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Favourite Beverages?


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Alright, so my favorite thing in the world right now is this drink that involves mixing raspberry lemonade, raspberry vodka, and pink moscato wine. Super delicious, also not high in alcohol if you follow the actual recipe which is nice, I don't care for getting myself hammered. Well, unless you do what my mom did when she made it for a dinner one night and dump the whole damn bottle of vodka in.


Aside from that nothing special... berry flavored pops and iced teas, coffee, chocolate milk, and water.

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Favorite bar drink: Vodka Cranberry with Abosolut.


Favorite soda: I'm disgusting, I love Diet Pepsi/Diet Coke. I actually really love a Rum and Diet Coke.

But recently I'm a fiend for Dr. Pepper. I drink more regular sodas now that I moved. Influences.


Favorite other: Iced green tea and any coffee beverage.

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My all time favourite drink is water.


Every now and then I want something carbonated (usually cola or dr. pepper), but very rare.


I dont like juice, it generally makes me even more thirsty than I already was.


And sometimes I just gotta have my teaaaa


As for alcohol. Well, I'm not too fussy then :P (but I only drink like once a year though)

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Alcoholic: I like strongbow cider and a shout of jameson whiskey in my murphys stout. thats my favorite or beer in general.


Non Alcoholic: This may sound weird but I love the taste of red bull. It's probably my favorite things to drink. I also love orange juice and milk. Oh and soda. xD

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I'm not much of an alcohol fan, myself, though I enjoy a cocktail or two on special occasions. Creme de cacao, cream, and soda water to taste is rather delightful.


Beyond the boozy stuff, I'm saddened by the lack of Thai iced tea and horchata in this thread - I never visit a Thai or Mexican restaurant without ordering one! Or two!


Thai iced tea is a wonderfully sweet and creamy thing that tastes more or less nothing like any other tea drink I've ever had. It has a unique taste that nearly everyone I've introduced to it has immediately fallen in love with. Except my parents. Bastards.


Horchata, meanwhile, is a drink made from steeping water in ground rice and almonds for long periods of time, with added sugar and sometimes a bit of milk. Sort of like a soft-drink version of almond milk with subtle flavor and sweetness that, to me, puts soda to shame.


... and I'm the sort of hipster that buys Pepsi's 1893 cola.

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Coke a cola, is my fav by far there is one Huge problem though it makes me stay up way to late at night so I have to hold back on the drinking(chugging)..eh hem

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Like many of you, alcohol and I have a tenuous relation but I'm not shy for a casual drink. Mostly I'll stick to water and coffee. If I do have a drink, it might be a very singular one. I hate being inebriated. I enjoy tequila above all, but have a soft spot for spiced ale. That said if I only plan to have one, I make certain to enjoy it.


As for coffee, I prefer Irish cream of the virgin sort. Sugar tentative, but not much. I probably drink a litre or two a day of water, though. I'm a thirsty monster.


I would love to show off my Marauder's Map mug that my brother gifted me a year or two ago, it's pretty spiffy.

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