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Alright, so my desktop background is legit a screenshot of one of my favorite scenes from Baka to Test to Shokanjuu; I love the watercolor art style they use. I don’t think I’ll ever change it tbh:


My phone wallpaper used to be be an amazing FLCL picture (I don’t know if it was a poster or what, but it sure looks like one), but recently I got tired of it (though I still love it). I used an awesome fan art of Mio from K-On holding her bass guitar, but it wasn’t high quality (for me lol) and I had to change it to what is now my current wallpaper: Yui and Yukinon from Oregairu. Unfortunately it makes it hard to read what time it is, so I’m probably gonna end up changing it soon enough.


And I have to add that finding a good wallpaper is so sparking hard! I usually spend a good hour or more trying to find one that’ll fit me (but that’s probably just because I’m ultra picky 😋).


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