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How are you feeling right now?


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On 11/3/2017 at 1:56 PM, Nectar said:

Hahaha, if it's comforting to you...

... I once made the same mistake 0_____0

What eventually made me realise was when someone sent me the message "Welcome to AF!"

I was like... this cannot be right xD



Good to see people are well!! :D

I am feeling pretty good as a whole. Doing some forum posting which I've really missed over the last few months. Had a terrible eye infection that's technically still ongoing but not nearly as bad. I've got one good eye at least and that'll do me xD

Haha well, I figured I probably wasn't the only one. Good to know! :P What makes it slightly worse is that I'm pretty sure I've seen people posting AF in a way that was clearly talking about Anime Forums, and I totally understood that... just took a while to make the connection with the member rankings :S

Aw, sucks to hear about the eye infection though. Is it hard adjusting to leaning on the use of one eye more than the other? :o

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19 minutes ago, 4you said:

I'm actually feeling really good, for once in my life stuff is going well, I am stressed because of exams coming up buuuut oh well :) 

That's really good to hear that your doing good again in your life, I know the feeling since I felt it before.. Yeah exams can be stressful I bet I wish you luck on them!

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Lately,  I've felt a little happy. I finally got a Ps3, and I've been playing Disgaea 4 for a while, and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.

On top of that, I 've been drawing a lot more, which is good I guess. My mother it's always been my talent, I feel good that I'm doing something that makes my mother happy.

I have also felt a bit stressed. I've finally got most of my highschool grades to passing, however, I'm still failing in 2 of them. But, I'm going to try my hardest to get them passing as well. 

What am I feeling currently? Content, for lack of a better word. Aside from better grades, I don't believe I desire something at the moment. But alas, I apologize for my long winded reply.

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1 minute ago, SleepyLeoulf said:

I was like that too at first.


I'm feeling pretty content for the moment. 

I will get use to it. This old dog can learn new tricks. (y)


I'm cold but other than that I am good. I love sitting on the computer at work. 

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It's been a high pain day. Chronic illness life. I dislocated a spinal joint (I have a connective tissue disorder) and I was in bad pain and couldn't move for awhile. Even though it relocated after awhile it still really hurts and has caused me to dissociate most of the day. But I'm grounding myself which is helping. And overall I'm in a better mood now, happily enjoying Christmas music, anime, making gumbo, and enjoying AF! I've missed having a forum to participate on, and I've been wanting to have a community of anime lovers.

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first time in a long time ive had a nap after coming home but hell I started at 430 this morn and ive had 3 shift changes just this week and its only Wednesday and tomorrow brings another change


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