feedback is optional.
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    What are the things that cause you to raise your estimation of someone? I don't mean the things that impress you. Nearly anyone can be impressed by anything. I'm talking about the things that IMPRESS you. Capslock, underline, italics, bold impress. Things that force you to think of someone in a better light. For me - Acts of tremendous kindness, for the fuck of it. It's way too easy to just go on, every single day, living the same way without acknowledging others. I think it's important for people to give forward. Getting the shit kicked out of you and getting back up. Toughness is a virtue to me. There aren't many that I respect more. Someone that can fall apart and put themselves back together, emotionally or physically, I have a lot of respect for the simple ability that some people have to keep standing back up. Creativity. It can be writing, it can be talking, it can be reviewing, it can be anything. I just respect people that can be creative in any way form or fashion. What about you?
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    Hi there, I'm new here. Nice to meet you all. Here are my sketches. Hope you like it
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    Hi! Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I was looking around and noticed that there doesn't seem to be a thread on this yet. On other forums I've been on, there's been a thread related to how you're feeling at the moment. I think it's cool to share the good things going on in our lives, but to also support one another when we're having down days. So, whatever you happen to be feeling, go ahead and share! Right now, I'm currently feeling good overall. I was a little stressed about the future, but I'm also happy with becoming more independent as an adult. ^^
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    AF Mobile users, did you realize you could change the background image for each theme? I’ve been using different theme skins for a while now on my phone, but didn’t realize each Theme also has the ability to change the color and image within that theme. Pretty cool After you select your theme, click the picture icon at the top of the screen Then, the images show up to select below Then choose the one you like
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    Hello everyone, new members and old! We'd like to take this opportunity to re-introduce our staff to you. For some of us, it's been far too long since we've joined the forum, and our introduction posts have since become an ancient relic; for others it's been a short time, but still, intros fall to the wayside and are forgotten once you've been around the forum for a while. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are your staff, and we're here for you. So without further ado, I'm Seshi, your friendly AF Community Manager. It's my job to host Events for our community, and to make AF a fun place to be. I enjoy being a part of this forum community because of its unique character. We have a thoughtful group of members in our community who take time to share their knowledge and experience in their anime ventures with us, making this a great place for new anime fans, or hyped returning fans. Us longtime anime fans enjoy ourselves here too, and I'm happy to be a part of that. As your community manager, I just want to say welcome. And if you have any ideas for helping the community have some fun, please feel free to bring them up to me, I'm always on the look out for some new event ideas, and am quite a good listener I promise.
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    hai hai, atashi no X-kun, your abnormal great yandere lover so yea, basically, im the youngest of the staff members here (im assuming no one in the staff <22 atleast) and probably the only one in the team who is specialized in medical field (in terms of blood collection, and analysis of them, though im not licensed yet-- since i failed my first board exam, doesn't mean i wont be taking 2nd one, (even though i wanna run as f*ck from it >_>) lessee lessee im an artist in hobby; and my dream is to one day make a game/VN xD, i enjoy reading eroge's, and incase it wasn't obvious -- i loves yandere >.> (betcha i wont love them in real life xD) im pretty much a free-speaker, what i think, ill say, but in the end of the day, what i say is only what >my< opinion is (its 2019, my opinion doesn't matter.meme) but, me being also a mod, means i will be taking it seriously; if any rules are broken, ill do my mod-duties (majority of time though, ill just edit the message and remove the rule-breaking stuff, while also sending a warning for them to realize what i did; while also leaving a message of what i have done) but lemme get one thing clear for everyone, me being a mod does not mean i wont be speaking freely; so basically guys treat me as a user too, not a "moderator" i toke the mod-job as a way to help, and show my appreciation on the website, but id still rather be treated as a member when we talk to each other; rather than a "moderator" im also; not as updated in anime/manga as everyone else on the staff is (due to studies/hobby/eroge reading), so ill be the worst guy to ask recommendations of anime (id probably recommend fate/stay series, or comedy-ish anime >.>) still; feel free to approach me/other staff if there are any problems; or better yet, approach us and talk to us just to have fun t-thats about it; i still suck at making introductory messages, even in day one i joined AF >->
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    This is a nice idea, it's always nice to see what the people you talk to every day look like (: Here's mine ^^
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    Might as well post my picbad quality and with those face sticker ps im uncute lol
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    Hey folks, new to the forums. I just wanted to share some of my pencil sketches to get some feedback. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy them. Cheers. Some older sketches from a few months back. I use to really love Naruto and Monster Rancher. I haven't watched either one of those in years. Just started this sketch this morning, before having to get ready for work. I will add to this piece at a later time, but till then I give you Soul from Soul Eater!
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    I'm feeling 100% again so I can finally resume the task at hand...
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    Do you have anyone in your family that you look up to? Any role models or inspirational figures? This topic is a place to shout out to non-fictional (real) people that have made a positive (or maybe just a large) impact on your life. For myself, this may sound really cheesy but I admire my spouse - @zoop. (Go ahead, judge me, but read the whole damn thing first.) Zoop and I actually met online, on a forum that was not too different from this one. She was an administrator there and I was, initially, a member. Actually, our very first interaction was her responding to a status update of mine. I hated her almost immediately, hahaha. She didn't even bother replying to my welcome topic, and her profile seemed to paint her as being a jerk. Anyways, after I volunteered to help save the site following a disaster, I was made into a moderator and then a server administrator. From behind the scenes, I had a chance to see how Zoop worked as a moderator. She was professional, measured, and really really really tough. During an average week, there would be hundreds of reported posts and mod actions, about a half-dozen lengthy arbitrations (they had arbitration available for all mod actions), and at least one total and complete community disaster (drama queens everywhere). Zoop handled more than eighty percent of this shit. She did it while holding down a full time job and making time to think of ways to improve the community. She was basically a super mod. She also took time to argue with me. Hahaha. We both loved the community, but I was constantly grappling with the fact that the site owner insisted on running a bloated, outdated forum software. Sooo, I would be busy putting out fires and she would be all like, "I need this extra feature! Hey, can you change this theme? Is there a way to automate this? What about that? Holy shit, a SQUIRREL!!!!" It was funny, because a simple "no" never actually worked with her. I would have to prove my point, arguing against her in lengthy legalistic format. That's how we fell in love, I guess? Hahaha. Up until that point, I had never met anyone that could match and beat me in wonkish argument, persistence, and general energy levels. Overtime, I was completely filled with admiration for this weird creature. Sooo, I decided to put a ring on it. Now, she's mine. o3o *ahem* Soooo, what about you? Anyone that you admire?
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    Do you ever feel really self-conscious about watching anime? Is there a person or group of people that you absolutely would NEVER want to know about your hobby? Don't worry, I promise that they will not read this topic. I'll start. If I'm hanging out with friends or people around my age or younger, then I really don't care. Anime is disturbingly popular up here in the northwest of the USA, and I have never really felt a need to avoid mentioning it. With *that* said, whenever I'm watching anime on the commuter train to home, I like to ensure that my back is up against the wall so no one can watch over my shoulder. The fact that there's so much fan service and shit in most anime make me extremely reluctant to be seen by someone that may just interpret things as, "OMG THERE IS A GROWN WOMAN WATCHING ANIMATED PORNO ON THE TRAIN." Besides this, I tried introducing anime to my mom and completely made a mess of things due to some very, very bad choices on the part of myself and my sister. To make a long story short, my mother currently believes that anime is satanic and completely horrifying. And, with my mom, first impressions are everything - gg no re. So, yeah... I guess my own situation is half and half. :'(
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    Really? I hate them Lol Blueberry~
  31. 8 points
    Congratulations Minna!!!! Waaaahh, all the Love Letters are very inspiring
  32. 8 points
    @Optic, @Kirry, @zoop, and @Kohloo - thank y'all for wading through the entries and running this contest. It was extremely fun to write for! Though, I have to say that I feel no small amount of discomfort when I realize what I wrote...
  33. 8 points
    Some really old photos: [spoiler=Shameless] [spoiler=Aspiring Tarantino...] [spoiler=The latest out of the lot] Look at how smug that fellow is. Ugh.
  34. 8 points
    I am jelly. As for myself... 1: I'm horrifyingly lazy, shy, and and socially timid offline. 2: ... and yet, when push comes to shove, apparently quite good at hiding this and appearing to be extremely outgoing and charismatic. 3: Before becoming a housewife I've worked as both an IT manager, and as a locksmith. 4: ... yes, I know how to pick locks, among other things. 5: I absolutely friggin' love trashy pop songs.
  35. 8 points
    Dear members, staff and visitors, Wishing you all a Merry Christmas for 2016 and a Happy New Year! Best wishes, Optic ~ Founder of Anime Forums Feel free to discuss your Christmas plans here too.
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    To anyone who has made something or attempted to make something, you know this feeling too well. "Can I really do this? Who am I kidding? I don't know what I'm doing." I dabble in a lot of things. From web development, video editing, animation, web comics, making games, photography etc. But I never called myself a web developer, video editor, animator, artist, game developer, photographer. Because I never really felt I was one. I thought since I was a beginner and not as good as others, I shouldn't call myself a (insert title here). As it would be insulting to the REAL (insert title here). No matter what my accomplishments were, no matter how much experience I got, I was just a wannabe, a fake, an impostor. But then I realized.... you are what you do. Some people talk the talk and some walk the walk. Some think they are cool while some ARE cool. If you made a website, you are a web developer. If you made a web comic, you are an artist. If you took a photo, you are a photographer and so on. Many if not all veteran creatives went through this stage. Where they doubted themselves. But chose to keep going. And in the end, the feeling of being a wannabe disappeared. They became a real legitimate (insert title here). Have you ever felt impostor syndrome? How did you overcome it?
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    Want a chance to be featured as AFs member of the month? Wondering what it takes? Participating in contests 🖋 Writing anime reviews Uploading art content in the gallery Creating blog posts Are all wonderful ways to become featured!
  40. 7 points
    Well well, look what popped up in my backyard
  41. 7 points
    Just noticed that I joined this forum a year ago. Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Glad I found this place
  42. 7 points
    Okay, here are my two. I tried to make sure they kept to a size that would fit nicely on a post. and #2.
  43. 7 points
    I am hoping to re-open AF member registrations and open staff recruitment towards the middle of this week.
  44. 7 points
    I'm glad this forum is so strongly connected with one another. Everyone is so kind, and sticks together when it's needed. I'm so happy that I came back. It's places like this that make me realize that not all of humanity is bad, even in a negative moment. People still lift others up and shield those who aren't strong enough to do so themselves. Thank you, thank you all so much. I hope to grow more and learn more about the members of this wonderful site.
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    I thought it might be a nice change of pace to share the positive bits of our day. Sometimes life can be rough, and they say it takes ten positives to equal a negative. So in an effort to focus on the positives, here's a place where we can state one (or more,) "small victories" we accomplished in a day. Aced that job interview? Cooked a fantastic dinner in a crunch? Talked to grandma? Put on pants today? Really anything goes, and if you're proud of it, then let's hear it! I'll start off by saying that I made a really nice pink pancake today. I've been trying different increments up until now, but while the batter was bright pink, it never baked that way. But this time, I got it just right. Behold, my pink pancake. It was delicious.
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    If you live for the approval of others you'll die by their rejections. ~~
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    Have you ever done anything a little, well, humiliating? Something that left you completely rolling around on the ground, laughing at your own ridiculousness? If you have, don't worry, I'm sure you're in good company... I know I have, so I'll kick this topic off by sharing a few "glorious" moments of my own. At work, about two weeks ago, I sent out an email to a few coworkers about our most recent public announcement. I forgot an "l" in there. I'll let you figure that one out. :'( When I was about 7 years old, I had a terrible fear of water (still do). I was at this water park (don't ask, okay, I'm a lesbian and the cutest girl in class asked me to go with her, you figure it out). Anyways, I decide to show off by taking this huge water slide. (I am an idiot, generally.) I took the slide and hit the pool at the bottom and started panicking, because I thought I was drowning. The life guard walks out and offers some sage advice, "You could try standing up?" About one week ago, I was trying to send a message on discord and misclicked. That was how I sent the message "fuck me" to my mom, with absolutely no context. (Thankfully, I was able to convince my sister to hunt down mom's phone, steal it, and delete all notifications.) Approximately 25 minutes ago, I attempted to take a bath. Unfortunately, the shower head was on. Even more unfortunately, I didn't notice. So, I walked out and walked back in. When I did, I noticed that it had fallen (it's one of the removable ones) into the tub. I thought, "Oh, okay", and I turned up the water. (I'm sleepy as heck atm, okay. ) Anyway. The shower head tilts due to the flow increase and shoots water out of the tub and into my face and the ceiling. After considerable swearing and panic (fear of water), I manage to get things under control. The ceiling is now a little moist. (@zoop I'm sorry, I think I made a bit of a mess in there. ^^;;;; ) I've heard that confession is good for the soul. So, like... DON'T LET ME BE THE ONLY ONE TO POST IN HERE. :'(
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    this photo is from a little while ago but;;
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    Hello everyone, Please welcome the following new members that have joined the Anime Forums staff team: Kirry — Moderator @Kirry has a huge amount of passion for this community and its members. It made me really happy when she accepted my offer as I feel we both share the same passion to make Anime Forums a great place to be for anime fans from around the world. Kohloo — Media Moderator @Kohloo has been helping me to test and break new features before releasing them on the forum. I also reached out to her to see if she was interested in helping to keep an eye on our new Media section for the Vocaloid Project and was happy when she accepted. Kohloo will be keeping an eye on this section to ensure inappropriate, lewd videos aren't added here. ChibiChan12 - Welcome Team @ChibiChan12 will be helping us out with greeting new members and making them feel welcome! mechaBD — Anime Team @mechaBD will be joining the existing Anime Team to help out the anime discussion areas. The anime discussion sections are of course are bread and butter - you all love anime right? Please make them feel welcome!

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