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What Game are You Currently Playing?


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On 3/21/2018 at 1:37 PM, Bernkastel said:

I'm playing Persona 3 Portable. If anyone is interested, I could talk about my experience and thoughts as I make my way through it.

I remember trying out that game once, I didn't get too far because I failed to fuse any of my personas together--something I carried over from my pokemon days. OwO

Are you still playing? I would love to hear your strats.

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Game I play most consistently is a mobile game I've played for 4.5 years: Summoners War.

PS4 titles: Minecraft, Rocket League, Overwatch, and FFXV.

Swtich titles: Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild

I play Magic the Gathering like religiously and have a D&D campaign with my best friend and his brother in law whose family I got adopted into and some of said brother's friends and the spouse of one of those friends. I play magic with most of the people of that group online via XMage too. Sunday's are pretty much my game days in all aspects.

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Killing Floor 2, trying to level up some perks that I couldn't be bothered leveling up before. It's not as entertaining with randoms as opposed to playing with someone/a group of people you know but it's fun enough.

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Guess I missed this one when I moved the topics from before to the gaming forum. Moving there now.

As far as what I am currently playing I am playing Pokemon Sapphire right now, and DK64.

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SoulWorker. its a pretty fun MMORPG. Great character designs with unique personalities, great outfit options (not so much in the beginning which kinda sucks but its better as you progress) interesting story and the gameplay is fun and not as difficult to get into compared to a lot of MMOs. Each character is also unique in the skills and types of moves they use. Definitely worth a try (its free)

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I'm finishing up Atelier Sophie, a relaxing crafting / gathering JRPG.
Also going through Nier: Automata, where I'm on playthrough C. Both on the PS4

I've also started Atelier Shallie on the vita, where I'm just past the first main boss.

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